Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trigger notice

  • Extended Unemployment Benefits Return To Some States

    According to the most recent "Trigger Notice" from the U.S. Department of Labor, Georgia, Mississippi and Michigan regained eligibility for the fourth tier of EUC on Oct. 7, because the three-month average unemployment rates in those states reached 9 ...

  • Boil water notice for East Bank of Orleans

    She said their threshold to automatically trigger a boil advisory is when pressure drops to 15 pounds per square inch or lower.

  • Severe Weather Coming... Could be Nasty! More on Winter

    If you notice on the map, I pulled the trigger on the severity of the storms Saturday thinking that the left front quad of the jet, high dew point and sufficient shear will be in place for damaging winds and tornadoes across the Midwest.

  • Never Waste a Good Trigger: Part One

    Let's say your trigger is someone going by with bleached blonde hair. Maybe you didn't even notice the trigger because it was subtle, but you're in a bad mood the rest of the day. It's hard to track what caused the bad mood as it was simply that you ...

  • Prematurely Filed Notice Of Exemption Does Not Trigger 35-Day Limitations ...

    A court of appeal recently concluded that a notice of exemption filed before a project is actually approved is invalid and does not trigger the 35-day limitations period in which to bring a California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") action ...

  • US to contractors: no layoff notices

    "The courts have been very clear that mere conjecture does not trigger the obligation," he said. Rick McHugh, an attorney with the National Employment Law Project, agreed.

  • Safety Recall Notice Issued for Certain Walther PK380 Pistols

    To be more specific, with certain models you may be able to discharge a round when the trigger is pulled even if the safety is engaged.

  • TNK Billionaires to Seek London Listing If BP Bid Fails

    The deal collapsed after a legal challenge from its TNK partners, who said the deal violated a shareholder agreement. AAR rejected a $32 billion offer at the time for its stake from BP and Rosneft.

  • DUCTZ Boca Raton Air Duct Cleaning Service Eliminates Indoor Air Allergens

    Common allergens and irritants can trigger asthma attacks and allergy symptoms for sensitive residents. The EPA lists several indoor asthma triggers such as dust, mold, secondhand smoke, pet dander and other contaminants. David Pisan owns DUCTZ, an air ...

  • Joe Flacco Puts the NFL on Notice: This Isn't the Same Old Ravens Offense

    In its place is an explosive unit lead by a long-maligned trigger man who has emerged from failed contract negotiations with an apparent laser-sharp focus and determination to obliterate NFL defenses in his quest to be P-A-I-D paid.

  • TNK Partners to Seek London Listing If BP Bid Fails

    The deal collapsed after a legal challenge from its TNK partners, who said the deal violated a shareholder agreement. AAR rejected a $32 billion offer at the time for its stake from BP and Rosneft.

  • Beauty and the Beast: Learning to Love Your Shadow

    I'm talking about those pesky little character flaws of yours that niggle at you and trigger your nerdiness, activate all the primitive parts of you that have not yet seen the light of day.

  • Obama discouraging layoff warnings ahead of election

    ... President Bill Clinton, said he believes the law supports the government's position that warnings are not necessary.

  • TEXT-Fitch affirms OJSC Tattelecom at 'BB', outlook stable

    Tattel's liquidity situation is mitigated by strong relationships with local banks, flexibility to reduce capex and increase cash flow from operations at short notice, and potential liquidity support from the company's controlling shareholder, OJSC ...

  • 'Parent trigger' approach to school reform isn't just stuff of Hollywood

    Kids are playing video games or asleep at their desks, but the teacher doesn't notice; she's too busy shopping for boots online or checking her cell phone.

  • No Trigger For The SPY

    ... potential for a 3rd push buying opportunity, which would need to show strong momentum. SPY - Daily Chart. Here's how it looked on a slightly faster time frame.

  • Parent Trigger Movie 'Won't Back Down' Inspired by L.A. Weekly Feature Story

    That 2010 article, which won the "Best News Feature" award from the Los Angeles Press Club in 2011, describes how parents in Compton and the education reform group Parent Revolution joined forces and pulled the nation's first Parent Trigger. "For the ...

  • State regulators to midsize shops: No need to hire compliance consultants

    While he acknowledged that regulators will allow advisers to report assets rounded to the nearest $100,000, he said he applies the "pull-the-trigger law" to any questions regarding AUM and AUA. "If you are not actually pulling the trigger and making ...

  • About 800 reports made of people trapped in elevators

    There are many causes that can trigger an elevator to stop suddenly, said Lawrence Taylor, chief elevator inspector at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

  • The neuroscience of stage fright — and how to cope with it

    Stage fright is an emotional and physical response that is triggered in some people when they need to perform in front of an audience - or even an anticipated or perceived audience (such as standing in front of a camera).

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