Sunday, October 21, 2012


  • 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Television Spot Part of 26-Day Countdown

    'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Television Spot Part of 26-Day Countdown. October 21, 2012 10:15 AM EDT. A new Breaking Dawn Part 2 television spot is just one of several promotions touting the countdown until the film's release. As of Sunday, there are but 26 ...

  • Debate moderating: a thankless job

    By DAVID BAUDER - AP Television Writer. NEW YORK - Beneath Bob Schieffer's Southern charm is the tough spine of someone used to dealing with politicians.

  • You betcha: Fargo awaits TV version of hit movie

    Now, 16 years later, Fargo awaits the debut of a new cable television show by the same name. And many residents are less apprehensive about how their hometown will be portrayed this time around.

  • Parents Television Council upset over Tom Hanks' 'F bomb' slip (Video)

    Tom Hanks' "F-bomb" mishap has the Parents Television Council up in arms over the live taping and airing of the actor saying the "f word" while imitating a character.

  • Pace television ad mixes firefighting scenes

    Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, in a television ad for votes to cut wildfire funding. Not all the votes cited in the ad directly targeted fire departments, although the Forest Service has found itself hard-pressed to pay for firefighting because of recent ...

  • Q&A: Nelson Davis/Television executive

    NIAGARA FALLS - This city's villagelike housing projects nourished Nelson Davis in the 1950s as he began to dream of a career in television and radio, working with Johnny Carson, Bob Hope and Elizabeth Taylor. Now from his office on Sunset Boulevard, ...

  • Television networks on the blink as online eats into revenue pie

    The most protected sector in Australian business, television enjoys cheap access to broadband spectrum, tough anti-siphoning rules designed to prevent the pay TV industry from spoiling their exclusive control of sport, free spectrum to open up multi ...

  • Television review: 'Hunted' on Cinemax doesn't ring true

    Seen one way, "Hunted," Cinemax's second original scripted drama, which premieres Friday, is another well-produced version of a beautiful kick-ass super spy trying to figure out if the greatest threat to her life are the villains outside her elite ...

  • Rep. Cafero's son Nicholas to make television acting debut

    Instead, Cafero plans to settle in and watch his son Nicholas's television acting debut on "The Office." "We are really all excited about this, I'm thinking viewing party," Cafero said.

  • Tracing odds on next TV show to get the ax

    The website TV By the Numbers is making sport out of predicting which television series will survive or disappear, and the first weeks of a new TV season are particularly busy.

  • 'Grimm' television show headed to comic books and graphic novels

    According to TG Daily on Oct. 20, the hit fairy tale episodic television series "Grimm" will have new stories told in the pages of comic books and graphic novels.

  • Television ad opposing same-sex marriage features suspended Gallaudet ...

    Opponents of same-sex marriage in Maryland have started airing a television ad featuring images of Angela McCaskill, the chief diversity officer at Gallaudet University who was put on administrative leave after signing a petition to put the state's new ...

  • Cal Thomas: Television, not truth, helped Obama this time

    Television being what it is, the president looked and sounded good, but the air seems to have gone out of his messianic balloon as voters focus more on facts and less on spin.

  • Conrad Black not worried about being mocked on UK television show

    Conrad Black is heading to Britain this week to promote his new book, pursue some business opportunities and make an appearance on a comedy television program that's famous for pillorying figures just like Mr. Black. The long-running BBC program is ...

  • Kate Gosselin: Nude television host offer from Vivid Entertainment

    Kate Gosselin has not commented on Vivid Entertainment's offer for her to be a fully nude television show host. Even though Gosselin is a household name thanks to the show, "Jon & Kate Plus 8," a lot of viewers don't seem to care for her abrasive ...

  • Television ratings

    A share is the percentage of television sets in use that are tuned in to a particular show. 1. Baseball: NLCS Game 1, Cardinals vs.

  • Once a Ghoul, Always a Ghoul

    As a well-known host of horror movies during the early days of television, Mr. Zacherle must have gotten something right in the ghoulish experiments he conducted in his sepulchral laboratory.

  • County execs Baker, Leggett tout Md. gambling plan in new television ad

    Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) and Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) are teamed up in a new television ad urging support for the expanded gambling measure on next month's ballot in Maryland. "Question 7 will add ...

  • "SNL" and Tom Hanks Tackle Second Presidential Debate

    "Governor Romney, I want to remind you that threatening the life of the president is a federal crime punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment," she said after the pair's tempers flared.

  • Gannett television interests take flight in Q3

    The strong NBC presence in the Gannett television station portfolio, along with excellent political results, fueled massive YOY gains in the third quarter, including a 38.1% boost in operating revenue.

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