Friday, October 12, 2012

Teen heroin overdose

  • Carlie Coulter, Santa Clarita's Sixth Heroin Overdose Death This Year ...

    "I have been in this field for 30 years, and, in the last two years, what has gone on with this drug heroin is by no other words disgusting.

  • Hart Grad, 22, Dies from Apparent Heroin Overdose

    "We've lost more than a dozen Santa Clarita kids this year to drugs," stated Cary Quashen, founder of Action Family Counseling and Action Parent-Teen Support Group. "Carlie is just the latest example of the ... She said she plans to attend a press ...

  • Two charged with reckless homicide in teen's heroin death

    Portage - Two men face reckless homicide charges in Portage County after a 17-year-old died of a heroin overdose. A criminal complaint says the teen, Jacob Adler, and 18-year-old Lars Atkinson of Lodi went to Madison July 12 to buy drugs. They gave ...

  • How to prevent prescription-drug misuse among teens

    Overdose from prescription drugs is now more common than overdose from heroin and cocaine combined. And medication abuse carries a high risk of addiction, particularly in the teenage years, a period of significant neuroplasticity in brain development.

  • What Is Fentanyl, the Drug Amber Portwood Was Using in Treatment?

    Teen Mom's Amber Portwood dropped a huge truth bomb during her jailhouse interview with Dr. Drew on Oct. 9: She was addicted to Fentanyl while in drug court - a narcotic so dangerous, it's a miracle she didn't overdose. Amber admits that she was doing ...

  • More teens in Colorado using Heroin

    "I was a teenager when I became an addict. I've had many friends that have died from heroin overdoses." The West Metro Drug Task Force says heroin is coming back.

  • Prescription drug deaths up in Travis County in 2011

    The group included people in their 60s and in their teens, a restaurant owner and a doctor, a culinary school student and a plumber.

  • The Medicine Abuse Project: "Wake Up to Medicine Abuse" Week

    "Opioid pain relievers are responsible for more overdose deaths than cocaine and heroin combined." The 2011 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, sponsored by MetLife Foundation, says that one in six teens has used a prescription drug (when a doctor had ...

  • Weekend rally to take aim at heroin

    Later this month, Patty DiRenzo will mark the second anniversary of her son's death from a heroin overdose. Salvatore Marchese was ... Sal Marchese was up front with his family about addiction, which began when he was a teenager. The Audubon resident ...

  • Community concerned about drug use

    Police chief vows study after friends, family of teen who is believed to have overdosed speak at City Council meeting.

  • WYANDOTTE: Chemical dependency is issue that hits close to home for ...

    In her school days, she volunteered with T3: Teens Talking Truth, a peer-run group dedicated to the prevention of substance abuse among those in her age group.

  • Will County HELPS Symposium on Heroin Scores Big with Parents

    A duo of fathers from nearby Homer Glen, John Robertson, a retired Chicago police captain, and Brian Kirk, joined forces after their teen-age sons, both of whom attended Lockport Township High School, lost their lives due to heroin overdoses.

  • Right here in our backyard: Heroin use spreading to communities not touched ...

    With addicts desperate for a cheaper high than prescription drugs or seeking a more powerful fix, experts are seeing heroin addiction treatment admissions, overdoses and fatalities rising in nearly every region, including areas where the drug has ...

  • Reality Tour educational program to be presented

    The Reality Tour includes a theatrical performance that is acted out by students and other community members chronicling the fate of a fictitious teen addicted to heroin. The story depicts peer pressure, an arrest, an overdose leading to the emergency ...

  • Heroin use among young in N.J. is up, and in more suburban areas

    Teens and 20-somethings have fallen into what the Drug Enforcement Administration calls a "cycle of addiction," graduating from painkillers to heroin, according to Brian Crowell, the DEA's top agent in New Jersey.

  • L.A. drug summit: Heroin, painkiller abuse does not discriminate

    But among teens, naiveté reigns, he said. "Young people don't recognize the addictive powers of ... Kerlikowske encouraged the wider use of a drug called Naloxone to reverse the effects of an overdose. It's used by emergency rooms, but some communities ...

  • Part VI: Heroin Becomes a Way of Life

    "Heroin is in a class by itself. "It differentiates itself from other drugs in that it literally steals your soul.

  • Drug Abuse Turning Deadlier in Nevada

    One died of a heroin overdose. The state pharmacy board has a program tracking prescriptions, so physicians can see if patients are "doctor shopping.

  • Black tar heroin use on the rise in Fort Mill, Tega Cay

    Heroin is cheaper than prescription medication, so it is easier for the same teens, young adults and dealers who were taking and selling pills three years ago to get a hold of black tar heroin.

  • A picture of a problem

    Austin High School 11th grade counselor Thor Bergland talks about drug use and teens from his office at AHS Friday. Talk to nearly anyone on the ... "You do tend to see some overdoses from time to time with heroin and some of the opiates. They're scary ...

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