Thursday, October 25, 2012

Microsoft vs apple

  • Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad (4th gen) vs. Asus Transformer Infinity

    Seems like there's been a new tablet released almost every other day. While I'm excited the tablet market is showing no signs of slowing down, speaking strictly from a personal standpoint, I could use a break.

  • Tech Buzz: Apple vs Microsoft

    In case you've been living under a rock, Apple held a press event earlier this week where the Cupertino-based company introduced the new iPad mini and a fourth-generation iPad, together with new iMacs, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and ...

  • Gadget Slapdown - Google Chromebook Vs. Apple iPads

    Whether they run Microsoft (MSFT) Windows OS or Apple's Mac OSX, most of these offer higher processing power, especially as you get off the bottom tier of machines.

  • Microsoft Surface vs Apple's iPad Mini: Tablets Compared

    Surface weighs in at 1.5 pounds with a 10.6-inch screen, compared to Apple's iPad at 10.1-inch.The new Microsoft tablet will reportedly also have a battery that lasts all day, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and front and rear-facing 720p HD cameras are included.

  • Microsoft vs. Apple goes up another level

    We Americans love our rivalries. The Bears and the Packers. Yankees and the Red Sox. Ford and Chevy. Fox and MSNBC. These fierce competitions drive innovations and ingenuity as the contestants look to gain an edge.

  • Apple iPad Mini vs. Microsoft Surface: The Tale of Two Touchscreens

    It's the tale of two touchscreens this week as Microsoft and Apple go head-to-head launching their latest tablet devices.

  • Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad: What you need to know before buying a tablet

    Surface vs. Nexus," Gartenberg said. "It's the Microsoft ecosystem vs. the Google ecosystem vs. the Apple ecosystem." The tablet will come in at three price points, Microsoft said Tuesday: •$499 for a 32-gigabyte version of the tablet. •$599 for a 32GB ...

  • Apple iPad Mini vs. Microsoft Surface Tablet: Guess Who's Mum?

    In the newspaper's defense, the publication was covering the smaller, seven-inch tablet market - where the Apple iPad Mini will attempt to counter offerings from Google and Amazon.

  • Tablet World Series Game 2: Microsoft Surface vs. Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ ...

    After yesterday's win by ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 over Apple's full-sized iPad in the battle of 10-inchers, we turn to a fight between two rookies.

  • Windows 8's competition is Google first, Apple iPad second

    "One of the most important battles over the next year isn't Microsoft vs. the Apple and the iPad. It's Microsoft vs. Google in various markets. Can Microsoft win over OEMs?" said Cearley. "This is where the Surface comes into play. Microsoft is trying ...

  • Microsoft Surface With Windows RT vs. Apple iPad: Specs Compared

    But while Microsoft may have Apple in its sights, the new Surface with Windows RT is its own beast. When stacking the Surface against the iPad, the most direct comparison available is the 32GB Surface with Windows RT (available to pre-order for $499 ...

  • Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5: Why You Should Pick Nokia

    This includes handsets from Apple, Microsoft Windows and Blackberry. At the moment you can forget about RIM until their Blackberry 10 is released in 2013.

  • Microsoft Surface vs. Apple (APPL) iPad and iPad mini: Microsoft (MSFT ...

    They will run on ARM chips, the energy-efficient microprocessors that are in 95% of the world's smartphones and tablets, which means they won't be compatible with any software that runs on Windows 7 (or earlier) desktops except for Microsoft Office.

  • Windows 8 vs. iPad Mini: Smackdown of the Decade?

    There is probably no battle we will see that will better define the futures of the new post Steve Jobs Apple and Steve Ballmer's revitalized Microsoft than this week's dueling launches. Apple is defined as the company that focuses tightly and drives ...

  • Buy Google or Apple? The answer is simple

    Putting to rest the Google vs Apple debate by letting the numbers tell the story. By Andy M. Zaky, .... If you go back to 2005, Apple was the second smallest of the top-10 in tech reporting only 1/6th the net income of Microsoft - the then leader ...

  • Tablet war: iPad Mini vs. Microsoft Surface

    (NECN/AP) - Apple introduced a smaller iPad, as expected, but also updated its full-sized one. It also unveiled new Mac computers, including a 13-inch version of a MacBook Pro with sharper, "Retina" display and an iMac with a new type of storage drive.

  • Microsoft vs. Apple, Spotify, & Amazon: New XBox Music Service Coming

    Their upcoming music service is reportedly to compete directly with the likes of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL),, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), and Spotify.

  • Apps: Apple vs Android who really is in the lead?

    The remaining 15% is divided among Microsoft, Blackberry, and other phone providers. Apple has ... Despite the large number of developers favoring Apple's stricter environment, Apple only has 33% more installs than Android, at 30 Billion versus 20 Billion.

  • iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface, what we know so far

    Well as you know, Apple has now dished the dirt on the revamped version of the new iPad, the Apple iPad 4, and not too long away Microsoft will deliver their rival to the iPad in the form of the Microsoft Surface tablet , but the big question is can ...

  • Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad: Cooler Things we want to see in the Surface

    If the Surface tablet is all about beating archrival Apple at its own game, and taking over the tablet game, here's a few really cool features Microsoft could put into its brand new venture to make it a surefire iPad killer. Of course, it's not going ...

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