Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sea levels

  • Global Ice Volume: Glacier Measurements Shed Light On Sea Level Rise ...

    Compared with the potential sea level rise from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, the volume of land-based glaciers is relatively small, Huss said.


  • Data Measures Antarctic Ice More Accurately

    The rate of global sea level change is reasonably well-established but understanding the different sources of this rise is more challenging.


  • Scientists warn of rising sea levels in Fla.

    (CBS News) Florida is a battleground state, but there's another fight that President Obama and Mitt Romney are hearing about. More than a hundred scientists and economists signed a letter to both presidential candidates warning about the dangers of ...


  • Webtool will help coastal planners adapt to rising sea levels

    Scientists have developed a calculator that can guide coastal planners on the height and positioning necessary for infrastructure to avoid inundation and erosion as sea levels rise. The webtool, called Canute - the Sea Level Calculator, was launched in ...


  • Climate documentary to hit home for coastal residents

    The documentary, which will be screened at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux next month, follows inhabitants of the Carteret Islands just north of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, as they realize that rising sea levels mean they must leave their ...


  • Presidential candidates must take a stand on climate change

    A few may get a laugh at jokes about rising sea levels, but for the majority of American voters in the religious and faith communities, climate change is not funny.


  • Worldwide sea piracy falls to lowest level in four years following ...

    Worldwide sea piracy has fallen to its lowest levels in four years, according to the International Maritime Bureau, with attacks off the coast of Somalia falling sharply.


  • Dozens gather in Bivalve to discuss rising sea levels

    COMMERCIAL TWP. - Thursday night's forum, "Rising Tides, Rising Concerns," brought environmental, cultural and political leaders from around the Delaware Bay watershed to historic Bivalve to talk frankly about the possibility of rising sea levels.


  • Sea level rise accelerating, study shows

    "Acceleration in the rate of sea-level rise has the kind of compound effect you see in a savings account, or with credit card debt," Boon said.


  • Low water levels causing headaches

    SUAMICO - Scott Allen's been working as a full time fishing guide on Green Bay and around Northeast Wisconsin for the past four years.


  • Research observes sea level change with new method

    Because there are only a few tide gauges at high sea levels in areas like Antarctica, Hay said there is too much variability in the date retrieved from each center in factors such as latitude, location and time.


  • Sea levels expected to devastate area coast lines in the next five years

    CUMBERLAND COUNTY -- Flooding along the Delaware Bay has already wiped some communities off the map, and other towns may soon have the same fate as sea levels continue to rise. "To be quite honest with you I planned on spending the rest of my ...


  • Sea levels on the U.S. east coast rising 5 times faster than global average

    The sea level on the east coast of the United States is rising five times faster than the global average, Al Jazeera reports.


  • October 18 News: Northeast Sea Levels Rising Faster Than U.S. Average

    Sea level is rising all over the world thanks to the heat-trapping effect of greenhouse-gas emissions, but according to a new study published in the Journal of Coastal Research, the northeastern U.S.


  • Rising Sea Levels Mean Evacuation of Island States In a Decade

    Some Pacific island nations including Tuvalu and the Arctic's Kivalina could have to evacuate their populations in the next ten years due to rising sea levels. It's as clear a sign as any of the existence of climate change and its irreversible impact ...


  • Southern Ocean warming impact on Antarctic Ice Sheet and global sea level rise

    Climate change is causing the southern ocean to warm and freshen which will melt ice shelves and glacier tongues affecting glacier discharge and producing Antarctic Ice Sheet mass loss and global sea level rise. A new study shows that small temperature ...


  • Why Sea Levels Fell, Only to Rise Again

    From the beginning of 2010 until mid-2011, the average level of the world's oceans dropped by 0.2 inches (5 millimeters). But how could this happen when average sea levels have been rising for decades? A study published Oct. 4 in the journal ...


  • Sea Level Rise Will Make Several Islands Uninhabitable Within A Decade

    Sea ice itself doesn't add to sea levels because it is already floating in the water and taking up space, similar to melting ice in a glass of water doesn't raise the liquid level - try it at home if you don't believe me - but methane gas trapped in ...


  • VIMS study confirms sea levels are rising on the East Coast

    A new study by emeritus professor John Boon of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary, shows that the rate of sea-level rise is increasing at tidal stations along the Atlantic coast of North America, including those in ...


  • Florida Experts To Obama And Romney: Sea Level Rise 'Must Be Considered ...

    by Katie Valentine. Sea level rise is threatening Florida's coastlines and straining its economy, and Floridians want to know what the presidential candidates will do about it.


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