Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fast food

  • Fast-food company Yum Brands predicts more strong growth in China in 2013

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The owner of the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC chains predicted Wednesday its fast-growing China business will serve up another round of strong profit growth next year despite a slowing economy in its most important overseas market.

  • Fast Food: Pizza Hut presidential debate 'challenge'

    While we love dishing about food here at Fast Food, we think Pizza Hut's publicity stunt is going way too far. Pizza Hut is offering a lifetime of free pizza or a check for $15,600 to anyone who poses the question to either President Barack Obama or ...

  • Kemp's shadow--Labor targets Allen--Romney's fast food binge--Ohio appeals ...

    Kemp's shadow--Labor targets Allen--Romney's fast food binge--Ohio appeals--Dems keep registration lead in 4 battlegrounds.

  • Which fast food restaurant, Wendy's, Burger King, McDonald's, have best and ...

    It's lunch time and you're in a hurry. Your first thought is to head to a "fast food" joint to get a quick bite to eat .

  • Big Bird: Why Fast Food Companies Are Suddenly In Love With Chicken

    But in the ensuing decades, chicken's cache faded as it became the also-ran protein in the fast food universe: It was chopped up into nuggets or chucked onto Caesar salads without a second thought.

  • Raids on fast food joints

    In the wake of the incident in which worms were found on the fried chicken served at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet in Thiruvananthapuram, health officials conducted inspections at several fast food chains in Kochi. Raids were conducted on the KFC ...

  • Overweight children given fast food in hospital by parents

    The study, undertaken at the Children's Ark ward, found that one in three has at least one fast-food meal brought in during their hospital stay.

  • Police: Cop impersonator demanded free fast food

    Police: Cop impersonator demanded free fast food. Authorities in Florida say a man flashed a fake gun and badge and demanded free fast food at a McDonald's drive-thru. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - Authorities in Florida say a man flashed a fake gun ...

  • A Ransom Note To All Major Fast Food Chains

    Cue montage of masked girl traveling the world on her moped, kidnapping fast food chain mascots using only her incredible intelligence and a sword.

  • Sbarro Goes Upmarket, As Junk Food Loses Old Friends

    Fast food chain Sbarro is making the move upmarket, as it seeks to recover from a spell under Chapter 11 protection last year.

  • Fast food wars: Speed, drive-thru accuracy put to the test

    Everyone has an opinion when it comes to fast food. While "who's tastes the best?" is subjective, a new report from QSR Magazine has objective answers when it comes to "who's the fastest?

  • Fast food at home

    With the recent food scare in the State, why open a can of worms when the same food can be safely prepared at home? For all lovers of crispy fried chicken, here is an easy to make recipe that tastes and looks as good as it does displayed in the various ...

  • Fast food's favorite fries come from Basin family's potato farm

    No doubt! More than 650 acres of potatoes is one heck of a lot of potatoes! And the harvest has just begun for the new potato farmers near Pelican Lake.

  • Fastfood outlets targeted in special operation

    Police officers joined forces with Halton Council's licensing department, the Gambling Commission and the UK Border Agency to mount checks on five late night takeaways and fast food outlets. Two premises failed to have a premises licence holder.

  • Barbara Quinn: Chefs rework the fast food menu

    I was lovin' it. A gourmet charity dinner hosted by the the prestigious California Culinary Academy of San Francisco. Elegant food prepared by three top chefs. And money from this event was donated to local Ronald McDonald Houses ...

  • Fast Food Workers Reveal The Menu Items You Should Stay Away From

    People usually don't have high expectations from fast food restaurants. Hot and delicious will do. But some chain restaurant foods are bad enough for employees to warn you to stay away.

  • Sbarro Revamp: Pizza Chain Looks To Panera And Qdoba For Inspiration

    Also this month, Taco Bell gave more details on its planned redesign to coincide with its 50th anniversary. HuffPost reported that the fast food chain's facelift is, in part, an attempt to compete with younger rival Chipotle. Also on HuffPost: Loading ...

  • Study Rates Fast Food Restaurants On Speed

    Magic mirror on the wall, who's the fastest fast-food joint of them all? Wendy's takes the crown with an average 129.75 seconds, according to Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Magazine's annual Drive-Thru Performance Study of six national fast-food chains ...

  • Which fast food restaurants have America's best and worst drive-thrus?

    It's lunch time and you're in a hurry. Your first thought is to head to a "fast food" joint to get a quick bite to eat .

  • Fast Food: Butternut squash sandwich? You bet!

    And yes, we here at Fast Food are obsessed with with it, as well. Who would have thought that a sandwich "anchored with a root vegetable" would develop an almost cult-like following?

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