Thursday, October 11, 2012

Syria conflict

  • Syrian Conflict Grows on Two Fronts

    Turkey escalated its conflict with Damascus on Wednesday by forcing down a Syrian passenger plane it suspected was delivering arms to the regime from Moscow, while the U.S.

  • In shifting Syria conflict, Assad assumes command of forces

    Having seen the country of 23 million become an arena in which foreign players are fighting proxy wars, mediators have come to the same conclusion - that the longer the conflict lasts the more Syria will become beyond rescue. Talk of political reform ...

  • US sends troops to Jordan to monitor Syrian chemical weapons sites

    Opinion: Syria conflict threatens regional stability. His comments followed reports that Russia was demanding answers from Turkey.

  • US must be prepared to do more to end Syrian conflict

    The civil war in Syria was always a threat to the entire Middle East, but that threat is now tilting into reality. Syria is firing into Turkey, its northern neighbor and a member of NATO, and Turkey is firing back. This could easily become a wider war ...

  • Could Syria conflict threaten region?

    Could Syria conflict threaten region? Syrian rebels take up positions inside a building during clashes with government forces in Aleppo on Saturday, October 6. Click through the gallery to view images of the fighting in October.

  • Two forgotten dimensions to the Syrian conflict

    There is a tendency among analysts to perceive the Syrian conflict in an overly simplistic way, giving too much attention to sectarian fault lines.

  • Oil prices rebound as Syria conflict, North Sea shutdowns add to supply concerns

    BANGKOK - Oil prices staged a rebound Wednesday following three days of losses, rising on supply concerns due to the Syrian conflict and delays in shipments of North Sea oil. Benchmark crude for November delivery was up 76 cents to $90.09 per barrel at ...

  • Iraq PM: "NATO should stay out of Syria conflict"

    Maliki also criticized Ankara's "impertinent behavior" regarding the Syrian conflict, saying "One might say, [Turkey is] acting as if it is responsible all by itself for the resolution of problems in Syria, instead of the Syrian people.

  • Why Syria's regional spillovers could prompt intervention

    First, despite incentives for caution on both sides, the risk of a more serious conventional military clash between Turkey and Syria is real. Turkey, a key US and European partner and NATO ally, is highly exposed to the consequences of protracted ...

  • NATO Edges Closer to War on Syria

    It followed a near parliamentary declaration of war on Syria. It barely stopped short. After an earlier in October NATO meeting, the following statement was issued: "In view of the Syrian regime's recent aggressive acts at NATO's southeastern border ...

  • Police investigate 2 in journalist kidnapping

    A counterterrorism official in France, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, said authorities have noticed a recent trend for the Syrian conflict to be luring French fighters, and the ...

  • Fleeing Their Homelands: Syria's Refugees Reflect Global Crisis for the ...

    The situation is most acute in the Middle East, in Syria. Since the uprising there began in March 2011, fierce conflicts have driven a million Syrians from their homes, forced to become refugees in their own homeland. Others have crossed borders and ...

  • Exposing Hezbollah's Role in Syria

    ... take the fight to Hezbollah's stronghold in Beirut's southern suburbs unless the party ends its support for President Bashar Assad's regime.

  • Syria conflict nears President Assad's Latakia stronghold

    The death toll from the conflict in Syria has now passed 32,000, according to Syrian activists' estimates, but one region of the country remains largely untouched by the violence.

  • Syria Conflict Reaching Dangerous Level, UN Warns

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is warning of the dangers of the escalating conflict along the Syria-Turkey border, as well as the effects of the Syrian crisis on neighboring Lebanon. Turkey has launched retaliatory mortar fire at Syria for five ...

  • Turkey/Syria War Prospect Becomes More Real

    Turkey has already responded with shelling against targets inside Syria. This threatens opening up a second front in Syria's civil war, escalating it into a regional conflict. Both sides claim that they want no wider war, but will "defend its territory ...

  • Civil war leaves Syrian economy, cities in ruins

    Although there are some pockets of Syria that have been relatively shielded from the conflict, the destruction in most of the country's major cities is staggering.

  • UN Chief Warns of Escalating Syria Conflict Dangers

    Turkey launched a new retaliatory strike Monday after a mortar bomb fired from Syria hit the Turkish countryside as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned of "extremely dangerous" fallout from the escalating border conflict. Mr. Ban also said he is ...

  • Pro-government cameraman shot dead in eastern Syria

    DEIR EZZOR, SYRIA (BNO NEWS) -- A cameraman working for pro-government television station al-Ikhbariya was shot dead in a city in eastern Syria on Wednesday while covering the ongoing civil war, making him the 25th journalist to be killed in the ...

  • No end in sight to Syria conflict, says William Hague

    There is no end in sight to the conflict in Syria, the Foreign Secretary said today, despite plans for fresh meetings with the Russian government this weekend.

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