Monday, October 22, 2012

Voter id

  • Voter ID qould require new legislation to fill in the blanks

    The push for a voter ID requirement has been a deeply partisan battle, so much so that - if the amendment passes -- many of the specifics in next year's legislation could hinge on which party wins control of the House and Senate.

  • Voter ID billboards coming down

    Nearly 150 billboards "warning of the criminal consequences of voter fraud" in battleground states like Ohio and Wisconsin will be taken down after the signage's sponsor would not reveal its identity, according to a Reuters report Monday. Clear Channel ...

  • Under the U.S. Supreme Court: Voter ID fight finally reaches high court

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- The fight over whether states can demand some sort of identification before allowing voters to cast ballots has finally reached the U.S. Supreme Court as the justices agreed to hear argument on Arizona's law requiring ...

  • Inspecting the architect of the Voter ID scam

    Jane Mayer of The New Yorker writes about Hans von Spakovsky, the Republican architect of the Voter ID scam to suppress vote by Democratic-leaning constituencies.

  • Saul: Voter ID laws protect elections

    No democracy can survive when the sanctity of its voting procedures are ripe for exploitation. Voter ID laws prevent abuse and corruption of the system.

  • Candidates on the issues: Kansas voter ID laws

    Our first issue: voter identification laws in Kansas. Despite no evidence of significant in-person voter fraud in the state, Secretary of State Kris Kobach led efforts to enact voter ID laws in Kansas similar to those being challenged across the ...

  • Pennsylvania's Mount Pleasant Journal 'Falsely Claims' ID Is Required To Vote ...

    In a Monday report, the political news website notes that the Mount Pleasant Journal printed an "inaccurate story" about voter ID requirements last week. "All voters will be required to show a photo identification (ID) before voting at a polling place ...

  • Another Minority Locked Out of the Voting Booth

    "New voter ID laws have created costly barriers to voting for many trans people. And much worse, the debate about voter ID laws have made even the idea of voting harder so many of us may feel discouraged from even trying to vote on election day," said ...

  • Pa. ads create confusion and fear on voter ID, voting rights advocates say

    Despite an Oct. 2 ruling by a Pennsylvania judge putting the state's new voter ID law on hold, a series of misleading ads and announcements is sowing confusion and fear among residents with just two weeks until Election Day, civil rights and union ...

  • COLUMN: What voter ID law?

    In case anyone was confused about exactly what difference it will make now that South Carolina has permission to implement the new photo ID voter law that Gov. Nikki Haley used to trash-talk the Obama administration at the Republican National ...

  • Voting rights topic of NAACP Freedom Fund banquet

    Attendees at the Rochester NAACP Freedom Fund banquet Saturday were urged to fight against the proposed voter ID amendment to the Minnesota constitution.

  • Voter ID fraud

    Ed's post this morning reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a Republican friend about voter ID laws. He asked me why Democrats have such a problem with them.

  • Residual headaches from voter ID law

    Most of Pennsylvania's voter ID law is blocked for the November election, but what's left is creating headaches for some voters trying to get their absentee ballots.

  • Voter ID rule protects voters

    Not only will I steal your grandfather's vote but a hundred other people's as well because we don't have a voter ID law to protect you and everyone else. I will vote in so many precincts that I can have an affect on the outcome of an election or ...

  • Voter ID, candidate broadcasts

    In February, 2012, HBC taped the MN LWV - Winona Unit and WSU American Democracy Project forums, held to educate local voters about the Voter ID amendment, which is on the 2012 ballot. Featured was a representative of the Minnesota Secretary of ...

  • E-book now available on the voting amendment and Minnesota's role in the ...

    "Minnesota Voter ID and the National Debate," is available for 99 cents from national e-book sellers. It's the first release from MHS Express, the new digital imprint of the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

  • Voter ID misinformation spreading

    There has been an astonishing amount of misinformation being spread by opponents of the Minnesota Voter ID Amendment. Mostly the false statements are nothing more than talking points developed by national organizations that do not even understand ...

  • Time running out to apply for absentee ballots in Pennsylvania

    Voters who are handicapped or at least 65 years old and assigned to an inaccessible polling place can request what's known as an alternative ballot - identical to the absentee ballot, but requiring less information from the voter, no ID requirements at ...

  • Cottage Grove City Council opposes Voter ID Amendment

    City officials estimated Wednesday a voter ID requirement could cost the city an additional estimated $18,000 to $36,000 in new equipment and personnel costs each election cycle.

  • Spanish language voter ID card misstates election date

    A Spanish language voter ID card created in Arizona's Maricopa County lists two different dates for the general election.

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