Friday, October 12, 2012

Tom steyer

  • Prop 39 Takes Aim At State Tax Code

    Tom Steyer is putting millions into the effort. Tom Steyer · Enlarge this image. Credit: Rick Santangelo. Above: Tom Steyer. "I want to participate like everybody else in seeing California becoming a better place to live," said Steyer. Steyer has ...

  • Steyer: Prop. 39 will bring jobs, close tax loophole

    Proposition 39 will mean more jobs in California, more money in our economy and more funding in the state's budget flowing to cash-strapped schools.

  • California's Top Political Donors For State Ballot Measures Revealed

    Further down the ballot, hedge fund manager Thomas Steyer is bankrolling Proposition 39 [PDF], which would change the way multi-state companies are taxed to raise money for alternative energy projects and the state general fund.

  • New Players Amp Up Political Giving

    Tom Steyer and Peter Thiel now top the list of the region's residents in total recent contributions to state ballot measures and to federal candidates along with the outside groups backing them, according to MapLight and the Center for Responsive ...

  • Renewable Energy Mandate Backers Have Deep 'Green' Pockets

    Tom Steyer founded and co-manages the $21 billion Farallon Capital Management LLC in San Francisco, one of the largest hedge fund companies in the country.

  • Businessman pushes to pass Prop. 39 to stop loophole in tax breaks

    SACRAMENTO, CA - Venture Capitalist Tom Steyer is trying to cement California's standing as the country's "green leader" by spearheading Proposition 39 on the November ballot.

  • AM Alert: Capitol committee scrutinizes California tax proposals

    ... propositions on the Nov. 6 ballot. The Legislature is out, but the Assembly Budget Committee is in, with a hearing today on November's three tax initiatives -- Gov.

  • Millionaires dominate propositions

    Tom Steyer, a San Francisco asset manager with a deep commitment to philanthropy and environmentalism, has put about $22 million into Proposition 39 to end a tax break for out-of-state corporations.

  • Jerry Brown Gets an October Surprise

    Prop 30, in contrast, has been in the 50s all along, despite the presence of Munger's initiative and in defiance of the prevalent theory that the presence of it and another tax-related measure, that of equity fund billionaire and environmentalist Tom ...

  • AM Alert: Brown's proposal still fares best of three tax measures

    The survey looks at trends among voters on those two measures as well as a third tax-related proposal, Tom Steyer's Proposition 39 to hike taxes on multistate companies operating in the state.

  • Which Billionaire Fund Manager Likes Horizon Pharma?

    In a 13G filing last week, billionaire fund manager Thomas Steyer of Farallon Capital Management announced that his firm now had a 5.4% ownership stake in Horizon Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ:HZNP)—buying almost 1.9 million shares.

  • S.F. teachers union out to beat 3 trustees

    Rollout: A new face is starting to make his mark on state and national politics. That would be San Francisco hedge fund mogul Tom Steyer, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.. Steyer, whose estimated $1.3 billion worth ...

  • DiNapoli: New York City to see $15 billion-plus in securities industry profits

    DiNapoli: New York City to see $15 billion-plus in securities industry profits. By Robert Steyer | October 9, 2012 3:38 pm.


    Thomas Steyer, founder and co-senior managing partner of Farallon Capital Management, supports Prop 39. He said, "We have a loophole.

  • California Progressives Take the Offensive

    This brilliant idea comes from a Tom Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager based in San Francisco. Steyer has donated $21.9 million toward the initiative, and it sure is nice to see a hedge fund manager doing something positive with their money.

  • Do Hedge Fund Managers really Love Mitt Romney and Hate Obama?

    Tom Steyer, Billionaire and founder of hedge fund Farallon Capital Management took the stage at the Democratic National Convention in the beginning of September.

  • SF has state's 2nd-priciest gas at $4.73

    ... at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. The panel will chew over the politics of high gasoline prices, hydraulic fracturing and the Keystone pipeline.

  • Our View: Proposition 39 shows how direct democracy should work

    San Francisco hedge fund founder Tom Steyer is providing most of the money for the Yes on 39 campaign. He's among the billionaires who signed the Bill Gates-Warren Buffett pledge promising to leave half his wealth to charity.

  • Here's What This $4 Billion Hedge Fund Has Been Buying

    Their latest moves can shine a bright light on smart stock picks. Today let's look at Farallon Capital Management, which was founded by Thomas Steyer in 1986 and employs a bottom-up fundamental investing strategy. The company's reportable stock ...

  • Philanthropy By The Numbers: The Environment

    THOMAS FRIEDKIN: $100 million to conserve over 6.1 million acres of Tanzanian wildlife areas. THOMAS STEYER: $82 million, mostly to universities, for alternative energy research.

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