Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspiring videos

  • TEDxBuffalo inspires

    The second TEDxBuffalo event occupied the Montante Center at Canisius College on Tuesday, inspiring the 100 seleted participants.

  • 20 Inspiring, Beautifully Crafted Videos on Vimeo

    Look no further than the awe-inspiring videos on Vimeo. While YouTube is home to aspiring comedians and makeup experts, Vimeo is the video-sharing service favored among storytellers and cinematographers.

  • One Stop Shop for Election Coverage Videos

    It's like a single subject Netflix - and one you can't really afford to miss. Comcast's Xfinity TV has created Election Central, a site that features an array of essential video content every voter should watch before heading to the polls next month ...

  • Foo Fighters, Neil Young and Crazy Horse put on an inspiring performance to ...

    Following a few speeches and a video from Beyonce, Somali-Canadian rapper/singer K'Naan kicked off the performances with a loud, inspiring three-song set that should have lasted much longer. He ended with "Waving Flag," his refugee anthem that Mitt ...

  • 5 Inspiring Videos That Will Improve Your Life

    Although you might disagree with Louis' positive perception of the state of the world, it is true that we've all became a bunch of grumbling, miserable bastards, and so to remind you that there is still good on our wacky little planet, here are 5 ...

  • Tisha UnArmed's Inspiring Everyday Life: No Arms? No Problem

    And even though she starts every one of her videos by pointing out "And I have no arms!," her cheer, determination, and sense of humor are what takes center stage.

  • 25 Sports Videos That Will Make You Laugh

    One of the reasons we love sports—as competitors, as spectators, as fans—is that you can experience the entire range of human emotions.

  • 3 Must-Watch TED Talks for Inspiring, Motivating, and Leading Employees

    Interesting though the videos may be, rarely does a manager have 25 minutes to spare for something that doesn't directly tie into their day-to-day.

  • With Help From His Fans, LGBT & Billboard Recording Artist And Youtube Video ...

    ... his fans to be a part of the message. Over the past few months, dozens of fans submitted home movies with their messages of change and those are featured in the videos grand finale, which was directed by Robert Bottoms and produced by Area 149 ...

  • Tom and Jerry Cartoon: Classical musician's inspiration

    Inspiring people to create their own master crafts may it be dance or film. Cartoons, a strange medium for the classical to show up in but it did in the early stages of this form of comedy and even today classical music surfaces in the odd cartoon here ...

  • Eyal Goldshmid: 2nd computer needed to get rid of virus

    This emotional site collects those human interest stories and presents them for all to see, from inspiring videos to touching photo collages to insightful essays and much more.

  • Injured vet's inspiring love story goes viral in 22 photos

    ... the grandparents, aunts and uncles, all the friends and family, just to keep them informed. it was like a day-to-day updated thing, sometimes twice a day, and so we started that, and we had all of our pictures, all of our videos, and so i guess he ...

  • John Dudley: Sometimes inspirational Rudy is inspired, too

    "There's a deep appreciation factor for (Notre Dame) here," he said, "a true gratitude." As Rudy the brand, Ruettiger has becoming a multinational force with a big website offering inspirational products, including videos and posters. He was scheduled ...

  • Why people in office should watch kitten videos

    Looking at cute images of baby animals may improve your work performance, inspiring more fine-tuned attention and careful behaviour, a new study by researchers in Japan has revealed.

  • Innovators brainstorm at TEDxBuffalo

    Business; Innovators brainstorm at TEDxBuffalo. Amateur astronomer Alan Friedman, speaking at TEDxBuffalo on Tuesday, hopes the popularity of his photograph of the sun inspires others to get off their couches and into their backyards. Published: 10/9 ...

  • Reinventing education with video — Angela Lin

    Take Sal Khan, a gifted teacher, and one of 2011's most inspiring TED speakers. Sal has digested dense textbook material into deceptively simple educational videos, gaining well over 100 million views from students around the world. Along with bringing ...

  • Gordo the Shih Tzu's Inspiring Story

    Follow Gordo's progress and watch the videos of this adorable pooch featured on his Facebook page. Stay tuned for further updates!

  • Documentary Featuring Local Artist Premiers Oct. 12-18

    Beauty Is Embarrassing, the funny, irreverent, joyful and inspiring documentary featuring the life and current times of one of America's artists and Chattanooga home boy, Wayne White, premieres in Chattanooga Friday, with personal appearances by Mr ...

  • Gay billboard artist Matt Zarley releases inspiring new music video

    ... resounding message of courage and self-acceptance. Chicago, IL - Broadway veteran, songwriter, Billboard dance sensation and 2002 People Magazine's "Hottest Bachelor" Matt Zarley released his latest music video, "Change Begins With Me", an ...

  • Watching kitten videos at office may help boost work performance

    Washington, October 1 (ANI): Looking at cute images of baby animals may improve your work performance, inspiring more fine-tuned attention and careful behaviour, a new study by researchers in Japan has revealed.

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