Thursday, October 11, 2012

Real life meth trade breaking bad

  • Real-life meth trade is cracked by 'Breaking Bad'

    ... ''Breaking Bad'' (whose final eight episodes air next summer) is as closely guarded by the show's producers as any undercover drug ring's trade secrets. But maybe one way to crack how the series might conclude is to follow news about the all-too ...

  • Is Breaking Bad Racist?

    Actually, in Breaking Bad--as in real life--Mexican drug cartels are already using college graduates to produce meth in industrial-scale superlabs. They're not waiting around for the white guys; they know how to cook meth scientifically. Walt made a ...

  • Breaking Bad returns for its final season

    The adjectives one might employ to describe the newly empowered and increasingly remorseless character Walter White on Breaking Bad simply aren't printable in a family newspaper. Let's just say that if he were your enemy, he would be your worst ...

  • Shame On 'Breaking Amish'

    Soon, Rebecca will trade laundry, outhouses, and floor-skimming dresses for strip clubs, jeans, and bars, in the ultimate devil's playground, New York City.

  • 2012 Emmys Recap: Homeland Secures Best Drama, Modern Family Top ...

    I'm one of those troublesome Brits, apologies," the sinister-on-TV, super-charming-in-real-life thesp began, reminding us what Anglophiles we are when it comes to acceptance speeches.

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