Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glaciers size estimate

  • World's glaciers have new size estimate

    The relatively small glaciers that drape the planet's mountains will play an important role in future sea level rise, according to a new study that estimated glaciers' collective size. Researchers calculated the ice thickness for 171,000 glaciers ...


  • 4 Billion Year Old, Extremely Valuable Meteorite Used As Doorstop By ...

    The rock is estimated to be more than 4 and a half billion years old. In addition to being extremely rare, meteorites of this size are also valuable. In an October auction, cosmic rocks for sale had price tags ranging from the tens to hundreds of ...


  • Water: Source Of International Conflict And Weapon Of War – Analysis

    Agriculture today obviously consumes more than 70 percent of global water use and the bigger size of middle income family in emerging economies in future will make greater demand for meat, fruits and vegetable production.


  • Middleton-Cross Plains School District tries again with Nov. 6 referendum

    Marshall: $1.5 million over the next three years to maintain class sizes, improve technology and other maintenance and improvement projects.


  • First oil nears for Kazakhstan's supergiant field

    Yet developing a remote offshore site half the size of Delaware that is blighted by weather ranging from blazing to glacial has proved difficult. The northern ... "(But) every single placement of rock was done with GPS control" to calculate depth and ...


  • WHY IT MATTERS: Issues at stake in election

    The size and shape of the defense budget go a long way toward determining whether the U.S. can influence events abroad, prevent new wars and be ready for those it can't avoid.


  • Why Greenland's record ice-melt matters

    It's a continuous sheet of ice around six times the size of the UK and nearly two miles deep in places. After Antarctica, it is ... A single iceberg that floated away from the glacier this summer contained an estimated 1 million cubic metres of ice ...


  • Peruvian innovators trying to save disappearing glaciers

    The skiers raced down the glistening white Pastoruri glacier, whose broad white ramp unfurled from 2,000 feet above nearly all the way to this dusty lot.


  • Spitfire WWII Fighter Planes In Myanmar Excavation Could Flood Vintage Plane ...

    We estimate that there are at least 60 Spitfires buried and they are in good condition," Htoo Htoo Zaw said Wednesday.


  • Louisville Zoo's sea eagle arctic exhibit finally taking shape

    After a lengthy delay, work is proceeding on the final elements of the Louisville Zoo's arctic-themed Glacier Run exhibit -- a large aviary to house two Steller's sea eagles set to open around Thanksgiving and a snowy owl exhibit tentatively to be ...


  • Russian Geoglyph: Elk-Shaped Design Found In Ural Mountains, May Predate ...

    Excluding the possible tail, the animal stretches for about 900 feet (275 meters) at its farthest points (northwest to southeast), the researchers estimate, equivalent to two American football fields. The figure faces north and would have been visible ...


  • 'Iron Man' Buddhist Statue With Nazi Past Found To Have Been Carved From ...

    This space Buddha, also known as "iron man" to the researchers, is of unknown age, though the best estimates date the statue to sometime between the eighth and 10th centuries.


  • Research observes sea level change with new method

    Water changes like thermal expansion, changes in ocean circulation and differing glacial sizes cause long-term variations in sea level, she said.


  • Research intensifies over rapidly melting Arctic ice

    This summer, a Japanese research team on a field survey allowed me to accompany them over a glacier, where melting ice created channels with torrents of water heading toward the ocean.


  • Xenon, Noble Gas Missing From Earth Atmosphere, May Be 'Hiding' In Minerals

    Researchers have hypothesized that the element is lurking in glaciers, minerals or Earth's core, among other places. "Scientists always said the xenon is not really missing.


  • Top Predator on the Plains: Wolf, Bear or Human?

    Archaeologists estimate that humans killed up to 200,000 bison a year in Montana using this method, whereas wolves only killed 25,000.


  • Highland Resources Intersects 20.5 Meters of 2.24% Cu at the Keweenaw ...

    Mineralization comes to the bedrock surface and is covered by 3 to 30 meters of glacial deposits. "The alteration and mineralization intersected by Highland are identical to the available historic core and we are encouraged that the ... Highland's ...


  • Alaska scientist who found drowning polar bears committed wrong-doing ...

    But the IG pointed out, if Monnett and Gleason had followed their extrapolation model instead of suppressing it, the number of estimated bear fatalities could have been higher. So why keep the estimate low? "We didn't want somebody to go ... Quite a ...


  • Pod Rods: a wild baby carriage ride, a very low car; and lots of SEMA stuff

    These included Al Fresco, a silver metallic with fresh green tint; Victoria Grey, a classic grey with an iridescent highlight of gold metal; Opulence, a refined red pearl with intense jewel tone; Glacier, an icy graphite grey with a slight violet blue ...


  • Alaska's estate: Despite complaints, Alaska received a generous land grant

    The committee extended it explicitly to Alaska, and, since the future state had coastline of 6,640 statute miles, it added an estimated 35 to 45 million acres to its land grant. Lastly, the committee agreed that the enabling bill was not ... In Alaska ...


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