Sunday, October 21, 2012

The choice

  • Obama the Choice of Voters Who Read

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  • The choice on defense

    During the first presidential debate, President Obama charged that Mitt Romney had proposed "$2 trillion in additional military spending that the military hasn't asked for.

  • Faith is 'living as if'; all the choices are ours

    Religion invites us to have faith. Thus, for most people, the idea of faith is a choice. We can have faith or not have faith.

  • In the Spotlight: If you want to keep your baby, ignore the 'choice' advice ...

    Many women are told regarding an unplanned pregnancy that it's only cells, not a person; that they'll embarrass their family; that they don't need to saddle themselves with a child; that they have their schooling first; that there's plenty of time for ...

  • Voters' views of Daniels record influences choice of next governor

    INDIANAPOLIS - The choice Hoosier voters make in this year's governor's race is being guided largely by what sort of state they believe Gov.

  • America's choices on paying for defense

    This photo taken Oct. 10, 2012 shows U.S. Brig. Gen. John Charlton, left, talking to U.S. Lt. Col. Kevin Lambert at the U.S base in An Band district, Ghazni province, Afghanistan.

  • Letter: Free fish or more fishermen? That's the choice this election

    That's the choice this election. John C. Byrne, Palm City; TCPalm; Posted October 21, 2012 at 4 a.m.. Discuss; Print; A; A; A. Share this on Facebook · Tweet this · Email this to a friend.

  • Anti-abortion activists protest outside Choices Women's Medical Center in Queens

    About 80 people sang hymns and held signs condemning abortion outside the Choices Women's Medical Center in Jamaica. Many of the protesters slammed the escort program announced by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to protect patients at ...

  • History's lessons show Obama is the better choice

    If we choose to learn from the past, the choice in the Nov. 6 election for president is clear: Barack Obama should be re-elected on the strength of his service to all Americans.

  • Why a Mastectomy Was the Best Choice for Me

    Each of us has her own reason for making the decision to have a mastectomy. For some women, mastectomy is one of several possible treatment options.

  • Good choices can take the sting out of life

    Here is a story with a message so universal, the tale has folkloric cousins on every habitable continent. Chances are you are familiar with a version of this story.

  • No choice but to accept foreign aid: Thein Sein

    Bur45 NAYPYIDAW: Myanmar has no choice but to accept foreign aid for Muslims hit by recent sectarian violence or it will face an international backlash, President Thein Sein said on Sunday.

  • Do Americans Even Know about the Choice They Are about to Make on ...

    I agree with much that has been said about last night's debate. That the questions came from disappointed Obama voters kept it at a tone that could mean advantage Romney with independents.

  • Jobs for NH? Lamontagne's the choice

    Lamontagne's the choice. EDITORIAL. To determine which candidate for governor would do a better job of boosting New Hampshire's economy, one need look no further than their jobs plans.

  • Anti-abortion and pro-choice activists rally in Queens

    Anti-abortion and pro-choice activists held a rally outside the Choices Women's Medical Center in Jamaica, Queens Saturday.

  • 'The Choice 2012' examines personal stories of Obama and Romney

    The Washington Post reporter is among the various journalists, columnists, biographers and other original sources who chime in and add authority to "The Choice 2012." This election-year, PBS "Frontline" franchise excels at surfacing and synthesizing ...

  • In Florida, the choice is clear

    The choice is clear. If Floridians want continued job growth in the private sector, and a commitment to the middle class, then Floridians should re-elect President Barack Obama.

  • Please Ghanaians, do not make a Mistake on December 7, 2012

    December 7, 2012 is your chance to decide your future. As God presented before you two choices, the choice of good and the choice of bad, but each with a consequence, so is December 7, 2012. On that day, you will face choosing between two presidential ...

  • Board chairman 'comfortable' with choice to lead Georgia Lottery

    Georgia Lottery Board Chairman Jimmy Braswell said Thursday Gov. Nathan Deal did not unduly influence the board or poison its search for a new lottery president when Deal said he wanted his budget director for the job.

  • MLB: Tigers say it's Jim Leyland's choice to return or not

    Detroit • Amid the celebration of their American League Championship Series victory just outside the clubhouse, Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski reveled in the success of the team's first trip to the World Series since 2006.

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