Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paul ryan 2012

  • Pew Poll: Biden Is Viewed More Unfavorably Than Ryan

    Vice President Joe Biden (left) speaks during a campaign event in Asheville, N.C., on Oct. 2, 2012. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton) Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) speaks at the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance annual banquet Sept.

  • Paul Ryan, Joe Biden, Lara Logan, Stacey Dash, and Big Bird

    The issue is not even that his opponent Congressman Paul Ryan is an intellectual titan, who unlike many politicians, actually does know what he is talking about.

  • Paul Ryan Accuses Reporter of 'Trying to Stuff Words Into People's Mouths'

    As the GOP candidate for vice president in the November 6 national election, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan is interviewed by dozens of local and national reporters every day, and most of the discussions are straightforward and informative.

  • Paul Ryan Courts Veterans in Ohio

    SWANTON, Ohio -- With just 29 days to go until election day, Paul Ryan is trying to shore up every possible military vote, taking the opportunity in the Toledo area Monday to rebut efforts by President Obama's campaign to undermine support among veterans.

  • Kid Rock helps Paul Ryan, risks irking fans

    Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., right, is introduced by recording artist Kid Rock at a rally at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich.

  • Ryan: Biden is going to come 'flying' in debate

    6:01PM EST October 8. 2012 - GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan says he's ready for Joe Biden to come at him like a "cannonball" in their debate later this week.

  • VP Debate Prep: The Ryan Budget vs. The Obama Budget

    By selecting House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney reframed the 2012 presidential election as a contest between Ryan's 2013 proposed budget, which was adopted by the entire ...

  • Mitt Romney Misstates Paul Ryan's Debate History

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan talk almost daily while the two are on the campaign trail, but heading into Thursday's vice presidential debate it is clear the top of the ticket doesn't know much about his running mate's debate history.

  • Gun group urges Ryan to confront Biden on Fast and Furious

    "Just recently, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan - 'A' rated by Gun Owners of America -- became the 131st Representative to call for Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation," the alert reports.

  • Ryan brings policy details, but supplies Biden with a big target

    It will be a tall order for Paul Ryan to match the strong debate performance delivered by his ticket mate, Mitt Romney, last week in Denver.

  • On the Trail: October 10, 2012

    Paul Ryan, arrives in Danville, Kentucky one day before the vice presidential debate at Centre College. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama attends meetings at the White House, and Vice President Joe Biden remains in Delaware for debate preparation.

  • VP debates often more memorable

    As Vice President Biden and Republican Paul Ryan prepare to try and make their own history on Thursday night, let's take a look at the previous contests.

  • Biden's Mission Impossible: Stop Obama Free Fall With Ryan Debate

    ... Mission Impossible: Stop Obama Free Fall With Ryan Debate. by David Freedlander Oct 10, 2012 4:45 AM EDT ... A few months ago, Thursday's vice-presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden had all the anticipation of a Meet the Press face-off ...

  • Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan (R-WI) greet supporters during a homecoming campaign rally at the Waukesha County Expo Center on August 12, 2012 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Mitt Romney continues his four day bus tour a day after announcing his running mate, Rep.

  • Six things that Joe Biden, Paul Ryan must do in their VP debate

    Tuesday, for the first time in 2012, Romney and Ryan took the lead. "Obama didn't just hurt himself, he hurt the brand," said independent pollster John Zogby.

  • A Paul Ryan Two-fer

    If Ryan wins both his House seat this fall and voters elect Mitt Romney as president, Wisconsin will hold a special election to fill Ryan's House seat. If Ryan loses the national election, the Wisconsin Republican has the security of knowing he go back ...

  • Paul Ryan in Chicago, says Obama ducking economic record

    Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan accused President Barack Obama on Sunday of running a campaign based on distractions to avoid confronting his economic record and of promoting "stagnation that fosters dependency" rather than ...

  • Medicare and Seniors: Answering the $6400 Question

    Opponents to Medicare reform have been making plenty of erroneous claims about Medicare premium support lately, one of the worst being that Representative Paul Ryan's (R–WI) premium-support model, co-authored by Senator Ron Wyden (D–OR), would cost ...

  • Decision 2012: Presidential Debate Schedule

    Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan will debate foreign and domestic policy Thursday, Oct. 11 in Danville, Ky.

  • Paul Ryan plan not the weapon House Dems had expected

    While the national landscape has moved slightly in the Democrats' favor since Ryan was added to the GOP ticket - a selection that thrust his budget plan into the center of the 2012 campaign - they're still poised to fall well short of the 25 seats ...

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