Tuesday, October 23, 2012


  • World's glaciers have new size estimate

    Researchers calculated the ice thickness for 171,000 glaciers worldwide, excluding the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, which hold the bulk of Earth's frozen water.


  • Tracking Glaciers

    NASA has awarded nearly $1 million to a team of researchers that includes University of Dayton geology professor Umesh Haritashya to study potential hazards caused by changes to glaciers in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya region. The University of Dayton will ...


  • NASA's IceBridge Mission Spies on Antarctic Ice

    Thwaites Glacier is one of the largest glaciers in West Antarctica and has been the subject of repeated missions over several years.


  • Bolivia: Life at the Extreme Edge of Climate Change

    The Earth is really truly changing right before our eyes, weather patterns are more erratic than ever before, storms more severe, droughts more parched, and glaciers disappearing faster than ever. This is climate change, and it is different… different ...


  • Book Talk: Let's have a Heyday with Masha'allah and Other Stories, California ...

    There are several local events tied to the release of this book of photographs and words that capture the beauty and power of California's last glaciers. Palmer spent spring, summer and autumn of 2010 among his subjects, and this book is a tribute to ...


  • China's State-Owned Media: 'Global Warming Is Melting Mountain Ice Cap ...

    "The successive melting of glaciers will pose a great threat to the water supply in the region and will lead to the occurrence of geographic disasters and the [ex]tinction of some biological species," said He Xianzhong, Director of Jade Dragon Snow ...


  • Glacier retreat affects stream ecology, water resources

    The tour - led by the University of Calgary's Shawn Marshall and Michael Demuth of the Geological Survey of Canada - is a stark reminder of how quickly Alberta's Rocky Mountain glacier cover is melting away and what it could mean for future water supplies.


  • Journey to Vanishing Tropical Glaciers

    National Geographic Explorer Neil Losin and his colleague Nate Dappen are planning an expedition to document climate change in Africa's Rwenzori Mountains, one of the few places on Earth where glaciers can be found on the equator - and you can help ...


  • Into the Valley and Rinchen Zoe La

    Aaron Putnam, a postdoctoral research scientist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, is a leader of an expedition to Bhutan to examine links among climate, glaciers and water resources in the Himalaya. Thursday, Sept. 27 ...


  • Glacier and Climate Mysteries in Shangri La

    Nearly 3.2 billion people in South Asia depend on the water that originates from melting glaciers and snowpack of the high Himalaya, yet a gulf of uncertainty hinders our ability to assess the fate of this ice and snow in a warming world.


  • Mountaineering, with pie

    Mountaineering, with pie. Article by: CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER , Star Tribune; Updated: October 20, 2012 - 3:40 PM. A relic of the Hill railroad empire, Glacier National Park's Sperry Chalet offers a slice of heaven after a day of hard hiking. hide. On a ...


  • NPS, Hoonah Indian Association moving forward with tribal house project

    Park Superintendent Susan Boudreau says it will be the first tribal house in the Huna Tlingit's ancestral homeland since advancing glaciers forced the people to move more than 200 years ago. "The Huna people stayed in Hoonah, and there's people in ...


  • Carbon Dioxide May Damage Glaciers, Researchers Suggest

    "If ice caps and glaciers were to continue to crack and break into pieces, [the amount of] their surface area that is exposed to air would be significantly increased, which could lead to accelerated melting and much-reduced coverage area on the Earth ...


  • Glacier Hiking in Reykjavik

    There's really nothing like it. Reykjavik is a stunning city, resting comfortably on the coastline with a small, fiercely-proud population and a sinister, mountainous background.


  • Mount Baker's glaciers recede 'dramatically'

    "It's certainly indicative of glaciers everywhere in western North America, including Canada and B.C. There are very few glaciers that are stable. Overall, glaciers in the last 100, 150 years have been steadily retreating - with a few hiccups here and ...


  • Glacier retreat less of a threat to water supplies than previously suggested

    The contribution of glacier melt to water supplies is relatively small compared with that of seasonal snow cover. That's according to scientists in the US who estimated the contribution of glaciers to river discharge worldwide in order to identify ...


  • Glaciers are a passion for camera-wielding Wash. pilot

    For the first time in recent history, John's aerial photos give local geologists and glaciologists custom-ordered close-ups of our glaciers, volcanoes, craters, avalanche spills, steam vents and bare spots. Deciding what glaciers to tag is a team ...


  • Himalayan glaciers debate: melting or growing?

    [KATHMANDU] Satellite observations are providing a clearer picture of changes in the glaciers on the world's tallest mountain range - but there's still not enough information to answer a vital question: how will the changes affect the lives of about 1 ...


  • Researchers Show Glaciers Are Cracking In The Presence Of Carbon Dioxide

    Specific to the cracking, and breaking up of glaciers and the ice cap, the team learned that the material strength and fracture toughness of ice are severely decreased under increasing concentrations of the CO2 molecule.


  • University of Colorado Expands Glacier Research with Grant from Eos Systems

    "Our work on glacier mapping requires efficient and precise mapping options that are flexible and can be deployed at low cost.


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