Friday, October 12, 2012

Tax hikes

  • Jerry Brown's tax hikes in jeopardy as he is squeezed from both sides, missing ...

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. - After returning to the governor's office, Jerry Brown criticized a political culture he said lacked a common purpose and warned of a "war of all against all" unless the sniping camps learned to compromise and fix California's ...

  • UPDATE 2-Portugal plans higher transactions tax, pension cuts

    LISBON, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Portugal aims to impose a financial transactions tax next year of up to 0.3 percent, going well beyond a tentative European proposal for a tax rate of just 0.1 percent, along with income tax hikes and cuts to pensions. Eager ...

  • MILLER: Democrats plan more tax hikes

    If re-elected, President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will raise taxes on small business in order to sustain the ginormous federal government they have built.

  • Southern Lehigh to aim for no-tax-hike budget

    Southern Lehigh School District administrators, hoping to help taxpayers weather Lehigh County's new reassessments, will present a budget for 2013-14 that holds the line on taxes. The move represents an about-face for the administration, which just ...

  • Separatist Quebec gov't backs down on controversial tax hikes

    PQ scraps plans to hike capital gains, dividend tax. * Tweaks income tax hikes for rich to keep rate below 50 pct. * Replaces flat health surcharge with progressive tax.

  • Bill Clinton endorses Jerry Brown's tax hikes

    On Tuesday, Clinton gave Brown a helping hand, firing off a quick endorsement of the governor's tax-hike ballot measure, Proposition 30.

  • Emanuel budget speech: No tax hikes, but pension woes loom

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel today unveiled a new budget that he says doesn't include new tax, fine or fee increases but contains a warning about the financial havoc the city's looming government worker pension problem could wreak.

  • Dealing With Tax Hikes

    WOLFF: There's every reason in the world believe that they will do a tax package in December. It will be a huge tax increase if they don't, which isn't good news for most people, and it will have an impact on the stock market and our financial ...

  • Letter: Nothing 'slight' about John Adam's tax hikes

    I wonder if everyone in DSISD would consider a 12.5 percenttax increase a "slight" tax increase? I wonder if the elderly in DSISD on a fixed income would consider 12.5 percent a "slight" tax increase? I know that this kind of increase would be ...

  • Act Now to Avoid Possible 2013 Tax Hikes

    "There are also new taxes that were part of the health-care reform law passed in 2010, the expiring payroll tax cut, the alternative minimum tax that already expired in 2011, and many other provisions that have expired or will expire at year end." The ...

  • City, schools make pitch for supporting tax hikes

    The annual increase in taxes for a Royal Oak homeowner with a median residential household value of $137,420 would be approximately $28, if the sinking fund proposal passes, and the cost also would continue to decrease as the debt millage declines.

  • UPDATE 5-Portugal launches tax hikes, enters bond market

    New tax and other measures to comprise 3 pct of GDP in 2013. * General strike called fro Nov. 14. * Debt agency swaps 3.76 bln euros of 2013 debt for 2015.

  • Tax-hike fantasies

    Former Comptroller Bill Thompson and City Council Speaker Chris Quinn both endorsed income-tax hikes for high-income earners in 2009, and have given no sign of changing their positions since then.

  • Tax hike threat holding back job creation?

    But what's ahead our future tax increases for small business -- you know these are people -- don't -- dry cleaners and didn't -- they're not fat cats they're not millionaires and -- these -- average working people and they are very concerned about the ...

  • Bloomberg and Obama Misrepresent Tax Hikes on Small Business

    In the recent presidential debate, President Obama said that only 3 percent of small businesses would pay higher rates under his plan to increase the top two marginal tax rates. The implication was that job creation wouldn't suffer, because so few ...

  • 3 Things to Do Now to Avoid Higher Taxes in 2013

    Taxes on dividends and capital gains will probably increase to at least some extent, as will estate taxes. Why do I say tax hikes are likely? Because they're already baked into existing law. It would take action to prevent them - and Washington, in ...

  • SF plan to raise €2.6bn in tax hikes for jobs

    SINN Fein is seeking a further €2.6bn in tax increases and spending cuts to pay for its new jobs plan. The party is seeking to invest €13bn to create 136,000 jobs over four years -- but there are major question marks about where the funding will come ...

  • Tax Hike Closes 4000 Greek Restaurants

    A rise in Value Added Tax to 23 percent that included restaurants in a bid to raise revenues has backfired as a report showed it has led to the closing of 4,000 establishments and the loss of 30,000 jobs.

  • Clinton tax increases slowed growth

    President Obama will say again and again that our economy can grow despite the tax increases he proposes. As proof, he'll point to economic performance after President Bill Clinton's tax hikes in the early 1990s. But what really happened after Clinton ...

  • Biden's Tax Malarkey

    Studies have shown that a majority of everyone in America who works for a small business works for one that will see its tax rate rise under the Obama-Biden plan.

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