Friday, October 12, 2012

Mark cuban

  • Mark Cuban Slams CEO's Anti-Obama Email

    In a tweet today, Cuban - the billionaire Mavericks owner and entrepreneur - said that CEO's shouldn't tell workers how to vote.

  • My Opinion On The Governor Romney Tax Plan

    Mohamed A. El-Erian. Central Banks Can't Inflate Market Prices Forever. Dr. Andrew Weil. Carbohydrate Density: A Better Guide To Weight Loss.

  • Mark Cuban Invests In Human Language Technology Firm LinguaSys

    "LinguaSys' unique entry into the world of human language technologies is transforming the way large enterprises can tap into stores of content across language boundaries and conduct global business," said Mark Cuban. "I pride myself on identifying ...

  • Feud: Mark Cuban Vs. Deron Williams

    Feud: Mark Cuban Vs. Deron Williams. by Paul Eide. Oct 12th, 2012. Share this story. Deron Williams was closer to becoming a Dallas Mav that most thought.

  • Mark Cuban says he's flattered he could have made a difference in Deron ...

    Then this week, it turned into being about how Mark Cuban skipped the free agency meeting with Williams to instead attend the taping of the television show "Shark Tank.

  • Dallas Mavericks preview: Mark Cuban reloads around Dirk Nowitzki—and sets ...

    The hope of owner Mark Cuban and the front office is that the Mavs' discipline and financial restraint, especially as the effects of the new collective bargaining agreement kick in, will yield another superstar to pair with Nowitzki.

  • D-Will: Mark Cuban could've helped

    Did Mark Cuban's role on "Shark Tank" cost the Dallas Mavericks a superstar to pair with Dirk Nowitzki? Deron Williams told New York reporters Monday that Cuban's absence from the Mavs' free-agency pitch to the All-Star point guard "of course" impacted ...

  • Mark Cuban responds to Deron Williams, says he's 'flattered' he could've ...

    Mark Cuban found the time in his very busy schedule to respond to Deron Williams. And if the Dallas Mavericks owner was at all interested in explaining why he skipped the most critical free-agent meeting to film a game show this past summer, he clearly ...

  • Mark Cuban responds to Deron Williams' Mavs pitch-meeting claim

    Point guard Deron Williams made it public that he chose the Brooklyn Nets over the Dallas Mavericks, his second choice, in part, because team owner Mark Cuban was not present when he met with coach Rick Carlisle and general manager Donnie Nelson.

  • Coop in Europe: Mark Cuban fires back at Deron Williams

    You knew Mark Cuban would return fire after Deron Williams' assertion Monday that Cuban's absence from his meeting with the Mavericks was the tipping point in his decision to remain with the Nets.

  • Mark Cuban might have cost Mavericks shot at Deron Williams

    Mark Cuban was too busy filming a reality show to meet with one of the five best point guards in the NBA. OK, OK รข?? there are commitments and whatnot that need to be factored in here.

  • D-Will: Mark Cuban wasn't around to answer my questions

    The Nets were never contestants on "Shark Tank," but they came out the big winners of Mark Cuban's game show. Deron Williams revealed Monday that Cuban's absence from his free-agent meeting in July helped clinch his decision to reject the Mavericks ...

  • Mark Cuban takes the low road…again

    Nobody's ever accused Mavericks owner Mark Cuban of being tactful. Or classy, or dignified, or humble, or…well, you get the picture.

  • Deron Williams and Mark Cuban Highlight NBA Preseason Drama

    It all started when The New York Times' Howard Beck found that Williams' decision to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets over inking a deal with the Dallas Mavericks in free agency came down to Cuban's actions. D-Will revealed to Beck that because the Mavs ...

  • Mark Cuban's absence from pitch meeting led Deron Williams to sign with Nets

    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a busy man—so busy, in fact, that he couldn't carve out time for Deron Williams.

  • Mark Cuban fires back at Deron Williams

    Lazy-load-image-gray. Christian Petersen - Getty Images. After Deron Williams said that Mark Cuban's absence from a free agency meeting played a role in his decision to spurn the Mavericks and stay with the Nets, Cuban fired back.

  • Mark Cuban no-show swayed Deron Williams

    Mark Cuban was too busy on the Los Angeles set of his TV show "Shark Tank" to come to a July meeting with then-free agent Deron Williams in New York, costing the Dallas Mavericks any chance of landing him, according to the Brooklyn Nets point guard.

  • Can We Talk About These Sketchy Sketchers Ads?

    Was that done to emphasize the fact that he is FEMININE LIKE A LADY? Who is this awful redshirt smirking nastily at him, anyway? Apparently, unbeknownst to me until I googled it, he's Mark Cuban, the owner of a basketball team. Of course. mark cuban ...

  • Deron Williams reveals that Mark Cuban snub helped seal decision to choose ...

    Deron Williams doesn't appreciate being stood up by Mark Cuban. The Nets never were contestants on "Shark Tank," but they came out the big winners of Mark Cuban's game show. Deron Williams, who rejected the Mavericks to re-sign with the Nets over the ...

  • Nets' Deron done talking about Cuban, Mavericks

    "I'm not gonna go back and forth with Mark Cuban," Williams said following practice. "Don't even ask me about Mark Cuban. "I'm not gonna any questions about the Dallas Mavericks or Mark Cuban for the rest of the year. Even when we go play Dallas or ...

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