Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smallest deer

  • Baby Pudu Fawn, Hamil Girl, Born At Detroit Zoo (PHOTO)

    7, this darling deer weighed only two pounds, according to Zoo staff -- that's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

  • EHD confirmed, but disease might have run its course

    ... Greene County tested for the fatal deer disease at this point, though the Pennsylvania Game Commission received numerous other calls from people in Greene County about deer displaying symptoms of the disease, which is carried by small biting flies.

  • Smallest city coyote

    They also eat bugs and deer fawn, the occasional cat or small dog or even fruit. There is lots of food available in cities, which is why coyote communities can be confined to such small spaces. When they settle, coyotes do not move much. Transient ...

  • Statement on Decolonize the New World

    Packs of wolves hunted the elk, antelope, deer, rabbits, and other game. Bald eagles and giant condors glided through ... The small group of people, numbering just over thirty, stepped out onto the streets and marched to the Canadian consulate, handing ...

  • Animals of the Zoo — Chilean pudu (with video)

    Now you know: The pudu is the world's smallest deer. It has round ears, resembling the ears of a bear. The male pudu has tiny antlers that are hard to see.

  • Animal Photos Of The Week

    The five otters are from the smallest otter species in the world and the pups born to mum Elena and Dad Ray are around 10 weeks old now, and are their third litter since arriving at the zoo.

  • Antelope harvest down during opening weekend

    While they checked a few elk and deer harvested by archers, the stations were intended to gather information about pronghorn antelope taken during the first weekend of the general rifle season.

  • Urban coyotes could be setting the stage for larger carnivores to move into cities

    They will also eat bugs and deer fawn, another potential benefit because human encounters with deer can be deadly, and will gorge on fruit if given the opportunity.

  • Teri Orr: Sunday in the Park

    But the truth is that this was a really small town, less than 1,500 people. There were no stoplights. No development beyond the old Mt.

  • Ward Lumber announces 20th anniversary of buck contest

    Ward Lumber invites sportsmen and women deer hunting this season in the Northern Zone to take their bucks to Ward Lumber in Jay to enter the contest.

  • River Otters' Paintings Sell at Minnesota Aquarium

    BUT i live in MN, and that aquarium is kind of a joke, i mean it has tanks full of trout, small mouth bass, walleye, northerns....things that we can find in our lakes and rivers. its like if the zoo only had cows and deer displayed.....i see them ...

  • New, House-Cat-Sized Dinosaur With Massive Fangs Is Identified

    Today in the journal ZooKeys we get a peek into an odd, new kind of dinosaur that was lighter than a house cat and just as small but had a terrifying set of teeth and a short, birdlike beak. The fossil used to re-create the creature was actually ...

  • Red Wolf's Last Stand

    A study of some 2,200 scat samples from red wolves in the Alligator River environs shows that their diet is about 50 percent white-tailed deer, 30 percent raccoons, and 20 percent small mammals such as rabbits and rodents. Zero percent is cattle: they ...

  • Fanged, Tiny 'Punk' Veggie Dinosaur Found

    (They could inflict) a nipping bite if cornered, using the fangs much like a peccary or fanged deer." ... As for the term "punk," Sereno explained that he prefers that description over the word "dwarf," since "dinosaurs started out small (and) we tend ...

  • Whale watching trip proves successful

    According to the guide on board, the minke whale is the smallest baleen whale. Small, I guess as whales go, but she said the males average about 24 feet in length and can ... Youth hunt: The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners this week gave ...

  • Tea Time with Pernilla

    The table is set with the accoutrements of fine entertaining, a bit of whimsey, playfulness and attention to the smallest details.

  • Charles Walsh: If everyone cares a little, we can lessen impact of news that's ...

    It's easy to be overwhelmed by all that bad news, but if we all do something, small as it might seem, to ease the stress on the environment, it can help assure that the fish and the birds and the deer and those golden sunsets that make the fall so ...

  • Lyme Disease and Romney's Microtargeting Strategy

    Election cycles tend to transform policy issues on which there should be broad agreement into partisan disagreements which pit campaign surrogates against each other on even the smallest matters, regardless of the lack of ideological division. Such is ...

  • New fanged dwarf dinosaur from southern Africa, ate plants

    This shows the new dinosaur dwarf Pegomastax from South Africa. With jaws only 1-inch in length, plant-eating Pegomastax ("thick jaw") is one of the smallest dinosaurs ever discovered. Credit: Drawing by Todd Marshall ... argues Sereno in the study ...

  • Dazzling delights of the deep blue

    The room is comfortable and spacious with a facility to lift tent wall panels to enjoy the view from the bedroom-lounge area or bathroom-shower.

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