Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meningitis deaths

  • Fungal meningitis deaths climb to 14

    One case was reported in Idaho, making 11 states where cases have been reported, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

  • Lawmakers Focus on Small Drug Makers as Meningitis Death Toll Rises

    The number of people who have died in a national meningitis outbreak linked to injections of a contaminated drug rose to 11 on Tuesday as lawmakers called for a Congressional inquiry into pharmacies of the kind that made the medicine and new laws to ...

  • Husband Awaits Meningitis Test Results Following Wife's Death

    A Michigan man awaits the results of a meningitis test to see if he has contracted the same infection that has been tied to contaminated steroid injections that killed his wife.

  • Meningitis outbreak toll: 170 cases, 14 deaths

    By The Associated Press An outbreak of fungal meningitis has been linked to steroid shots for back pain. The medication, made by a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts, has been recalled.

  • Second fungal meningitis death confirmed in Florida

    (News-Press) -- The Florida Department of Health has confirmed that an 83-year old man in Marion County has died as a result of the fungal meningitis outbreak, which is the second fatality in the state. The man was injected with one of the contaminated ...

  • Meningitis Outbreak Death Toll Rises to 12, Deaths Reach Florida

    Twelve people have been confirmed dead by the meningitis outbreak linked to a steroid injection that was given across the country for joint and back pain, with Florida becoming the latest state to report a fatality.

  • UPDATE 2-US meningitis deaths rise, prompting calls for tighter drug rules

    Widening outbreak brings death toll to 11. * Lawmakers seek tighter regulation of compounding companies. * Some 13,000 people may have been exposed through injections.

  • Meningitis outbreak death toll rises to 12, with 121 cases reported

    The toll from the outbreak of fungal meningitis tied to contaminated steroid shots that has killed 12 people in the United States was expected to grow on Wednesday, raising pressure for stricter oversight of a largely unregulated corner of the ...

  • Meningitis Deaths Reach 11 as US Traces Tainted Steroid

    Including the deaths, there are 119 cases in 10 states of meningitis infection tied to a tainted steroid injection, the CDC said today on its website.

  • 12 deaths now linked to fungal meningitis; 137 cases

    An outbreak of fungal meningitis linked to steroid shots for back pain has now killed 12 people, with 137 confirmed cases, according to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Meningitis death toll rises to 6 in Tennessee

    NASHVILLE - The state's death toll from an outbreak of rare fungal meningitis has risen to six, Tennessee Department of Health officials said Tuesday.

  • Meningitis Deaths Now Total 12

    Florida officials confirmed Wednesday an elderly man is the 12th U.S. fatality from non-contagious fungal meningitis linked to injections of a tainted steroid.

  • Meningitis Cases, Deaths Up Again

    Another 18 cases of fungal meningitis have been identified in the past 24 hours, the CDC reported, and one more patient has died.

  • CDC leads fight against meningitis outbreak

    As of Wednesday afternoon, there were 137 cases and 12 deaths across 10 states. Tuesday's tally was 119 cases and 11 deaths. "This is a rapidly evolving situation," Jernigan said. This isn't your garden variety meningitis. Fungal meningitis is rare ...

  • Fungal meningitis deaths now at 11; 119 cases confirmed

    New Jersey has now reported its first meningitis case that may be linked to the contaminated injections. Tennessee continues to log the most victims, with 35 cases and four deaths. In Virginia, 23 cases have been confirmed, with one death. Michigan has ...

  • Meningitis deaths have reached 11

    MOBILE, Alabama - Eleven people have died so far from an outbreak of a rare non-contagious fungal meningitis, an inflammation of membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

  • Meningitis outbreak toll rises, now 137 cases, 12 deaths

    A laboratory technician packages cerebrospinal fluid of a confirmed meningitis case Tuesday at the Minnesota Department of Health in St. Paul.

  • Second case of fungal meningitis strikes in S. Jersey

    A second South Jersey resident is hospitalized with symptoms of the fungal meningitis that is now linked to 137 illnesses and 12 deaths nationwide, health officials said Wednesday. The 57-year-old man - like the 70-year-old man whose case was announced ...

  • Meningitis Death Toll Hits 11

    The number of identified cases in the fungal meningitis outbreak has reached 119, with 11 deaths in 10 states. The rising toll comes as elected officials are weighing in - three members of the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee have ...

  • The Meningitis Outbreak: What Can Compounding Pharmacies Do Next?

    But this year's meningitis deaths are by no means the first related human fatalities. In 2012, nine deaths in Alabama were traced to nutritional supplements from contaminated IVs.

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