Monday, October 22, 2012

Mitt romney libya

  • Romney must confront Obama about troubling details of Libya attack

    If Mitt Romney really wants to win tonight's foreign affairs debate–and very probably wrap up this election–he needs to stay laser-focused on one issue: Libya and the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others. There are four vital ...

  • Obama's Libya bluff

    Think of it: The Secret Service storming the ring, pinning Mitt Romney to the canvas as Candy Crowley administers the 10 count.

  • On Libya, Romney plays blatant opportunist

    Recently, Mitt Romney made one of the most opportunist and disgusting attempts to take political advantage of the death of an American hero.

  • Romney's mistake: In 'ghazzers' he trusted

    The second presidential debate may be best remembered for Mitt Romney's unintentionally amusing phrase, "binders full of women.

  • Partisans agree: Libya an issue of competence

    Touching on the latest Quinnipiac/CBS News poll that shows Mitt Romney five points behind Mr. Obama in Ohio, Granholm and Davis argued about the significance of the poll.

  • The Obama-Romney clash over Libya

    Video: Watch the exchange between President Obama and Mitt Romney on Libya at Tuesday night's presidential debate.

  • Mitt Romney Will Push Obama To 'Man Up' On Libya, Foreign Policy Adviser ...

    Mitt Romney is prepared to push President Barack Obama to "man up" and answer for his administration's handling of the Sept.

  • Mitt Romney, Obama Set To Face Off In Final Presidential Debate

    Then, Obama was ruled the narrow winner of the second encounter on Oct. 16 when he got the better of Romney in a testy exchange over Libya. His campaign halted the slide but it was not enough to edge ahead in the polls. An NBC News/Wall Street ...

  • Obama, Romney to offer differing views of America's role in the world

    Attorneys, business owners and retirees were among those who helped President Barack Obama maintain slim fundraising supremacy over Republican challenger Mitt Romney last month, with the president raising $181 million as he entered the last full month ...

  • Tale of the Tape

    Tonight, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will debate foreign policy. They'll argue about last month's fatal assault on the U.S.

  • Gingrich Rewrites History, Claims Romney Acted Like Reagan After The Libya ...

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich compared Mitt Romney's knee-jerk reaction to the Libya attacks on the night of September 11 to Ronald Reagan's handling of the Iranian hostage crisis during the 1980 election, arguing that both men were right to ...

  • Obama, Romney to debate foreign policy

    WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's handling of the Arab Spring is likely to crop up when he debates foreign policy tonight with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But what the United States could have done differently as longtime allies ...

  • Morning Bits

    Newt Gingrich dismissed the president's suggestions that Libya shouldn't be part of a political campaign. "He noted that the Obama administration failed to ... Conn Carroll dissects the tilt toward Mitt Romney. "Why are voters, even ones who think ...

  • A Comprehensive Timeline Of Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Positions During ...

    "If something of that nature presents itself," Romney said, referring to the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, "I will work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Barack Obama: His Achilles Heel Is Not Egypt, It's Libya

    The Wall Street Journal op-ed pages supported him, John McCain did, as did Mitt Romney. Even, President W. Bush stated his support for the Arab Spring, which I will refer to as the Wahabi Spring (more on that term below).

  • Obama, Romney to square off on foreign policy

    WASHINGTON -- On the eve of their final presidential debate, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama -- through their allies -- squared off Sunday over which candidate would best protect the nation's interests and security abroad with just two weeks left in a ...

  • Tonight's Debate Will Likely Feature Consulate Attack in Libya

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has used the consulate attack in Libya question President Obama's experience and action in terms of foreign policy.

  • Libya Has Become The Flash Point Of Foreign Policy Debate

    The Obama administration's response to the Sept. 11 killings at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, has become a staple of the campaign.

  • Mitt Romney, Barack Obama ready for final debate

    WASHINGTON - Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney confront each other on foreign policy Monday night in a third and final presidential debate, a must-win televised face-off heading into the final two weeks of the deadlocked campaign for the ...

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