Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Size of glaciers

  • World's glaciers have new size estimate

    The relatively small glaciers that drape the planet's mountains will play an important role in future sea level rise, according to a new study that estimated glaciers' collective size. Researchers calculated the ice thickness for 171,000 glaciers ...


  • Glaciers cracking in the presence of carbon dioxide

    ... under increasing concentrations of CO2 molecules, making ice caps and glaciers more vulnerable to cracking and splitting into pieces, as was seen recently when a huge crack in the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica spawned a glacier the size of Berlin.


  • Researchers Show Glaciers Are Cracking In The Presence Of Carbon Dioxide

    They believe their results help to explain how the huge crack that had been seen in the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica eventually gave way, creating a new glacier that is roughly the size of Berlin. With overall coverage that dwarfs Europe and North ...


  • Carbon Dioxide May Damage Glaciers, Researchers Suggest

    Even an iceberg the size of Manhattan starts with a single broken bond, so Buehler and postdoctoral scholar Zhao Qin decided to investigate what happens when ice fractures.


  • CO2 May Fragment Glaciers, Driving Ice Into the Sea Faster

    That's what happened to the ice in the scientists' simulations. "We created an ice crystal and put in some CO2," Buehler said.


  • Melting glacier reveals First World War bodies

    Michael Zemp, director of the World Glacier Monitoring Service, said the worst case scenario would see the glaciers reduce to 5 to 10 per cent of their current size by the end of the century. © Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun. E-mail this Article ...


  • Peruvian innovators trying to save disappearing glaciers

    Peru is a dry country, dependent on glaciers for virtually all of its water supply. But as the climate changes, the glaciers are drying up and vanishing. But two Peruvian entrepreneurs have conceived homemade solutions to try and reverse the ...


  • Font Size: A A A

    The Palmer Glacier is limiting considering that it is only one of 11 glaciers that surround the summit of Hood. Fortunately, you don't have to come to Mt.


  • High levels of CO2 make ice caps more likely to crack

    This effect was seen last October when a huge crack in the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica spawned a glacier the size of Berlin. Ice caps and glaciers cover seven per cent of the Earth - a larger area than Europe and North America combined - and ...


  • Discovery of rock raises questions

    A glacial erratic is a piece of rock that differs from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it is found.


  • Iceberg watching: Not your average day job

    Ever stood on an arctic ice cliff in Greenland and watched icebergs the size of Manhattan calve off into the ocean? ... Calving, which typically occurs during the beginning of the melt season, is the breaking away of a huge ice mass from a glacier as ...


  • Antarctic Cruise Belongs on Any Skier's Bucket List

    I learned to use ski crampons and then to hike with ice axe and boot crampons. Later at the trailhead guide Ben Mitchell showed us how to set a snow anchor to secure anyone who might fall into a crevasse on a glacier. Since some of the Antarctic skiing ...


  • Alaska - Breathtaking views of a majestic state

    It offers an opportunity to float to the frontier where you can still see a wild part of America (the midnight sun, bear, moose, wilderness, glaciers and maybe the Northern Lights) in accommodations as luxurious as you choose. It's no wonder, then ...


  • COLUMN: Perspective needed on Arctic melt

    Snowfall at the top of the glacier, not temperature, is the primary determinant of the size and mass of glaciers and Antarctica has seen an increase in the last several years, especially in the Antarctic Peninsula. This results in increased outflow ...


  • Why Greenland's record ice-melt matters

    It's a continuous sheet of ice around six times the size of the UK and nearly two miles deep in places. After Antarctica, it is the second largest block of freshwater ice on the planet.


  • Boulder Manor for sale in Charlevoix: 3 Earl Young houses for price of one

    Inside and out, he shunned conventional 2-by-4 framing and constructed all walls from huge boulders -- granite and limestone dropped here by glaciers 14,000 years ago. Every room shows Young's edgy eye and master craftsmanship, but the living room is a ...


  • Scientists who'll be spending Christmas in the Arctic

    He's definitely come to the right place. As we make our way down the 50-mile fjord towards the glacier we bump through blocks of ice the size of washing machines.They're no problem for the steel hull of the boat, but we still have to give the ice bergs ...


  • Change text size for the story

    In late 1999 an excavation of the mound revealed it was just a pile of earth, probably distributed by retreating glaciers. But the professional photographer, who has been studying rock inscriptions for close to 20 years, continued his research and ...


  • Northlands + web-enhancement

    X. There are also new class features: Barbarians get 10 new rage powers and 2 alternate class features, ranging from sheathing hands in boreal cold to becoming so bear-chested that one counts as a size-category bigger. Bards get a whole alternate class ...


  • Tibet Wild - Book Giveaway!

    The Tibetan Plateau is about 1.2 million square miles, about the size of the US west of the Mississippi, and over half that area lies above 14,500 feet.


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