Thursday, October 11, 2012

Syria blast

  • Russia, Syria Blast Turkey for Forcing Plane Landing to Search for Arms

    Relations between Russia and Turkey have been strained by the forced landing of a Syrian passenger plane which Turkey said it need to inspect for smuggled military equipment.

  • Syria Blast Targets Army Compounds In Damascus

    Syrian state television said a "terrorist explosion" had injured two people. Witnesses said soldiers in full combat gear were deployed in the area and all roads leading to Umayyad Square were cut.

  • OIL FUTURES: Crude Higher Amid Mideast Tensions, Inventory Data

    Futures rallied midmorning after unconfirmed rumors of a pipeline explosion resulting from the escalating conflict between Turkey and Syria. The widening conflict between the neighboring countries has underpinned crude prices in recent days amid fears ...

  • Blasts may have struck prison of torture in Syria

    The blasts were among a barrage of explosions, gunfire and shelling reported from the Damascus area early Tuesday, suggesting the civil war may be zeroing in further on the Syrian capital. "This is the largest blast I have ever felt since the uprising ...

  • Dozens killed in Syria blast

    DAMASCUS: Twin attacks by suicide bombers on a Syrian air force compound near Damascus killed dozens of people, a watchdog said today, adding that it feared for the safety of hundreds of prisoners being held there.

  • Syrian troops blast Homs, residents plead for help

    BEIRUT: Syrian forces Wednesday hammered rebel belts in the central city of Homs, where besieged residents desperately pleaded for humanitarian assistance, and in the northern city of Aleppo, a watchdog said.

  • Syrian rebels fight to keep route to safe havens in Lebanon

    Weekly Digital Edition. As it flew over the village again, a powerful blast among the buildings sent up a cloud of black smoke and a shockwave that thumped across the border into Lebanon and over the flat fields and orchards of Masharih al-Qaa to the ...

  • Syria, Turkey Trade Fire; Blast Hits Damascus Police

    Syria and Turkey exchanged artillery fire for a fifth straight day on Sunday, while insurgents struck police headquarters in Damascus, in the third high-profile attack in the Syrian capital in recent weeks. The escalating pressure in the capital and ...

  • Syria suicide blast kills 4 at security compound

    Syrian state media said the explosion went off in an area housing security officers. It said four people were killed, dozens wounded and nearby buildings damaged.

  • Blast Kills At Least 30 in Syria's North

    A Syrian rights group says a blast in northeast Syria has killed at least 30 people and wounded dozens of others.

  • Turkey retaliates over Syria blast

    Beirut - Turkish artillery fired on Syrian targets Wednesday after shelling from Syria struck a border village in Turkey, killing five civilians, sharply escalating tensions between the two neighbors and prompting NATO to convene an emergency meeting.

  • Syria: At least 34 killed in Aleppo suicide bombings; Blasts appear to have ...

    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on a network of activists on the ground, said at least 40 people were killed and around 90 wounded in the four blasts, most of them members of the regime forces. It said mortars also ...

  • Suicide Bombing Widens Syrian Conflict to Kurdish Northeast

    Syrian state media said at least four people were killed in the blast in Qamishli, while the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the bomber killed eight Syrian security personnel near a government security compound. It was the first ...

  • Blast in northern Syria targets troops

    BEIRUT - An explosion targeting Syrian regime forces killed at least three people in northern Syria on Wednesday - and possibly up to 18 - amid rising violence ahead of a visit by the new U.N.

  • Car Bomb Hits Syrian Capital, Killing at Least 1

    The blast is the latest in a series of bombings and suicide attacks targeting security personnel and government institutions as Syria plunges deeper into chaos. Damascus, in particular, has become a frequent target for car bombs and suicide blasts, but ...

  • Blast hits police HQ, Syria mortar hits Turkey

    Witnesses told AFP the blast was followed by heavy gunfire, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported casualties without giving a breakdown for the latest in a string of bombings of high-level security targets in Damascus.

  • Car Bomb Kills 1 in Syrian Capital

    A powerful car bomb has killed at least one person near police headquarters in Syria's capital. Syrian state media called the blast a "terrorist attack." The Syrian opposition denies any links to terrorists, but the Sunni extremist group Jabhat al ...

  • Syrian rebels seize border crossing with Turkey as blasts shake Damascus

    Two bombs also exploded in a Damascus suburb, causing civilian casualties, according to Syria's state news agency SANA.

  • Syria suicide bomber attacks intelligence compound

    The Syrian state run news agency did not report the explosion and there were conflicting reports on how badly the compound was damaged.

  • Syrians take refuge as fighting rages on

    Syrians take refuge as fighting rages on. The Turkish border has become the site of many refugee camps for Syrians fleeing their homeland.

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