Saturday, October 20, 2012

Students spit at peer

  • Alex Kindopp, Iowa Mother, Says Teacher Instructed Students To Spit At Son ...

    A Shenandoah, Iowa elementary music teacher has been placed on administrative leave following an alleged incident in which the instructor encouraged her students to spit at a peer. Alex Kindopp tells KETV that it all started when her 9-year-old son ...

  • Mum's Beatings Almost Forced Me to Kill Myself

    I can't deny it though; when you're a teenager, there's too much peer pressure, you want to have a boyfriend; not that you really need one, but just because every girl in school has one and you don't want to be left out.

  • New 'rinse and spit' oral cancer test shows promise

    New 'rinse and spit' oral cancer test shows promise ... Based on the early study results, which will be submitted to a peer-reviewed medical journal for publication, the company is now pursuing product development and seeking investment capital. The ...

  • How housewives and the 'Atlanta Nine' integrated Georgia's public schools

    In ROTC, Welch eventually became a squad leader and won the respect of his peers. Most of them, anyway. Once, while waiting in line during a drill, a white student spit on Welch and yelled, "I spit on the n*****!" Two student officers grabbed the other ...

  • What's Going On In CRM?

    No task-specific software yet existed that could take all the data being amassed and spit something actionable out the other end.

  • York University program has students submit saliva for DNA tests

    Which means, on this day, spitting into a tube. The DNA test requires a few millilitres of saliva - no bubbles, please - which is no easy task.

  • Chicago's Gang Violence Fueled Through Social Media

    "[Gang members] worried about what their peers are going to think about them if they get punked down in the social media, and social media has led to a lot of killings in Chicago," he said.

  • Amherst Sweeps Sexual Assault Allegations Under the Rug

    A former Amherst College student's account of being raped on campus - and the administration's contemptible response - is going viral on college campuses around the nation, so much so that the Amherst Student newspaper's website shut down for hours ...

  • Anthony Bourdain gets roasted

    Last night at the New York City Wine and Food Festival, celebrity chef and globe-trotting bad boy Anthony Bourdain got roasted. And no, it didn't involve an open flame and a spit - it was a comedy roast, in which his friends and peers swapped jokes at ...

  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me a Room

    Students seeking a midyear move to another room can get help from a new website designed by some BU peers. Photo by Vernon Doucette.

  • Eason pumped to play Incognito

    Follow. Updated Sep 29, 2012 12:04 AM ET. Arizona Cardinals defensive end Nick Eason is spitting mad at one of the offensive linemen he will be facing in Sunday's 4:05 p.m.

  • Self-Control Slipping Away? Rinse. Spit. Repeat.

    The results: Those who rinsed their mouths with glucose solution kept trying to solve the anagram after their peers had given up.

  • Northwestern Kellogg gets the McKinsey treatment

    That's why her team spent six months building a "business intelligence data architecture" that could spit out the answer to virtually any numbers-based question she posed.

  • Cambodia's former King Norodom Sihanouk dies at 89

    The suspect charged in the killing of a 19-year-old University of New Hampshire student is due to make his first court appearance.

  • Letter: Skin in the game

    The governor from New Jersey was spitting audacious nails recently when asked to speak to Mitt Romney's tirade to wealthy donors.

  • The Storefront on Lawrence Ave. gets reimagined, from the grassroots up

    The York University student has earned his seat in this skilled group, every bit their peer. This is heady stuff for a young man.

  • Amanda Todd Death: Mothers Speaks About The Cyber-Bullying that Drove ...

    Hollywood celebrities and people in the spotlight constantly have negative messages spit on them via social media. Country singer ... The Canadian teen, Amanda Todd, was bullied by a cyber bully and peers in school until she could take it no longer. In ...

  • Victims' advocates decry Mirkarimi outcome

    Under California law, cases can be prosecuted for a grab, a pull or even intentionally spitting on the victim. Others said the case ... "I'm embarrassed in front of my peers on a national level, and I'm embarrassed as a San Francisco person. We have so ...

  • Pop Listings for Oct. 12-18

    GZA (Thursday) This rapper is known as "the Genius" to the Wu-Tang Clan's legion of fans and "professor" to students who attended his recent lectures at Harvard and New York University; he recently finished work on "Dark Matter" (Babygrande), a record ...

  • 1989 Ford LX Mustang - Trial, Error, And The Occasional Trend

    As a result of his peers' interests and the modification trends of the time, Archie's Tracker moved closer to being a show vehicle, with a thumping stereo system and a hydraulic suspension.

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