Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween house gangnam

  • Halloween Light Show 2012: A 'Gangnam Style' Virginia Suburb (VIDEO)

    ... song is neither a new American holiday ritual nor necessarily a great one, but it's ours. This year, the Leesburg, Va.


  • Halloween goes 'Gangnam Style' (VIDEO)

    Gangnam Style has gone spooky: Residents of Leesburg, Virginia have tricked out their house with over 8,500 lights and 250 channels of computer animation for one very viral video set to Psy's wildly popular hit "Gangnam Style." As surfaced on the blog ...


  • Here is the inevitable Halloween light show set to 'Gangnam Style' [VIDEO]

    If a two-story house lip-syncing the words to the Korean viral pop song "Gangnam Style" doesn't scare the hell out of you this Halloween season, nothing will. A family with a lot of free time on their hands set made a light show out of 8,500 lights and ...


  • Scaring up the best Halloween events in the DC area

    After you finish searching the Internet for Gangnam style or horse-and-bayonet costumes, turn your attention to where you'll debut your topical costumery in the coming days.


  • Cornering The Gangnam Style Halloween Costume Market

    By September 13, Lee had registered a website, Gangnam Style Halloween. A week later, he was taking pre-orders for Gangnam Style jackets, shirts, bowties and sunglasses. Lee is currently shipping about 100 $77 jackets a day to customers in the U.S., ...


  • Gangnam Style Is Officially Dead, Dez Bryant Is Not: Your Sunday NFL GIF ...

    Just in time for Halloween! Late in the first quarter, he went 83 yards to paydirt. The Bills came right back and returned the following kickoff for a touchdown.


  • Don't Know What to Wear for That Halloween Party? Go Gangnam! This ...

    The hottest fashion and costume for Halloween this year is the signature Gangnam powder blue tuxedo jacket trimmed in black.


  • 'Party Rock Anthem' Halloween house shut down by HOA

    Late last week, it occurred to me that Kevin Judd, the mastermind behind a series of absolutely bananas synchronized Halloween light shows at/on his Riverside, Calif. home, has been awfully quiet as of late. As you may recall, a YouTube clip of his ...


  • Cashing in Gangnam Style: Halloween costumes, fashion ... fries?

    But "Gangnam Style" logos and images of the goofy horse-ride dance are also being plastered on French fries, new clothing lines, Halloween costumes and the Harvard Business Review website. South Korean semiconductor company D I Corp. got a huge ...


  • Don't go to a Halloween party dressed 'Gangnam Style'

    You thought you'd be the only one to show up at this season's Halloween parties as "Gangnam Style"?


  • Gangnam Goes Halloween! The Year's Most Anticipated Halloween Costume!

    Dana is the only person I know who has all of the skills necessary to realize this impossible goal, so together we created a Gangnam Halloween costume that, we think, is the only one like it available in the world." Pete has photographed movie stars ...


  • Gangnam Style dancing competition at 2012 WOX Halloween

    Luckily for WOXers and other friends in Xiamen, you now have the chance to witness a live show of Gangnam Style at 2012 WOX Halloween costume party! At about 12:10-12:20, Gangnam Style Dance will be performed by Xiamen Salsa School, followed by ...


  • Gangnam Style Could Top Hottest Halloween Costumes This Year

    NEW YORK CITY - This Halloween, New York City's streets may be swarming with baby blue tuxedos, thanks to the runaway YouTube hit 'Gangnam Style.' The signature suit, featured in the dance hit performed by South Korean pop Star Psy, is the on trend ...


  • Halloween costumes: Witches, skinsuits, creativity are top trends this year

    Enlarge Mandy Hofmockel, MassLive.com PSY To go out dressed as South Korean rapper PSY, whose mega-successful music video "Gangnam Style" has more than 483 million views on YouTube, you'll need dark dress pants with a colorful jacket and shades ...


  • One man brings 'Gangnam Style' costumes to Chicago

    However, Halloween was approaching too quickly. "With the timelines it became a little too much risk, so I partnered up with someone," he said.


  • Could this costume be the most anticipated of 2012?

    Only four weeks away, Halloween is right around the corner and if you are planning to go to a party, then you might run into this costume: "Gangnam Style." Pop culture often sparks creativity for Halloween, so it will be no surprise that the "Gangnam ...


  • How to Gangnam Style Your Video Resume

    You're not going to want to record your video resume in the bath house or the stables, but there is plenty you can learn from this latest Internet success story.


  • From Honey Boo Boo To Gangnam Style: We Predict 2012′s Top Halloween ...

    From Honey Boo Boo To Gangnam Style: We Predict 2012′s Top Halloween Costumes. Posted by Victoria Barton, on October 11, 2012 at 12:00 pm.


  • Sex offenders demand to participate in Halloween and other holiday news

    South Korea's Psy' signature bright blue or lime suit jackets and sunglasses are expected to be the most anticipated Halloween costume of 2012 according to Yahoo. Experts base their hypothesis on past Halloween trends and the "Gangnam Style" video's ...


  • Halloween costumes: How to dress as 2012's popular memes

    Gangnam Style: Korean rapper Psy charmed the world with his party anthem "Gangnam Style." And even though the parodies of his song are growing staler by the day, Psy's outlandish personality and flamboyant dress will lend itself well to Halloween ...


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