Thursday, October 25, 2012

Windows 8 event

  • Details: Microsoft's Windows 8 event

    2012 - NEW YORK - Microsoft and multiple PC partners including Hewlett-Packard and Sony have assembled here in New York at Pier 57 to officially launch the Windows 8 software upgrade, which goes on sale Friday. The format: Microsoft execs speak for ...

  • Following 1.2B Hours Of Testing, Windows 8 Available Friday

    "This is the best release of Windows ever," Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky said at the Windows 8 launch event in New York today. He noted that Windows 8 has been heavily road-tested, with 1.24 billion hours of pre-release testing across 190 ...

  • Windows 8 and Surface event: live

    "Although he does sound like the worst kind of high pressure salesman, the point that there is an awful lot going in to making surface impressive is well made.

  • Dear Microsoft, Thanks for Windows 8! Love Linux

    Microsoft has a big launch event today in New York City for Windows 8. Surprisingly I got invited, but no I won't be there.

  • Microsoft live streaming Windows 8 event keynote

    It isn't exactly a secret anymore that Microsoft is holding a big Windows 8 launch event in New York tomorrow, and indeed, we'll be there covering the whole thing.

  • Windows 8 launch: Live blog

    ... Live blog. By Barbara Krasnoff. October 25, 2012 6:00 AM EDT . Join on-the-spot Computerworld reporters today at 11 a.m.

  • Join CNET's Windows 8 launch coverage on Thursday (live blog)

    After months of anticipation, preview builds, and hype, Microsoft will formally launch its next-generation operating system, Windows 8, at an event in New York on Thursday. Windows 8 represents a wholesale change in the user experience, relying on live ...

  • Microsoft unveils Windows 8, Surface tablet

    Steven Sinofsky, head of Microsoft's Windows unit and the driving force behind Windows 8, opened the launch event in New York in front about 1,000 media and PC industry partners. He showed off Windows 8's new look, but stressed that the system was ...

  • StarWatch Consumer | Microsoft gears up for Windows 8 release; Ultra HD TVs ...

    Microsoft kicked off a campaign Thursday for its newest operating system, Windows 8, at a five-hour event at New York's Pier 57.

  • Windows 8 launches, lives up to buzz

    Windows 8 launches, lives up to buzz. Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman Microsoft India, introduces the new OS at an event in New Delhi today.

  • Asus prepares to blitz Windows 8 market with innovative PCs

    Summary: Asus has unveiled about a dozen innovative Windows 8 machines and some UK prices at a press event in London last night, including touch-screen laptops, "transformers", the twin-screen Taichi, and a fold-flat all-in-one desktop.

  • Microsoft kicks off Windows 8 campaign

    NEW YORK (AP) - Microsoft Corp. kicks off a campaign for the U.S. launch of its newest operating system, Windows 8, on Thursday.

  • Windows 8 launch: Complete coverage

    In staging an Apple event on Tuesday to unveil the long-awaited iPad Mini, Apple is poised to steal a lot of Microsoft's Windows 8 launch thunder. That's symbolic of a confident Apple, says columnist Ryan Faas. Windows 8 review: Still a two-headed ...

  • Microsoft unveils 'reimagined' Windows 8 and new tablet

    At a New York news event on Thursday, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 launches on Friday in 37 languages and 140 worldwide markets.

  • Microsoft Windows 8 Launch

    Visit our Windows 8 Launch Event at 12pm and get hands-on with the latest Windows 8 software and hardware from Asus and MSI.

  • No rush yet of app developers to Windows 8

    No rush yet of app developers to Windows 8. As Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 8 at a media event Thursday in New York, getting developers to create apps for the operating system is one of the biggest questions hovering over the company.

  • Microsoft says it put 1.24 billion hours into testing Windows 8

    Microsoft (MSFT) on Thursday officially launched its Windows 8 operating system at a media event in New York City. Steven Sinofsky, president of the company's Windows and Windows Live division, noted that a record 1.24 bilion hours of extensive public ...

  • Microsoft Windows 8: What you need to know before buying

    While Windows 8 and RT will be out Friday, the phone version won't be available until an unspecified date this fall. Microsoft has an event on it Monday and may announce more details then. Nokia Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. already have announced ...

  • StumbleUpon Hits Windows 8 With New App

    This week, Windows 8 is launching, so it makes sense that they would employ a similar strategy with that. While StumbleUpon has not revealed any news about a forthcoming Android update, Google is having an event next week, in which it is a new phone ...

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