Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Todd akin

  • Claire McCaskill plans to beat Todd Akin one handshake at a time

    McCaskill, who's in the hotly contested U.S. Senate seat for the state of Missouri against Rep. Todd Akin (he of the "legitimate rape" fame) entered the office and saw campaign workers diligently working at tables at one end, while the local media had ...

  • Todd Akin, Claire McCaskill and the catch-22 of the 'ladylike' leader

    After facing his opponent, Claire McCaskill, in their first Missouri senatorial debate, Todd Akin resorted to a move that's becoming all too familiar for him - showing he is more adversary than friend to women.

  • Todd Akin and Paul Broun: If Elected President, the Biggest Threat Romney Will ...

    The first member, Congressman Todd Akin, made the statement that he believed that women had the ability to shut down their reproductive system when a rape happens.

  • NFIB, a Mainstream GOP Group, Backs Akin

    Todd Akin in his bid to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill after he made disturbing comments about "legitimate rape," and so far they've stood by their word—until now.

  • Todd Akin Opposed To Minimum Wage, Equal Pay Laws

    Akin argued that Lilly Lebetter would "harm economic output in the country by further injecting government bureaucracy into private enterprises," according to the News-Leader.

  • Missouri Senate Race Update: Claire McCaskill vs. Todd Akin

    Todd Akin (R) in the last couple months, casual observers might assume he no longer stands a chance anymore to oust incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) from her Missouri Senate seat.

  • Akin Raised $1 Million

    Who needs the establishment? Ever since Todd Akin drove away the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and even Karl Rove's Crossroads super PAC, with his "legitimate rape" talk, the Senate candidate from ...

  • Akin stresses he will cut government

    Akin: We have way too little freedom: During an interview with the News-Leader editorial board Monday, Rep. Todd Akin (R-Missouri) told voters that he is "aware of the urgency of what's going on in Washington DC and the abject failure of the economic ...

  • Democrats nationwide run against Todd Akin

    Democrats are running hard against Todd Akin in Missouri - and in Washington state, New York, Arizona and California. The Republican Senate candidate whose comments about "legitimate rape" caused a stir in August has become Democrats' favorite ...

  • Conservative PAC backs Todd Akin in Missouri

    Jim DeMint has thrown its support behind Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin and will direct nearly $300,000 to the candidate.

  • Todd Akin Gets GOP Backing Again After Refusing to Quit

    The biggest flip-flop of the 2012 election season may not come from a candidate, but from Republicans who once bashed Todd Akin. After calling on Akin to withdraw from his Senate race against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill in Missouri, in the ...

  • Todd Akin relying on help from conservative rebels

    Todd Akin (R) is walking down a lonely road in the Missouri Senate race, with much of his own party not supporting him. Facing that reality, he's enlisting the help of a handful of conservative figures in the hopes of defying long odds in his campaign ...

  • Akin: Let's 'take back Senate for Republicans'

    Rebounding from recent controversy, Rep. Todd Akin is climbing in the polls and fighting to win a valuable seat in the Republican race to take control of the Senate.

  • Todd Akin's mind stuck in pre-enlightened era

    Hearing it used unironically, as would-be Missouri senator Todd Akin did last week, one almost feels as if Amelia Earhart never flew a plane and Sally Ride never rode a space shuttle.

  • Akin tops $1 million in online donations

    JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) - Republican challenger Todd Akin says he has topped $1 million in online donations for his campaign against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

  • In Akin Country, Legislative Candidates Fly Under The Radar

    Todd Akin's uphill fight against Sen. Claire McCaskill, candidates in his home district still have their own races to run, but are doing so mostly under the radar.

  • Two months after controversy, Akin's campaign reaping cash, rape threats

    LOUIS • Congressman Todd Akin's national notoriety since his "legitimate rape" comment has spawned campaign contributions totaling more than $1 million, much of it in small donations from around the country.

  • Candidates offer opposing views on variety of questions

    Akin: Too much government in DC: During an interview with the News-Leader editorial board Monday, US Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-Missouri) discussed his opposition to the Lillie Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

  • In Missouri, clergy in the fray of Akin race, seeing it as start of a 'battle ...

    ST. LOUIS - Nearly 400 Missouri pastors gathered at the podium of a hotel ballroom recently to pray over the kneeling figure of Rep. Todd Akin, a Senate candidate whose campaign had been pronounced dead by national Republican leaders weeks before.

  • GOP leaders on Todd Akin: 'We're done'

    John Cornyn doesn't want to talk about Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin. "We're done," Cornyn, chairman of the powerful National Republican Senatorial Committee, responded when asked whether the committee would reverse course and spend ...

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