Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cutest dog video

  • Sometimes, you just need somebody to hold your hand—err, paw. This beautiful, if slightly neurotic, purebred Siberian husky has developed the Most Annoyingly Cute habit of holding her owners hand while hes driving.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • The endearing video was posted by YouTube user ihavehornz who writes: My dog started doing this when she was 9 months but on the other hand it is the most annoyingly cute thing Ive seen all day.
  • (CBS News)
  • Its just, Im usually all like, Where my dogs at? But when I saw a still from this video of a kitten whos afraid of a vacuum Look, weve all seen a lot of cute animal vids in our day, but this little guy has to take the cake.
  • (The Stir)
  • This wasn't a concert  and the dog definitely didn't get up for his portion of the song, but that didn't matter as it was still cute.
  • (Examiner)
  • Shiro has the "most annoyingly cute" habit. Ever since she was 9-months The fun begins around :19. YouTube video description: "My dog started doing this when she was 9 months old randomly.
  • (My Fox 8)
  • Consider this video a cautionary tale: never, ever play with skunks. They may look cute, but they dont want to play one of his tried-and-true scent gland blasts, resulting in the dog in question swiftly retreating.
  • (huffingtonpost.co.uk)
  • April 4, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- What has four paws, boundless energy, and a cute story to tell about an amazing www.prnewswire.
  • (Marketwatch)
  • Whatever it was -- the cute factor is worth playing this video over again and again. Oh no. Now I think I might want a dog. Ok -- scratch that. Maybe Ill just settle for a really snuggly stuffed animal.
  • (The Stir)
  • And how about the patience of this darling Shiba Inu pup --- my dogs would have gone completely sideways over this squirrel.
  • (The Criminal Report Daily)
  • After jovially slanderbeeking his sincere image by shooting laser rainbows at tuxedoed unicorns in Ke$has Blow video, Van Der Beek now will of his own and is probably the worlds cutest dog, reality TV division.
  • (Detroit Free Press)

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