Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mexican coke

  • Jim Hillibish: Is Mexican Coca Cola better for you?

    Mexicans know their Coke (capital C). It's showing up in some of our grocery and beverage stores. Aficionados such as Kurt B. are emailing friends, "It's what Coke used to be, before plastic bottles." The trend started on eBay at least four years ago.

  • Mexican Soft-Drink Bottler Arca Continental Boosts Ecuador Production

    (KO) products, with operations in Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico. The company said its new Guayaquil line is able to produce 48,000 PET plastic bottles per hour, making it one of the most-efficient bottle-making facilities in the Coke system at the ...

  • Mayor Daily Dozen 10/09/12: IMF Warns of Global Recession, Goldman ...

    Cash Strapped Mayor in 'Coke Hold': Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced today that the city would partner with the nation's largest soft drink makers to help fund a health care program for city workers.

  • Mexico arrests suspected cartel leader in US jet skier case

    Suspect Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo also known as "El Ardilla" (The Squirrel). Enlarge Photo. Reuters/Reuters - Suspect Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo also known as "El Ardilla" (The Squirrel) gestures as he is presented to the media by ...

  • Drink of the Week: Cool Hand Luke Fizz at Txoko

    At Txoko, bar manager Jason Brown's Cool Hand Luke Fizz ($11, Fighting Cock Bourbon, Mexican Coca Cola, egg whites, Peychaud's bitters) is a perfect blend of soda fountain nostalgia and whiskey & coke's bracing simplicity.

  • Next Stop—Vintage Salsa and Rotisserie

    They offer a variety of Jarritos sodas (mandarin, mango, grapefruit, strawberry, fruit punch and pineapple) plus they also carry Mexican Fanta and the hard-to-find, cult favorite Mexican Coca-cola. "We started researching how we could get it—it's Coca ...

  • Cops catch 'Colombian coke king Crazy Barrera'

    ... catch 'Colombian coke king Crazy Barrera'. Tweet. Police in Venezuela arrest Daniel Barrera, one of Colombia's most wanted men, who is believed to be part of a gang responsible for smuggling 10 tonnes of cocaine each month to a Mexican drugs cartel.

  • Oxford restaurant serves up authentic Mexican food

    They also sell Mexican drinks from the cooler - "Jarritos is like Mexican coke," Luis said. Other Mexican drinks and pre-made foods (flan, rice, gelatin) are also available.

  • What Atlanta-Area Locations Should The Walking Dead Film at Next?

    First stop: the Coca-Cola museum, where the gang learns about Coke's medicinal properties and attempts to brew an antidote out of the Russian Coke available in the International Taste Test Room. Naturally, Carl wanders away unnoticed and hangs out with ...

  • Accused Mexican drug ring posing as media on trial in Nicaragua

    Already in progress in Managua was a separate trial of Nicaraguan businessman Henry Fariña or Fariñas, who is accused of aiding Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cartel move cash and coke to and from Colombia through neighboring Costa Rica. His alleged ...

  • The time for ideologies is past, says Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico

    When we meet at the red-brick residence of the Mexican ambassador on Delhi's Prithviraj Road, it has been six years since Fox's presidency got over, but he's kept himself busy.

  • Quaint Hammonton, N.J., is brimming with the flavors and sounds of Mexico

    Most important, El Mariachi makes all its tortillas in-house, including thicker huaraches and quesadillas folded around huitlacoche (corn fungus) and Oaxaca cheese, or orange- and Coke-braised carnitas. Also not to miss: great cheese-stuffed poblano ...

  • Real-enough Mexican fare at Chipotle

    A counter to order your food, a place to pay at the end of the line, a small self-serve soft drink area offering Coke products and juices farther along.

  • All the fair's food: Sneak peek of this year's fried favorites

    ... Dots -- Frozen Yogurt -- Coke & Root Beer Floats -- Lemonade Shake Ups -- Cotton Candy -- Candy Apples -- Carmel Apples -- Popcorn -- Gator on-a-stick -- Fried Green Tomatoes -- Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake w/Vanilla Ice Cream -- Lamb, Beef, Chicken ...

  • Dylan Moore closing Delite and reopening as Juanita's, a Mexican joint

    "Delite was doing fine, but I'm ready for a change," admits Moore, "and my first love, thanks to Juanita's, is Mexican food, and since I'm a sign collector," he adds, "the owners gave me the Juanita's sign a good fifteen years ago, which is currently ...

  • Wall Street's burrito battle yields hot air

    FORTUNE -- There's Coke vs. Pepsi, McDonald's vs. Burger King, and now Chipotle vs. Taco Bell -- improbably egged on by an outspoken hedge fund manager.

  • Chon Noriega's schedule is exhausting

    As head of the Chicano Studies Research Center, Noriega supervises the nation's most expansive library and archival holdings of materials related to the history and culture of Mexican Americans and other Latinos. In that capacity he also has edited ...

  • Top 10 most notorious drug Kingpins

    Coke's privileged upbringing meant he went to school with children of the country's political elite, before taking over his father's gang.

  • A Sure-Fire Short Where You'd Least Expect It

    In fact, why not serve up some SodaStream stock alongside the other overpriced mo-mo stock, Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG)?

  • Taqueria La Moreliana

    Instead of getting a coke, I popped into the Mexican grocery store and grabbed a bottle of Pepsi from Mexico made with real sugar.

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