Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rising sea levels glacier size

  • World's glaciers have new size estimate

    The relatively small glaciers that drape the planet's mountains will play an important role in future sea level rise, according to a new study that estimated glaciers' collective size. Researchers calculated the ice thickness for 171,000 glaciers ...


  • Research observes sea level change with new method

    Water changes like thermal expansion, changes in ocean circulation and differing glacial sizes cause long-term variations in sea level, she said. Geographical changes in sea level, such as the local uplift of the Earth's crust when huge masses of ice ...


  • Why Sea Levels Fell, Only to Rise Again

    The size of the decrease did surprise Boening and Church, however, and will help researchers better recognize the temporary changes in sea level that increased land-bound rainfall can render. As Church said, rainfall returns to the sea rather quickly ...


  • Discovering an 'unknown' risk to sea level rise

    This could mean, in principle anyway, that the extra CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels could make glaciers fragment more easily, and not just melt more quickly. And that could accelerate sea level rise, endangering people ...


  • Irreversible Sea Level Rise to Continue for Thousands of Years

    The researchers found in all of their scenarios that the Greenland ice sheet was responsible for more than half of the sea level rise seen, with thermal expansion of the oceans as the second highest contributor, and the glaciers and ice making up only ...


  • Why Greenland's record ice-melt matters

    The second largest block of freshwater ice on the planet melted more this year than ever before, contributing to rising sea levels and even possibly the weather. Tom Clarke sets sail to check it out. Please wait while this video loads. If it doesn't ...


  • WHY IT MATTERS: Issues at stake in election

    Sea levels are rising while glaciers and summer Arctic sea ice are shrinking. Plants are blooming earlier. Some species could die ... State budget cuts have meant teacher layoffs and larger class sizes. Colleges have had to make do with less. It all ...


  • Operation IceBridge resumes Antarctic flights

    These flights will gather data on what lies beneath these ice streams, something vital for understanding how changing conditions might affect the flow of ice into the ocean and sea-level rise. "We have added surveys of ice streams flowing into the ...


  • NASA's Operation IceBridge Resumes Flights Over Antarctica

    The first science flight of the campaign began Friday at 8 a.m. EDT when NASA's DC-8 research aircraft left Punta Arenas, Chile, for an 11-hour flight that will take it over the Thwaites Glacier in west Antarctica. This year, IceBridge will survey ...


  • A New Variation on Noah's Ark

    Biblical-like flooding recently ravaging Queensland, Australia, along with globally rising sea levels and growing glacier melting, inspired Russian architect Alexander Remizov to prepare for forthcoming catastrophes. He has designed a prefabricated ...


  • 2012 Saw Warmest September On Record Across The Globe, Says NOAA

    Studies have shown that manmade global warming is the cause of the majority of sea ice loss that has occurred since the beginning of the satellite record in 1979.


  • Antarctic Sea Ice Growth Pales In Comparison To Arctic Losses

    While the Arctic is open ocean encircled by land, the Antarctic - about 1.5 times the size of the U.S. - is land circled by ocean, leaving more room for sea ice to spread. That geography makes a dramatic difference in the two polar climates. The ...


  • Climate Change To Shrink Fish By 2050 As Oceans Warm

    Average maximum body weights for 600 types of marine fish, such as cod, plaice, halibut and flounder, would contract by 14-24 percent by 2050 from 2000 under a scenario of a quick rise in greenhouse gas emissions, it said. "The reductions in body size ...


  • Climate and the Oceans

    Therefore, any such freshwater reservoir will not diminish in size or volume by any seawater intrusion, it will just become raised.


  • First Oil Nears for Kazakhstan's Supergiant Field

    Print. Single Page. Font Sizes. The manmade islands that are home to Kazakhstan's mammoth Kashagan oilfield project rise like a mirage to the boats churning through the shallow waters of the Caspian Sea. Creating them has been a gargantuan feat but the ...


  • First oil beckons for giant Kazakhstan field after a decade of work, over ...

    Published October 18, 2012. Associated Press. KASHAGAN OILFIELD, Kazakhstan - The manmade islands that are home to Kazakhstan's mammoth Kashagan oilfield project rise like a mirage to the boats churning through the shallow waters of the Caspian Sea ...


  • Warming World Affects Fishing Future

    With sea levels rising from melting glaciers their water table has become too saline to drink. A drought has them in dire straights.


  • Research intensifies over rapidly melting Arctic ice

    This summer, a Japanese research team on a field survey allowed me to accompany them over a glacier, where melting ice created channels with torrents of water heading toward the ocean.


  • Be inspired by New Zealand landmarks

    Will you opt for a visit to the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, sign up to a guided nature walk or elect to join a cruise amid the icebergs on the Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake? This is not only a wonderfully ... In a country roughly the same size as ...


  • Alaska scientist who found drowning polar bears committed wrong-doing ...

    Monnett's observations of polar bears drowning in the Beaufort Sea, first published in the journal Polar Biology, became a clarion call for environmentalists looking to thwart offshore oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean, where sea ice is melting at ...


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