Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smarter ideas

  • Money-saving ideas for couples

    Jasmine Birtles. Financial journalist and TV presenter Jasmine Birtles gives her top tips for Smarter Living Photo: ©Seamus Ryan.


  • The best idea of this campaign — scrap the war on drugs

    He's got one of the best ideas seen anywhere during this long, dreary campaign. End the war on drugs. Go to Johnson's Website.


  • Case Study: The Transition to Smarter Classrooms

    "Before, my ideas and those of my colleagues were in a bubble," Rabbi Moshe said, reflecting on the program so far.


  • If Smart Is the Norm, Stupidity Gets More Interesting

    And this matters, because smarter people generally earn more money, enjoy better health, raise smarter children, feel happier and, just to rub it in, live longer as well.


  • Who to Watch at Chicago Ideas Week 2012: Adam Braun

    There's a lot to wrap your mind around with the approaching Chicago Ideas Week, the weeklong invasion of super-smart and super-influential folks taking place at venues all over town from Oct. 8 to 14. We're helping with a series of speaker profiles ...


  • Top 10 tips for free days out

    The Smarter Living series introduces small money-saving ideas which could lead to real differences in your long-term finances.


  • Young minds tapped for new fuel-saving ideas

    "That is the idea of the Shell Eco-Marathon: to encourage young people, especially young engineers, come up with concepts and ideas. If you look at our participants now, all of ... "In terms of mobility, we have to be smarter. There's going to be a big ...


  • Take That, Cancer!

    They contend that we need to recognize that tumor cells are a lot smarter and more collaborative than long thought and the key to fighting them is to learn how to interrupt their conversations.


  • How to Add to Your Life by Subtraction

    How clever of Matthew May to design Laws of Subtraction as what Frans Johansson dubs a "hook" -- something concrete around which we can gain clarity in our own thinking and are pulled into contributing relevant ideas to his six smart laws to simplify ...


  • Half smart: US politics and brain power

    But it's the people who actually build dangerous things that you need to watch out for - the ones who can't resist implementing brilliant but flawed ideas that backfire on everyone involved. That leaves 18 percent of the population, or about 45 million ...


  • NSF and Mozilla announce winning ideas for Internet of the future

    Cars are getting smarter and the entire transportation infrastructure should too, asserts Eric Endlich and Julian Valencia of EndlichStudios.


  • Stop Trying to Protect Your Business Ideas

    As we near a wrap for Make Your Pitch, I want to address one of the questions that consistently came up from those considering making a pitch: "How do I protect my ideas?" There is ... Then, you can figure out how to do it smarter, faster or better ...


  • Top 10 tips to cut your fuel bills

    The Smarter Living series introduces small money-saving ideas which could lead to real differences in your long-term finances.


  • Change text size for the story

    One of today's major debates is how big government should be. Maybe we are asking the wrong question. Our battle over the size of the state overlooks a problem that is just as important and that may be easier to muster the collective will to resolve ...


  • Did Smart Cars get smarter with the Smart ForStars Concept?

    Some of us find the eyebrows over the headlights a bit off-putting, but it does give the Smart ForStars Concept a dune-buggy look right out of a cartoon.


  • Sprint continues to pace M2M innovation with its open approach, solutions ...

    Sprint teams with Metrum Technologies, LLC, Power Insight and Tollgrade Communications, Inc. to help electric utilities improve the efficiency of distribution and management systems, essentially making the smart grid smarter. Metrum's entire line of ...


  • 10 Questions With Steven Johnson

    The author of eight books, including "Everything Bad is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter" and "Where Good Ideas Come From," and co-founder of three websites, Johnson talked to FM about hunches, heroes, and the ...


  • Top 10 tips to refresh your wardrobe

    The Smarter Living series introduces small money-saving ideas which could lead to real differences in your long-term finances.


  • Meeting of the Minds 2012: Challenging Old Paradigms With Urban Innovations ...

    What: Meeting of the Minds is an annual leadership summit that brings together leaders from the world's most innovative organizations to spotlight fresh ideas in urban connectivity and sustainability. The multiday event focuses on interlocking themes ...


  • Where Google Ventures is putting its money

    Google Ventures' managing partner (pictured) told the WSJ in a recent interview that what interests him now are "ideas that sound a little crazy. ... For example, Google Ventures invested in Nest, a company that set out to build a better, smarter ...


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