Saturday, October 13, 2012

Linda mcmahon

  • Forced into the open, McMahon is defensive

    On appearances Democratic Senate candidate Chris Murphy has won his two debates with Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon because of his familiarity with issues, his being specific, and his greater articulateness. Despite her constant references ...

  • Linda McMahon And Chris Murphy Clash At UConn

    When the bell for round two rang Thursday evening, Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Chris Murphy began the pummeling again, turning their second debate of the U.S.

  • McMahon's WWE promotes bullying

    If anyone thinks that Linda McMahon's pro-wrestling is harmless entertainment, they should watch a full hour of it to see disgusting images of violence, trash talking, juvenile behavior, bad sportsmanship and sexual degrading treatment of women.

  • Murphy, McMahon meet in 2nd Conn. US Senate debate

    (AP) - Personal finances, voting records, women's health care and dueling economic plans - the four dominant issues in Connecticut's close U.S.

  • Voter ticket-splitting could determine next Senate

    FILE - In this Oct. 7, 2012, file photo U.S. Senate candidates for Connecticut, Republican Linda McMahon and Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.

  • Personal finances dominate Murphy-McMahon faceoff

    "And I hope the next three weeks of this campaign are spent talking about the real issue differences between Linda McMahon and I; the differences in our professional backgrounds, which I think is fair game, and not the kind of personal attacks we've ...

  • Linda McMahon Proposed Social Security "Sunset" At Tea Party Forum

    "Linda McMahon is committed to reforming entitlements without breaking the promises we've made to our seniors," said Todd Abrajano.

  • Wrestling Magnate Presses Attacks in Connecticut Senate Race

    Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Republican U.S. Senate contender Linda McMahon, a former professional wrestling executive who sometimes entered the ring, answered a plea to cease personal attacks with a renewed assault against Chris Murphy, her Democratic ...

  • Linda McMahon booed and snickered by pro-Murphy crowd in her second debate

    The evening started ominously for Linda McMahon, as she was greeted by Murphy supporters pretending to be "Millionaires for McMahon" chanting slogans like "Eat The Poor", "Harvard Not UConn" and "Save Our Yachts".

  • GOP Senate Candidate Tries To Deny Her Economic Plan's Big Tax Cut For The ...

    Linda McMahon, the former pro wrestling executive who is running (again) for Connecticut's open Senate seat, has proposed a plan that would provide a windfall in tax breaks to the rich and corporations, even as she pitches it as a big tax cut for the ...

  • Chris Murphy, Linda McMahon debate abortion, DOMA in US Senate race

    "We already know that Linda McMahon tends to tell the tea party one thing and social conservatives one thing and Connecticut voters something different," Murphy said.

  • McMahon, Murphy Spar in U.S. Senate Debate

    Former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon and U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy traded jobs plans and jabs in a debate Thursday at the University of Connecticut.

  • Repeat accusations at second McMahon, Murphy debate

    Storrs - U.S. Senate hopefuls Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy squared off Thursday on foreign policy, Bush-era tax cuts, personal finances and the plethora of "character assaults" in this year's race during the second of their four one-on-one debates.

  • DSCC hits McMahon on Social Security in new ad

    DSCC hits McMahon on Social Security in new ad. By Alexandra Jaffe - 10/11/12 09:00 AM ET. Tweet. Democrats are attacking Republican candidate Linda McMahon on Medicare in the race for Senate in Connecticut, with a new ad launched on Thursday.

  • Linda McMahon Faces Heat For Blunt Amendment Support

    WASHINGTON -- Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon brought in two moderate Republican senators on Saturday for a rally to help win over female voters in her race against Rep. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.

  • Linda McMahon loses conservative endorsement after changing DOMA stance

    By Mary E. O'Leary, Register Staff. Peter Wolfgang, director of the conservative Family Institute of Connecticut, has taken back his endorsement of Republican U.S.

  • McMahon, Murphy trade blows over negative ads, personal finances during debate

    The second debate between Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Chris Murphy was held at the University of Connecticut and televised by Fox News.

  • Murphy, McMahon square off in second Connecticut Senate debate

    Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Chris Murphy engaged in the second United States Senate debate Thursday night at the University of Connecticut.

  • McMahon and Murphy Trade Attacks

    Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Chris Murphy faced off in their second debate, Thursday night. The candidates talked about health care, Afghanistan and the economy.

  • McMahon criticized in new National Democratic Committee ad

    "Linda McMahon doesn't need any of the benefits like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. She is a multi-millionaire," an older man says.

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