Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The choice

  • The Choice Is Clear and It's Up to Us

    We have been glued to our TV sets and computer screens during the presidential and vice-presidential debates over the past few weeks, and by now most voters should have a pretty clearly defined vision of what is at stake in this election.

  • Make the choice to renew fizzled friendship your own

    Q. In college, I had a pretty major crush on a schoolmate. She briefly shared my feelings, but after graduating and moving to different towns it became clear she did not feel "that way" anymore.

  • EU Antitrust Officials Say Microsoft Violated Deal

    In Microsoft's 2009 settlement, the company did not pay a fine but instead committed to installing a system called Browser Choice Screen with Windows. It was intended to offer users alternatives like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to counter the ...

  • The choice on defense

    Recent. George McGovern · LateCopy: From the editor's blog · In support of John Swallow · Bullying not a step to success · Keep the records open · The choice on defense · Obituaries · Life & Style ...

  • The Choice Between Chaotic Romney and Stable Obama

    The future of America is on the red alert now. Most of us have endured through bad times by losing jobs, letting our homes be foreclosed, and living on food stamps or grace of our friends.

  • Exposing Barack Obama's 'False Choice'

    The president likes to talk a lot about "false choices." Here's a recent example, from a speech on the environment he gave in March: "The bottom line is this: There will always be people in this country who say we've got to choose between clean air and ...

  • Canada Reads 2013 releases Top 10 book choices by region

    The choice of books for the 2013 edition of Canada Reads is emerging as a regional turf war, with readers from five different geographic areas across the country putting forward their favourite local authors.

  • Extremism vs. moderation: The choice is clear

    Let's start with a simple observation: The Newtown-Yardley area that comprises the 31st Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is politically moderate territory, whose residents reject extremism on either side.

  • The choice for Culpeper CA: Paul Walther

    The choice for Culpeper CA: Paul Walther. Paul Walther is the experienced candidate for Culpeper County commonwealth's attorney in the November election.

  • A Clear Measure of the Choice Before Us This Election

    On a recent rainy Sunday afternoon, an encounter with a woman, a stranger to me, gave me a very clear measure of the immensity of the choice before us between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I began with my usual "Hi, I'm Janet. I'm a volunteer for the ...

  • The choice between cultural diversity and species diversity

    ... I would like to thank Ms. Wong for inadvertently raising the profile of this issue to regional and national levels. Given the choice between cultural diversity and species diversity, I would like to believe that most of us would choose to save ...

  • The 'write' choice for president

    This presidential election the stakes seem higher, the choices more stark and diverse while the rhetoric is flying and flogging.

  • Tenaris nears Gulf of Mexico choice

    ... by the boom in shale oil and gas production. Paolo Rocca, its chief executive, told the Financial Times Tenaris had narrowed the choice of location down to two states, Texas and Louisiana, and was within one or two months of making an announcement.

  • Choices for the courts

    The Tribune completes its endorsements today in contested races for the Illinois Appellate Court and collar-county circuit courts.

  • Comment Podcast: The Choice

    Listen to the podcast of "The Choice," The New Yorker's endorsement of Barack Obama for President. See our full coverage of the campaign season at The Political Scene.

  • Lauren Cheape is the choice for Hawaii's future

    HONOLULU, October 21, 2012 - The former Miss Hawaii Lauren Kealohilani Cheape is a dynamic national leader in the making and an icon of the kind of hometown values/small town tough that only a legacy of more than one hundred years of family farming ...

  • The Choice Bus

    ... 2012 11:06 am. Freshman at North Springs Charter High School wait to board "The Choice Bus", an interative mobile experience created by The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation to encourage students to make wise choices, to stay in school and graduate.

  • Obama, the Choice of Marxists, Dictators!

    According to Gallup, Romney now enjoys a seven-point lead; other polls show a much tighter race. Meanwhile Marxists and dictators are endorsing Obama and his Marxist policies.

  • Tom Murt the choice in 152nd District

    The name of Tom Murt is familiar to the people of the 152nd Legislative District, and not just because he's been their voice in Harrisburg for the past six years.

  • Letter - Choice in 8B is pretty straightforward

    Letter - Choice in 8B is pretty straightforward. There are two varying ways to vote: put all your trust in a party or put all your trust in people.

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