Sunday, October 21, 2012

Steven spielberg

  • Spielberg to speak at 'Gettysburg Address' event

    (AP) - Director Steven Spielberg will deliver the keynote address at an observance commemorating the 149th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address.

  • Steven Spielberg Trivia: A Connection To 'Argo,' Why He Hasn't Directed A ...

    Steven Spielberg's Lincoln is fast approaching, which means soon we'll hear all the obligatory quotes from the man himself about Indiana Jones 5, Robopocalypse, Jurassic Park 4, Tintin 2 and whatever other movies he's been attached to or talked about ...

  • Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln': The 'Girls' and 'Breaking Bad' connection

    At a screening of Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" during the New York Film Festival last week, there was a moment when laughter rippled across a distinct demographic of the audience: the under-30 set.

  • Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg Each Give $1M to Obama SuperPAC

    Reuters Reports: Priorities in September received $2 million from founder of Newsweb Corp Fred Eychaner; $1.5 million from billionaire hedge fund manager of Renaissance Technologies Corp James Simons; and $1 million each from film director Steven ...

  • Steven Spielberg Sent A Script To The Fake Movie Studio The CIA Set Up To ...

    ... to know (including a scan of the original poster for the movie -- see below), but he also notes that among the scripts that crossed the desk of the studio -- that as far as everyone was concerned was real -- was a submission by a guy named Steven ...

  • Weekend TV Talk Shows: Kofi Annan; Marco Rubio; Steven Spielberg

    Second presidential debate coverage: Jackie Kucinich, USA Today; Roger Simon, Politico; Nia-Malika Henderson, the Washington Post.

  • Selena Gomez wears no make-up as she dresses down and visits the Steven ...

    Selena appeared make-up free as she dressed down during a visit to the Steven Spielberg Pediatric Research Center, in Beverly Hills, California.

  • Hollywood Ponies Up Big for Obama

    Dreamworks' Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg gave $1 million each, Politico reported. Other seven-figure donors included media mogul Fred Eychaner, who gave $2 million.

  • Spielberg's "Lincoln," more than 10 years in the making

    Steven Spielberg took more than 10 years to research his film about Abraham Lincoln. He wanted to get it just right because he's always wanted to tell the story of America's 16th president.

  • The Eternal Reach: How Steven Spielberg's evolving ideas continue to ignite ...

    There was something very telling watching Steven Spielberg at the AFI Fest last year introducing TinTin. He did two things.

  • 'ET's' Henry Thomas: Flying Bicycle Scene 'Was Nowhere Near as Exciting to ...

    To celebrate the milestone anniversary of Steven Spielberg's E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Thomas, who played E.T.'s friend and emotional companion, Elliott, talked to PARADE about the lasting impact of the 1982 film, shooting that famous flying bicycle ...

  • Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis explain 'Lincoln'

    2012 - Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis got together last night in New York - and online on Yahoo! movies - to explain and discuss why they tackled Lincoln.

  • Steven Spielberg And Dreamworks Partners Donate $90 Million To Charity

    Steven Spielberg Jeffrey Katzenberg. Hollywood moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen have each donated $30 million to the Motion Picture & Television Fund Campaign to aid the elderly.

  • Watch Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis talk 'Lincoln'

    "He was a great storyteller and a jokester." That's how "Lincoln" star Daniel Day-Lewis described the iconic 16th president in a 43-minute Q&A with director Steven Spielberg that streamed Wednesday night on Yahoo after a special screening of the film ...

  • Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen Donate $90 Million to Nonprofit

    ... Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and David Geffen have teamed up once again–this time to the tune of $90 million in donations to the Motion Picture & Television Fund's endowment campaign.

  • Stargazing: Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' leads early Oscar buzz; grin and Bear it

    That loud buzzing noise you're hearing is from bloggers who watched a secret screening of "Lincoln" at the New York Film Festival last week.

  • Spielberg's "Lincoln," more than 10 years in the making

    (CBS News) - Steven Spielberg has always wanted to tell Lincoln's story, but says he has never done a movie like it before.

  • Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis Preview 'Lincoln' in New York

    In Steven Spielberg's upcoming Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis voices the 16th president in a high-pitched tenor. The actor chose to honor contemporary records of what Lincoln truly sounded like, despite the deep, resonant baritone often associated with his ...

  • Steven Spielberg Opens Up About Dyslexia Battle

    Movies aren't just a career for Steven Spielberg, they've long been an "escape" from a learning disability he didn't even realize he had: dyslexia.

  • 'Lincoln' dubbed Steven Spielberg's best film since 'War Horse'

    Steven Spielberg's long-gestating "Lincoln" finally arrived last night at the New York Film Festival, and as with any blessed event, the debut prompted a level of excitement not seen since ... well ... the last time Spielberg made a much-hyped, awards ...

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