Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween led light show

  • Halloween Light Show 2012: A 'Gangnam Style' Virginia Suburb (VIDEO)

    The stipulations that follow include being respectful to other viewers by not "blocking the sight lines," not setting foot on the Edwards Landing lawn "for any reason," and last: "have fun.


  • 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episode: Join our live tweet chat with star ...

    Well, then you're in luck: Tonight, all the Little Liars out there who will be tuning in for the show's special Halloween episode at 8 p.m. ET can chat about everything that goes down with star Janel Parrish - a.k.a. Mona, a.k.a. the super-sleuth "A ...


  • Halloween weekend slate is full

    Another new offering Saturday is a "Mysteries of Lockport Paranormal Walk," led by Niagara County Community College American history professor John Koerner.


  • 10 techie Halloween costume ideas for DIY geeks

    Glowing Jellyfish: Create a cool high-tech glowing jellyfish hat with LED light-up necklaces, a cheap sports helment, a hot glue gun, cable ties, a battery pack, wires, switch and box.


  • Jerry -- Brown, not Maguire -- says, show me the money ... donors

    Here it is, not yet Halloween, and Jerry Brown is already calling for an unmasking. ... The station reports that, while the donors may be secret, their group, named Americans for Responsible Leadership, has a familiar cast: a Virginia political outfit ...


  • Big Bird costumes flying off the shelves

    And that led to a run on costumes. Some of Twin Cities Magic's customers decided that dressing up as something else just wouldn't do and are piecing together their own quasi-Big Bird costumes, with flowing yellow boas and suits topped with big-beak ...


  • Chapel Hill looking to keep Halloween under control

    Halloween is only a week away, and already Chapel Hill is bracing for the thousands who descend on Franklin Street for the event.


  • Halloween night screening for local slasher film

    Pittsburgh seems like a prime location, given the fact it plays hometown to the film's first-time director/producer, Cary Hill, whose vision to see his gory enterprise from start to finish led him on a venture of his own. "I'd never been to Conneaut ...


  • Green Halloween: Keep things eco-friendly

    ... friendly, then read on. I'll show you how to infuse your orange-and-black with a little splash of "green".


  • Green Halloween: How To Have An Eco-Friendly Holiday

    I'll show you how to infuse your orange-and-black with a little splash of "green". List and captions ... to go hands-free.


  • Miley Cyrus' Two and a Half Men Costar Discusses Her Uncertain Show Future ...

    At least on Two and a Half Men, where her guest cameo led to a season-high ratings boost. So when we caught up with scene partner Angus T. Jones at Sunday's Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times' 20th Annual Halloween Carnival, we had to ask if ...


  • Grail playing Palace Friday

    The band, led by Bill Swihart, features 45 members and ranges in age from high schoolers to 85 years young. This talented group of musicians makes its debut appearance in the Palace Theatre May Pavilion on Sunday at 3 p.m.


  • Undead haunt visitors at Olin Park this Halloween

    If you're lucky enough to make it through there without getting your frontal lobes chomped, you are led towards "the light." This is the last room ... Even if there is nothing there to scare you, participants are still on edge through the entirety of ...


  • Halloween Magic-Lantern Show

    Travel back in time wit the family-friendly fun of America's only Victorian magic-lantern show. An authentic 18902 visual extravaganza projected on a full-sized screen -- the kind of show that led to the movies! Spooktacular Halloween stories like Poe ...


  • Rob Zombie: Rock's Renaissance man

    Whatever the label, it would have to reflect the eclectic interests of a heavy-metal Renaissance man with a horror-film fixation who has found success with White Zombie, a solo music career, a string of directing credits (including two films in the ...


  • Big Crowds At Bromley

    :The Bromley Mountain Antiques Show has to be considered one of the favorites of the Antiques Week In Vermont shows.


  • 16 things to do before you go trick-or-treating next week

    Bird show, story time and Halloween crafts. More info here. Oct. 22-31: Witch ... We will also have our LED/laser lights on and the band's music will be played through our sound system which includes our new 18" subwoofer. We will also be debuting our ...


  • This Week's TV: The Biggest Wasted Opportunity in Ages. Plus Brand New ...

    And let's hope, not the series finale, given that this show has been picking up quite a bit of steam this year, and it's made a pretty strong case that these characters still have a lot of interesting places to go.


  • 'Batman' producer Michael Uslan driving force behind turning comics into art

    The course garnered much attention, most importantly from notable influencers in the comic book industry like Stan Lee, which led to Uslan's first job at DC Comics. At DC Comics, the comic book prodigy was given a shot to write Batman. Still in college ...


  • MSU Billings plans Halloween food drive for high school pantries

    Led by the Student United Way at MSU Billings and the university's Office of Community Involvement, the food drive will help other young people in need in the Billings area.


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