Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glacier volume

  • Global Ice Volume: Glacier Measurements Shed Light On Sea Level Rise ...

    "To date, the volume of glaciers was only estimated using very simple empirical equations with high uncertainties," Huss told OurAmazingPlanet in an email interview.


  • Glacier retreat affects stream ecology, water resources

    But Sandford suggested the work of researchers such as Demuth and Marshall could provide some answers. In association with Parks Canada, the pair is in the second year of a four-year project analyzing the volume of ice contained within the glaciers of ...


  • New research states no hope in preventing sea level rise

    A more accurate prediction based on present polar ice sheet rates of melting and the inclusion of the melting of the majority of the Earth's 200 glaciers make this model the most accurate yet devised. Polar ice and ocean volume are the majority ...


  • Glacier to Commence Normal Course Issuer Bid

    Pursuant to TSX policies, daily purchases made by the Company will not exceed 19,754 common shares (25% of the average daily trading volume of 79,017 common shares on the TSX), subject to certain prescribed exceptions. In the past 12 months, the ...


  • The Right Stuff: Some volleyball notes on the messy Metro Mountain Division ...

    Welcome to volume one of The Right Stuff, a weekly blog notebook focused on prep volleyball, which I'll be posting each Wednesday.


  • Operation IceBridge resumes Antarctic flights

    The first science flight of the campaign began Friday at 8 a.m. EDT when NASA's DC-8 research aircraft left Punta Arenas, Chile, for an 11-hour flight that will take it over the Thwaites Glacier in west Antarctica. This year, IceBridge will survey ...


  • Ice Sheets Coming and Going

    Ice streams are a type of glacier. They are significant features of the Antarctic where they account for 10% of the volume of the ice. They are up to 50 km wide, 2 km thick, can stretch for hundreds of kilometers, and account for most of the ice ...


  • The Cataclysm: "One of the Most Dramatic Mass-Movement Events of Historic ...

    This was Act I in a three-act landslide that would become the largest in volume in recorded history. Mount St. Helens pre-eruption profile and ... Portions of Forsyth Glacier broke free, cascading over Sugar Bowl dome. The remains of the mountaintop ...


  • The National Geographic's Society's First Expedition Leader

    Lindsley regularly recorded observations of the three-month expedition, and Russell's own in-depth narrative of the journey comprised an entire volume of the magazine. ... A crash like thunder, followed by the clatter of falling stones, told that many ...


  • Be a hero - donate blood

    About a pint of blood is taken and blood volume is replaced within 24 hours, though it may take 4-5 weeks before red blood cells are fully replaced.


  • India Wins (While Pakistan Keeps Losing) in Fight Against Polio

    HONG KONG - India and Pakistan compete - often angrily, and usually at full volume - in just about everything. Cricket. ... And they spend fortunes to bivouac military units on a glacier so high, cold and forbidding that it is sometimes called "the ...


  • Immortal Images of Native Americans

    I'm a third-generation Westerner, so the photographs of Edward S. Curtis have been as much a part of my landscape as a desert mesa or a mountain glacier. I took him for ... Today, there are fewer than 300 of the completed, intact, 20-volume sets in ...


  • Climate change impact on Himalayas 'mixed': report

    The Khumbu Glacier in the Himalayas, May 15, 2003. (Credit: Getty Images). The report, Himalayan Glaciers: Climate Change, Water Resources, and Water Security, found while glaciers appear to be retreating in eastern and central regions of the Himalayas ...


  • Content Insider 251 - Overeating

    And the volume of "important stuff" keeps growing. EMC and IDC estimated that more ... Amazon recently said their Glacier storage service would be available (most of it small business, personal stuff) 99.9999 percent of the time. That stuff ain't cheap ...


  • ASTI, AGUNF, EMIF, Removed From Naked Short Lists Today

    Ascent Solar Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:ASTI), ARCTIC GLACIER INCOME FD-UT (OTC:AGUNF), iShares S&P Emerging Markets Infrastructure Index Fund (NASDAQ:EMIF).


  • Nepal: country at the top of the world has had more than fair share of tragedies

    He said people must clean Everest and protect it, and that the warming temperature is increasing the volume of glacial lakes. The following year, British environmental campaigner Lewis Gordon Pugh became the first person to complete a long distance ...


  • Newvem Announces Usage Analytics for Amazon S3

    The application gives users a view into all of the user's Amazon S3 buckets, including total cost, size and volume of stored objects, as well as an object-level analysis of a bucket's composition that provides a profile of bucket-stored objects ...


  • Art Review: Whalley puts twos and twos together

    It is glacier-ground, storm-buffeted and wizened by unrelenting Nature and her moody brood of seasons. Maine's artistic legacy may be inextricably bound to the great landscape painters irresistibly drawn ... fascinations are understandable and ...


  • Subway restaurant

    For Glacier Valley, it's an historical event - Subway will be the first national chain restaurant to set up business in town.


  • Everybody's a tree hugger at Yosemite

    By volume, they're the largest living thing on the earth, though they are neither the tallest nor the oldest. Bishop encouraged us to become tree-huggers, seeing just how far we could wrap our arms around the mammoth girth of a "teenage" tree.


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