Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mitt romney

  • Voters Give Romney Better Grades for Leadership, Polls in 3 States Find

    WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney is seen by more voters in three battleground states as a strong leader after his dominant debate performance last week, but perceptions that the economy is improving remain a buttress for President Obama as the 2012 ...

  • Mitt Romney's Google problem is 'completely wrong'

    A Google Images search for the phrase "completely wrong" yields page after page of photos of the presidential candidate, calling to mind Google Bombs lobbed in the past against Rick Santorum, George W. Bush, and others.

  • Can Mitt Romney Play Both Sides of the Moderate-Conservative Divide?

    Mitt Romney may need a wingspan as wide as Big Bird's to house the big tent of contrary positions he's taken in this race.

  • Barack Obama's team hopes veep debate halts Mitt Romney's momentum

    DANVILLE, Ky. - Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan pull up a couple of chairs for a vice presidential debate that has mushroomed in importance since Mitt Romney's strong showing in the first presidential faceoff. This time, it's the Obama team ...

  • Mitt Romney: People Don't 'Die In Their Apartment Because They Don't Have ...

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has pledged to repeal Obamacare, says that people without health insurance don't have to worry about dying as a result.

  • Freeloading Muppets: Mitt Romney, the Conservative Right and Its Foreclosure ...

    During last week's presidential debate, which was lackluster to say the least, Mitt Romney finally unveiled some specifics as it relates to his economic plan to slash the deficit, taxes, and spending -- the "no reason to hope, the future will be grim ...

  • Before a Big Crowd in Ohio, Romney Glides on Debate's Lift

    There are even people out there, that's another county over there," Mitt Romney said as he surveyed a sea of supporters at the county fairgrounds here in western Ohio on Wednesday.

  • Mitt Romney's Adviser Confident About Immigration Lawsuit

    Kobach told Fox News Latino that the debate between President Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, over the president's program --which Romney said he will end if he assumes the presidency in January– likely will be "a moot issue by the ...

  • Mitt Romney Out of Touch with Latino Voters on Clean Energy and Health Issues

    With 12.2 million Latinos projected to vote in November, the race is on to capture Latino support in key battleground states. But even as Gov.

  • Mitt Romney and 'Friday Night Lights'

    The writer's thoughts on Eric and Tami Taylor were spot-on, but the part about Tim Riggins voting for Mitt Romney? No. Just no.

  • Mitt Romney Relying On Shrinking Pool Of White Males

    WASHINGTON, Oct 11 (Reuters) - With the race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tightening, the Republican needs one group more than any other to drive him to the White House: white men.

  • Mitt Romney the GOP Candidate vs. Romney the Nominee

    For 15 months, Mitt Romney has been out on the campaign trail giving speeches, interviews and debating his opponents. But as the months pile up, so too have the Republican candidate's statements on everything from taxes to immigration to abortion.

  • After Posing as Moderate on Abortion, Romney Goes Right on Contraception

    Mitt Romney managed to create a minor kerfuffle on Tuesday by issuing a spineless, wordy statement on abortion, which Will Saletan correctly pointed out was designed to make him seem moderate on the issue while not reneging on his intentions to move ...

  • Romney to stop citing Winchester SEAL meeting

    Mitt Romney will stop telling a story on the campaign trail of meeting Glen Doherty, the Winchester native and retired Navy SEAL who was killed last month in Libya, after Doherty's mother accused the Republican presidential nominee of attempting to use ...

  • Mitt Romney's Bain advisers aided China, Russia growth

    WASHINGTON - As Bain & Co. head in the early 1990s, Mitt Romney presided over the corporate strategy firm's expanding operations into China and Russia, helping their initial attempts to move into the world's free market system.

  • Mitt Romney's Bain & Company Timeline: Let's Get It Straight, Shall We?

    More to the point, one of the people who, "twenty years ago," put on a really good show of embracing these "modern mores" when it suited his purposes, was Mitt Romney. Once he had made his move from Bain & Company to Bain Capital, the notion of ...

  • Funny Or Die: Selma Blair Is The Only Woman Voting For Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

    Mitt Romney may not be the first presidential candidate that comes to mind when someone says "women's rights," but that doesn't mean there aren't women out there who would vote for him.

  • Romney seeks more assertive U.S. policy on China

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is promising to get tough on China to help American workers, but his plans could backfire.

  • Buzz Bissinger on Being Savaged by the Liberal Media After Backing Mitt Romney

    Last Monday I penned the most difficult opinion piece of my life. I wrote here that on the basis of the first presidential debate in Denver, in which Mitt Romney performed with stunning vigor and enthusiasm and President Obama performed with stunning ...

  • What Mitt Romney and Lance Armstrong Have In Common

    Mitt Romney's constant rewriting of his history and the story about Lance Armstrong's massive cheating scandal (see link below - New York Times, "Details of Doping Scheme Paint Armstrong as Leader") both demonstrate the truth of Mark Twain's quip: "Of ...

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