Monday, October 15, 2012

  • Giant eyeball mystery solved

    The giant eyeball from Florida that captured the world's attention came from a swordfish, scientists reported today. They said straight-line slashes on the softball-sized orb suggest that it was freshly cut out of the fish's head by a fisherman and ...

  • Packed Italian court as captain in Concordia disaster hears evidence

    GROSSETO, Italy -- The captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship that crashed into an Italian reef appeared in court Monday to hear the evidence against him, while hundreds of passengers who survived the deadly shipwreck and the families of those who ...

  • 9/11 mastermind returns to Guantanamo court

    Updated at 2:30 p.m. ET: The man accused of masterminding the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, resulting in the deaths of 2,976 people, appeared before a military judge at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba on Monday after months of delays ...

  • UK signs deal on Scotland independence referendum

    LONDON -- British Prime Minister David Cameron and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond signed a deal Monday agreeing the date and wording of a referendum that will ask Scottish voters whether they want to remain in the 305-year-old union with England.

  • Pakistani girl shot by Taliban travels to UK for medical treatment

    Updated at 9:45 a.m. ET: LONDON -- The 14-year-old Pakistani girl shot and critically wounded by the Taliban for promoting education for girls and criticizing the militant group traveled to Britain on Monday for further medical treatment, officials said.

  • EU agrees on wider Iran sanctions over nuclear program

    LONDON -- The European Union on Monday increased economic and diplomatic pressure on Iran by ratcheting up sanctions put in place against the country's nuclear program.

  • Missing University of New Hampshire student was strangled or suffocated, judge ...

    Seth Mazzaglia, bottom center, is seen during his video arraignment from the Strafford County jail in Dover, N.H. to the district court in Dover on Monday.

  • Whether it's Obama or Romney, either will face huge obstacles on economy

    Nearly half of Americans think that no matter who is elected president -- President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney -- neither will have much of an effect on the U.S.

  • Softbank to buy 70 percent stake in Sprint -- sources

    UPDATED 10:15 a.m. EDT: Japanese mobile operator Softbank Corp said it will buy up to 70 percent in Sprint Nextel Corp, the third-largest U.S.

  • Hollywood movie premiere ends in clash between police and skateboarders

    In a video captured by a driver caught in the middle of the mayhem, skaters are seen vandalizing businesses and throwing bottles, as bystanders can be seen running - a melee that more than 100 Los Angeles police officers in riot gear were deployed to ...

  • Morgan Stanley sued by ACLU for alleged mortgage bias

    The American Civil Liberties Union sued Morgan Stanley on Monday, in what the group said is the first lawsuit against an investment bank alleging racial discrimination over packaging subprime mortgage loans into securities.

  • Leader of Mauritania treated after being shot by his own troops

    NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania -- The president of coup-prone Mauritania was flown to France for medical treatment on Sunday after officials said the Western ally against al-Qaida was accidentally shot by "jumpy" soldiers.

  • Two Americans win Nobel for work on matching different economic agents

    STOCKHOLM -- U.S. economists Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley won the 2012 economics Nobel prize on Monday for research on how to match different economic agents such as students for schools or even organ donors with patients.

  • Koch brothers to workers: Vote for Romney or 'suffer the consequences'

    In an email obtained exclusively by Up w/ Chris Hayes, the CEO of Florida-based software firm ASG asks his over 1,000 employees to vote for Mitt Romney for president, and suggests their jobs may be at stake if Romney doesn't win.

  • Report: Arizona Army National Guard recruiters hunted homeless with paintballs

    Military recruiters with the Arizona Army National Guard engaged in a pattern of systemic misbehavior over the past decade that included instances of sexual abuse, forgery, embezzlement and assaults, including riding in a Humvee and shooting paintball ...

  • Stocks open higher after upbeat retail sales report

    Stocks opened higher Monday on Wall Street after a strong report on retail sales. The Commerce Department said retail sales rose 1.1 percent last month after a 1.2 percent increase in August.

  • Candidate stand-ins step into their roles ahead of town hall presidential debate

    NBC News reports: With new national polls (Washington Post/ABC, Politico) showing a very close contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney, as well as tightening battleground-state internals that we've heard about, the stakes for tomorrow night's ...

  • Swiss army prepares for euro zone unrest

    With anti-austerity protests across Europe resulting in civil unrest on the streets of Athens and Madrid, Switzerland -- the European country famed for its neutrality -- is taking unusual precautions.

  • Photographer seeks hopeful 'Visions of Tomorrow' on frontiers of science

    Lasers fire at a fuel pellet inside a nuclear fusion experiment at the University of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics.

  • Reports: Alabama teen shot in the head during 'prank that went terribly wrong'

    An Alabama teen was shot in the head by a friend when a prank backfired, NBC station reported. Jesse Rainey, 15, and seven other teenage boys, were spending the weekend without adult supervision at a rural home in Tuscumbia, AL.

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