Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hotel transylvania movie

  • The top films at the North American box office

    Sony Corp's movie studio released "Looper," "Hotel Transylvania" and "Here Comes the Boom.

  • Review – Hotel Transylvania

    Considering that I don't spend much of my time watching children's movies, Hotel Transylvania was a fantastic little gem of entertainment.

  • Hotel Transylvania – The Bleeding Cool Review

    Hotel Transylvania opened yesterday in the UK. Jet lag meant this review, by Dominic Frisby, was scheduled badly. Oops. Still, here's Dominic's take on this as a man who spends a lot of time, and energy, on wrangling his young kids in the cinema.

  • 'Hotel Transylvania' sets Sept. box office record

    (Courtesy of Sony Pictures Animation) "Hotel Transylvania," the animated monster movie starring the voice of Adam Sandler, set a record for earnings in September by making $43 million at this weekend's box office.

  • Review: 'Hotel Transylvania' Is Enjoyable, Sappy Fluff

    Hotel Transylvania is an unrestrained, unabashed kids movie. Even with all the classic monsters involved, director Genndy Tartakovsky has no interest in joining this year's ParaNorman in being unafraid to scare a few kids.

  • Thriller "Taken 2" earns second box office win

    The movie stars Ethan Hawke as a crime novelist who moves into a new house and finds disturbing home movies. It was produced by Jason Blum, producer of the hit "Paranormal Activity" series of horror flicks.

  • 'Frankenweenie': Darker than 'Hotel Transylvania' but fun for older kids

    It was definitely darker than "Hotel Transylvania," although not violent or super scary. (Yes, the dog dies and ... The movie is an homage to many other scary/horror/suspense movies with many references that kids probably won't get but the parents will ...

  • MOVIE REVIEWS - Hotel Transylvania

    Set in a leafy corner of Romania, Genndy Tartakovsky's lively romp imagines the Prince of Darkness as an overly protective father who has spent 118 years filling his daughter's head with horror stories about vicious humans.

  • Review - Hotel Transylvania

    An over protective Dracula builds a special hotel for his blood sucking daughter in the wake of her mothers death, far from the cruel and mob forming human sorts.

  • Watch This, Not That: Frankenweenie vs. Hotel Transylvania

    If the box office is to believed, Frankenweenie is a disappointing dud and Hotel Transylvania is a real crowd-pleaser. In the words of the great Joe Biden, that's malarkey.

  • Hotel Transylvania

    Eye-catching animation and non-stop jokes make this animated monster movie a lot more fun than we expect. It's packed with gross-out gags that will keep kids laughing, plus clever character-based humour for the grown-ups.

  • 'Hotel Transylvania' Review - It's Where The Belmonts Summer

    Based on the movie of the same name, Hotel Transylvania puts players in the role of Mavis, Dracula's daughter, on her 118th birthday.

  • Selena Gomez's Post-'Hotel Transylvania' To-Do List: Thrillers And New Music!

    This week Selena Gomez voices a starring role in the animated flick, "Hotel Transylvania." While the film keeps Gomez's cinema feet firmly planted in family-friendly films, the singer/actress is working on a number of other more mature projects in her ...

  • Movie review: 'Hotel Transylvania' a monster mash-up

    For the movie as a whole, there is a different complicating factor, a clash between the character animation and the storytelling style.

  • Hotel Transylvania is a sweet-hearted cartoon comedy in time for Halloween

    Film review: Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez lend their voices to monster-themed Hotel Transylvania- a cartoon comedy that will keep the most attention-deficit junior hooked throughout.

  • Neck Bolts And Fangs: How Animation For Kids Could Breed The Next Horror Fans

    From the start, Genndy Tartakovsky's star-studded spoof Hotel Transylvania broke the box office with its conglomeration of Universal movie monsters and mythological beasts. Last week brought one more kid-targeted cartoon focused on this odd nostalgia, ...

  • Hotel Transylvania Review – Loud, Annoying and Dull

    Before I say any more, I must add that if you're over ten, your enjoyment of this movie will be entirely dependent on your feelings towards the producer and star - Sandler.

  • 'Hotel Transylvania' scares up big bucks at theaters

    2012 - The animated family film Hotel Transylvania provided a jolt at the box office this weekend, leading all films with a surprisingly strong debut.

  • Movie Roundup: Seth MacFarlane to Host Oscars, 'Hotel Transylvania' Rules ...

    (Getty Images) And Selena Gomez voiced Dracula's daughter in Hotel Transylvania, helping it win the weekend's box office.

  • 'Hotel Transylvania' Proves the Movie Box Office Isn't Dead

    September isn't traditionally a great month for movies. Up until this weekend, the reigning September film was Sweet Home Alabama with America's sweetheart Reese Witherspoon.

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