Monday, October 22, 2012

Mitt romney 2012

  • Presidential Debate 2012: Obama, Mitt Romney Seek Foreign Policy Edge

    By NANCY BENAC, ASSOCIATED PRESS. WASHINGTON - Still neck-and-neck after all these months, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney head into their third and final debate with each man eager to project an aura of personal strength and leadership while ...

  • Biden: 'We are seeing the remaking of Mitt Romney'

    Canton, Ohio (CNN) - Apparently "Etch-a-Sketch" is the campaign gift that keeps on giving. Nearly seven months after the children's toy entered the 2012 political lexicon, Vice President Joe Biden has continued to use the line on the stump - often with ...

  • Romney won't say if he's open to 1-on-1 Iran talks

    (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci). By KASIE HUNT. Associated Press / October 22, 2012 ... (AP) - Republican Mitt Romney on Sunday refused to say if he would be open to one-on-one talks with Iran if elected president.

  • The Mean Season: Negativity in Election 2012

    President Barack Obama has failed to "stop cheaters" while Republican challenger Mitt Romney simply won't "level with us about his tax plan" - or, for that matter, his own taxes.

  • Mitt Romney as self-appointed debate referee? A man who lives by rules

    By Josh Lederman, Associated Press / October 22, 2012. Republican presidential candidate. Mitt Romney speaks while President ... When it comes to debates, Mitt Romney loves the rules. Skip to next paragraph. In Pictures: Campaign photography: the art ...

  • Mitt Romney blimp crash lands in Florida

    A blimp displaying a Mitt Romney campaign ad crash landed in Davie, Fla. Sunday evening. Davie police said that wind forced the the aircraft to land in a ... By Felicia Sonmez October 22, 2012. Obama campaign likes 'Modern Family' more. By Rachel ...

  • Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney 'A Salesman And Bullshit Artist Of The Highest Order'

    Mitt Romney is lying to everyone and it may just win him the election, according to Matt Taibbi. "He's just casting off from his moorings and being what he basically is at heart, which is a salesman and bullshit artist of the highest order," the ...

  • Romney must confront Obama about troubling details of Libya attack

    If Mitt Romney really wants to win tonight's foreign affairs debate–and very probably wrap up this election–he needs to stay laser-focused on one issue: Libya and the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others.

  • Romney helps Ind. Senate candidate in ad

    2012 - Mitt Romney may have a campaign of his own to run, but he took time out to give a boost to Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who faces a tighter-than-expected race.

  • Mitt Romney Can't Bring Coal Jobs Back

    Perhaps we should call him a Climate Clown, since he seems to think global climate catastrophes are a laughing matter. Romney used the bully pulpit of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention to ridicule President Obama's aspiration ...

  • On the Trail: October 22, 2012

    (CNN) - President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney meet for their third and final debate on Monday, where they'll discuss foreign policy in Boca Raton, Florida.

  • Payroll Taxes Going Up In 2013 For 163 Million Workers, Obama, Mitt Romney ...

    By STEPHEN OLEMACHER, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama isn't talking about it and neither is Mitt Romney. But come January, 163 million workers can expect to feel the pinch of a big tax increase regardless of who ...

  • Obama immigration stance locks in Hispanic support

    Eloise Yanez, bottom center, listens as comedian Paul Rodriguez speaks at a rally for Mitt Romney supporters outside a Romney campaign office, Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012, in Las Vegas. Romney officials argue that Hispanics, who suffer from a 9.9 percent ...

  • Ann Romney dishes with TV's Rachael Ray

    12:52PM EDT October 22. 2012 - Ann Romney often says her husband, Mitt, is her sixth boy. So if the Romneys had a daughter, what would her name be?

  • Romney watches reporters, staff play football

    Associated Press / October 21, 2012. E-mail |; Print |; Reprints |. Text Size: ... (AP) - Republican Mitt Romney took a break from debate preparations Sunday to watch reporters who cover him play football against his senior staff. Less than three ...

  • The Symbol Mitt Romney Demanded on His Official Gubernatorial Portrait

    ... Official Gubernatorial Portrait. by Michael Daly Oct 22, 2012 4:45 AM EDT ... Proof that Mitt Romney suffers from double Romnesia comes with an easy-to-miss detail that he insisted on in his official portrait from his one term as governor of ...

  • Mitt Romney Won't Say If He's Open To 1-On-1 Iran Talks

    DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- Republican Mitt Romney on Sunday refused to say if he would be open to one-on-one talks with Iran if elected president.

  • Romney offers 'Friday Night Lights' bracelets

    2012 - So much for the complaint from TV's Friday Night Lights creator about Mitt Romney adopting a popular slogan from the show as his own.

  • 'Obv 2012' Shows Mitt Romney's Difficult Path To GOP Nomination (VIDEO)

    Mitt Romney is slowly gaining ground in the polls as we draw closer to Election Day. But why should we be surprised? After all, Mitt Romney beat out such GOP heavyweights as Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann to secure the ...

  • Pumpkin Mitt Romney Faces Pumpkin Barack Obama In Florida Keys ...

    Politicians' faces show up in the strangest places, from a South Dakota mountainside to ecstasy pills in Texas -- but we're not sure anyone was prepared for the hard orange portraits of the 2012 presidential candidates grinning up from the ocean floor.

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