Sunday, October 21, 2012

The wanted the voice

  • The Wanted's Christina Aguilera Feud: Group Backtracks After Calling Her 'AB ...

    In April, the group -- consisting of members Tom Parker, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes and Jay McGuinness -- got in a heated feud with "The Voice" coach after Parker referred to her as "a total b***h" when they met her on the NBC talent show.

  • Christina Aguilera Heads The AMA Nominations Press Conference [PHOTOS]

    With the last year and a half being dedicated to The Voice, Christina Aguilera hasn't been able to release any solo music since 2010′s Bionic.

  • Stevenage The Voice star EP release today

    Since The Voice, Aleks who is managed by LAMM, has supported The Wanted and Olly Murs, and played the London circuit, as well as releasing a video on YouTube for the Bossa Nova influenced soul track Cruise.

  • The X-Factor live blog: third live show

    They're actually much more like The Wanted. No, not The Wanted. Something a bit less than The Wanted. ... There is a plinth and a hokey photoshoot get-up, but the main thing is Jade's voice. It actually isn't that bad. This is probably because she's ...

  • Christina Aguilera on Leaving 'The Voice' and Dealing With Body Issues

    They are the big brothers I always wanted. Blake [Shelton] is the protective one, Cee Lo [Green] is the fun one, and Adam [Levine] and I are the most similar, so we bicker the most, but we all have so much respect and love.

  • The Voice Season 3: Exclusive Interview with Bryan Keith

    I never really wanted to audition for Idol or anything like that. The concept of The Voice is so different and cool to me.

  • The Voice Season 3: Exclusive Interview With Amanda Brown

    We wanted the music to stand on its own and for people to enjoy the performance and people not to think about two people going head-to-head, even though that was the case.

  • The Voice Season 3: Exclusive Interview With Collin McLoughlin

    Collin McLoughlin was a grad student at NYU pursuing his Masters in Music Business degree when he decided he wanted to leave school and pursue his dreams of singing.

  • 'The Voice' recap: The battle rounds fly by

    Thoughts going in: Neither singer seemed terribly strong, but that may have been a factor of the song their coach gave them, which didn't showcase either of their skills.

  • The Voice's Julio Cesar Castillo Opens Up About Racist Feedback and Reveals ...

    In Monday night's battle round episode of The Voice Season 3, it was easy to forget Julio Cesar Castillo mostly due to the fact that the spotlight was on his teammate Terisa Griffin who took to the stage like a firecracker.

  • 'The Voice' Recap: Battle Of The 17-Year-Old Powerhouses

    The battle rounds are finally winding down on "The Voice" (Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC) and NBC seems just as sick of them as we are since they rushed through three battles on Tuesday's episode, including Beat Frequency and a .... Adam ...

  • The Voice: Battle round week two winners on battles, competition, more

    Going up against her, it was hard for me to do the type of performance I wanted to do, but at the same time, I didn't want to go home.

  • The Voice: Tying Up Loose Ends

    Contestants who wanted to work with a mentor from a similar musical background found those needs met by one of the other three, OR, those practical contestants who thought further ahead and saw The Voice more like a networking opportunity than the ...

  • 'The Voice' recap, Competition is getting fiercer

    A football-hopeful husband with dashed dreams created a kind of parallel for Michelle, and the last thing she wanted was for both of their dreams to be crushed.

  • The Voice Season 3: Blind Auditions Part 8 Recap

    They wanted to sign her to a contract and put her on the Justin Bieber tour, but it all fell apart. She comes out and has a very strong voice with a good range to it. She gets the remaining three judges to turn around, including a standing ovation from ...

  • THE VOICE Contestant Brian Fuente's Debut EP '1983' to Release Tomorrow, 10 ...

    "I sat down at the drawing board shortly after my time on 'The Voice' and was trying to figure out where I wanted to go creatively with my first EP as a solo artist," explains FUENTE. "I started listening back to some of the music that inspired me to ...

  • 'The Voice' contestant Avery Wilson performs at Hamden McDonald's

    HAMDEN - Before Avery Wilson was a favorite on NBC's musical contest show, "The Voice" as a member of team Ceelo - CeeLo Green being a famous R&B musician - he was a 13-year-old with a voice. Juan Castillo, the program director and general manager ...

  • The Voice Season 3: Exclusive Interview With Daniel Rosa

    My friend was going to go audition for The Voice and she wanted me to go and hold signs for her. So, when we got in the line we found out that the only way I could be in line with her to support her was if I auditioned too.

  • Review: Apple's maps app lets you follow the voice

    Apple wanted voice directions, too, and figured the only way to get it was to build its own maps app and bump Google from its perch as the default offering.

  • 'The Voice' contestant Avery Wilson serenades McDonald's customers

    HAMDEN - Before Avery Wilson was a favorite on NBC's musical contest show, "The Voice" as a member of team Ceelo - Ceelo Green being a famous R&B musician - he was a 13-year-old with a voice. Juan Castillo, the program director and general ...

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