Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pudu photo

  • Baby Pudu Fawn, Hamil Girl, Born At Detroit Zoo (PHOTO)

    Found in the temperate rainforests of southern Chile and Argentina, the pudu is a solitary animal that is mostly active during the early morning, late afternoon and evening hours.

  • Mag Inc-ficent tea party

    This year I'm planning to look at the magazines of the finalists and am looking forward to getting ideas for next year's competition," said Noorzahidah Idris from SMK (P) Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. Token of appreciation: Sheik Sharufuddin (right) presenting a ...

  • Karpal submissions on sedition case subpoena set for Oct 12

    In today's proceedings, Abazafree said Karpal (picture) questioned a statement by Kamaluddin in one of the civil cases he handled previously that the Perak Sultan could be named a defendant in a civil case.

  • Suhakam commissioners walk to places where Bersih rally was held

    "We wanted to see for ourselves the places the witnesses have mentioned to get a clearer picture of what happened that day.

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