Monday, October 22, 2012

Star trek

  • Star Trek Wedding: Trekkies Hold Klingon Wedding In Britain (VIDEO)

    On Saturday, approximately 17,000 "trekkies" attended the Destination Star Trek London convention -- and two attendees definitely stood out from the crowd.

  • Comics: Star Trek Into Darkness Prequel Announced

    Bleeding Cool has IDW's solicitations for January and a special surprise was hidden inside it for Star Trek fans. A prequel comic for the upcoming J.J.

  • Claims 'Star Trek' assistant is already being developed, with a finished ...

    A 'Star Trek' assistant that can translate any language, answer any question, and never needs to be taken out of your pocket has been hailed as Google's future by one of its leading engineers.

  • Rachel Nichols on 'Alex Cross,' 'Alias,' And Her Tyler Perry-'Star Trek ...

    Read on for Nichols' chat with Movieline about her work in Alex Cross, her Tyler Perry-Star Trek connection, and nerding out over the role that kick-started her action career: J.J.

  • Klingon Wedding: Star Trek Fans Tie The Knot

    LONDON (Reuters) - One couple has boldly gone where no other has gone before by tying the knot in Britain's first Klingon wedding ceremony at a Star Trek convention to celebrate the much-loved TV series in London on Friday. The couple, 23-year-old ...

  • 'Castle' set photos go very 'Star Trek' as Jonathan Frakes directs

    He spent several seasons and time on the big screen as William Riker from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." View slideshow: Castle 5.06 Set Photos.

  • Star Trek captains boldly go to London convention

    The UK's first official Star Trek convention for more than a decade has brought together all five captains from across the TV show's 50-year history.

  • 'Star Trek': Patrick Stewart, William Shatner attend London convention

    The convention broke the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of fans dressed as Star Trek characters, as well as hosting the UK's first Klingon wedding.

  • 'Star Trek' captains are reuniting for trekkies

    LONDON -- Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans and thousands of "Star Trek" fans will descend on London this weekend to celebrate one of the world's best-loved television and film franchises at a convention that will have all five starship captains in attendance.

  • Star Trek captains unite at London convention

    William Shatner, Sir Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula - who have each commanded starship operations in their respective shows - were brought together onstage at Destination Star Trek London. The occasion marked only the ...

  • "Trekkies" break world record at London convention

    LONDON (Reuters) - Star Trek fans made history on Saturday by breaking the record for the largest gathering of people dressed as characters from the TV series at the "Destination Star Trek London" convention. An estimated 1,083 costume-clad "trekkies" ...

  • All Five 'Star Trek' Captains Unite At London Convention

    The event hosted Britain's first Klingon wedding for a Swedish bride and groom and also broke the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of fans dressed in Star Trek costumes. Photo Credits: ©Awais, Latest William Shatner ...

  • 'Star Trek' fans marry in UK's first Klingon ceremony

    Jossie and Sonnie Gustavsson exchanged vows - in English and Klingon - last night (October 19) in front of fellow fans and press at a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek the Next Generation in London. Jossie Sockertopp, 23 (right) and ...

  • Five Captains and a Wedding: London Star Trek Convention Has It All

    This weekend's Destination: Star Trek convention in London has done something no European Trek event has done before: bring all five TV "Star Trek" captains together one stage. William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk from the original "Star Trek ...

  • UPDATE: Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Not Appearing Any Time Soon

    The lid is still very, very tight on the upcoming sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, no about thanks to director J.J. Abrams's love of secrecy and the fact that they can keep a Star Trek movie completely secret until the day before release, and the Trek ...

  • Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes, According to You

    When Star Trek: The Next Generation turned 25 recently, we voyaged back to where no one has gone since the show went off the air.

  • Star Trek fans boldly go to set new world record for most costumes

    Destination Star Trek London, which is taking place at ExCel, claims 1,083 so-called Trekkies dressed up as characters from the TV series and films, beating the previous record set by 1,040 people at the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas two ...

  • Photos: Destination Star Trek London

    Photos from the 'Destination Star Trek London' convention at the ExCeL centre in London, England. The three-day convention, which opened to the general public, will be attended by all five actors who played captains throughout the 46-year-old series.

  • WIND STAR Trek, Part Three

    Peter Knego continues his voyage from Piraeus to Civitavecchia aboard Windstar Cruises newly refurbished, four masted staysail schooner WIND STAR with a day crossing the Ionian Sea and visits to the Italian ports of Messina and Lipari as well as a ...

  • To hold-ly go... Star Trek captains reunite for first time in 10 years at ...

    Star Trek fans were treated to Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Patrick Stewart and William Shatner appearing together for the first time ever at a Trekkie convention in London.

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