Wednesday, October 24, 2012


  • School yoga classes under fire

    "There's a deep concern that the Encinitas Union School District is using taxpayer resources to promote Ashtanga yoga and Hinduism, a religion system of beliefs and practices," the parents' attorney, Dean Broyles, told the North County Times. In an Oct ...

  • Arizona church: Text and tweet during services

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  • Hindus Welcome Completion Of Long-Delayed Berlin Holocaust Memorial For ...

    Hindus have welcomed the completion of the Berlin Holocaust memorial for Roma (Gypsies) and Sinti people, which is being inaugurated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on October 24.

  • So Many Monkeys, So Little Time

    Complicated, populous, and whimsical, the Ramayana is one of the two epic literary cornerstones of Hinduism, often compared to the Odyssey and Iliad.

  • Author Deepak Chopra: Don't lose faith

    hinduism, darkness of hindu dark ages, Way of hindu ignorant Chopra. October 21, 2012 at 9:29 pm | Report abuse | Reply. lamb of dog.

  • Happy Dussehra (VijayaDasami) – October 2012

    Happy Dussehra (VijayaDasami) - October 2012. Happy Dussehra - VijayaDashami 2012. Happy Dussehra - VijayaDashami 2012. Dussehra, also known as Vijaya Dashami, is a major celebration in Hinduism and followed by Hindus all around the globe.

  • Hindus laud Encinitas Union School District in California for launching yoga

    Hindus have commended Encinitas Union School District in California (USA) for introducing yoga and have urged all school districts in USA to do the same for their pupils.

  • Hindus Laud Bhutan Government For Supporting Durga-Puja

    Hindus have commended Bhutan Government for supporting annual nine-day Durga Puja celebrations in capital and largest city Thimpu, currently underway till October 24.

  • For this Singh, Khan is king

    Singh's efforts have become even more important since many Pakistani Hindus have sought citizenship in India in recent times alleging persecution.

  • Hindus unjustly blamed for violation of free speech rights

    During the years the Ram Janmabhoomi movement gained momentum, Hindus continued to be the target of politicians who had scant regard for free speech rights.

  • Hindus celebrate festival of 'good over evil'

    Area Hindus on Oct. 16 will begin celebrating Navaratri, their nine-day festival focusing on the triumph of good over evil.

  • Muslim faithful converge for 2012 Hajj

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  • Hindus 'Cautiously' Welcome Ramayana Stage Production in Seattle

    Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, said that Ramayana was a highly revered scripture of Hinduism. Hindus welcomed attempt of renowned theater group like ACT (A Contemporary Theatre) and others to showcase Ramayana on ...

  • Hindus Congratulate Luxembourg's Royal Couple On Their Wedding

    Hindus have congratulated Luxembourg's Crown Prince Guillaume and Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy on their wedding.

  • Hindus, Buddhists & Jews Seek Investigation into Racism in South Africa Schools

    (CHAKRA) In view of the reported incidents of racism in Boksburg (Gauteng) school, Hindus-Jews-Buddhists have asked for nationwide investigation into the prevalence of racism in South Africa schools.

  • Historicising Hinduism from Vedic period

    For the iconoclasts of India, the idols that the conformists worship are the true images of the transcendental Absolute. There were many cults and many manifestations of gods, worshipped by various strata of the society.

  • Is Sanskrit (In)dispensable for Hindu Liturgy?

    Another good question that Hindus, especially North American diasporic Hindus, ought to ask themselves concerns the indispensability of Sanskrit for Hindu ritual and prayers, basically for Hindu liturgy.

  • Hindus Welcome Celebration Of Ganesh-Chaturthi At US Air Force Academy

    Hindus have applauded U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) for celebrating Ganesh-Chaturthi at its Colorado Springs (Colorado) campus.

  • Gods, heroes, lust and loyalty: ACT Theatre bravely and successfully tackles ...

    But overall, what shines through this "Ramayana" is a deep understanding of the philosophy of Hinduism: inescapable fate, and honoring duty and promises before self.

  • Hindu Holiday Season 2012: A Simple Guide

    Due to the various sects of Hinduism and the range of geographical and cultural traditions, Hindu Holidays are celebrated differently throughout the country.

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