Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gay parenting

  • Dan Savage hosts LGBT bullying special

    Tonight, gay parent and columnist Dan Savage will host "It Gets Better," a LGBT bullying special. Scheduled to air on MTV and LOGO at 11 p.m.


  • LDS leader's remarks on same-sex parenting draw criticism

    SALT LAKE CITY - Remarks by a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on everything from abortion to single moms and same-sex parents are generating criticism. Some are calling Elder Dallin H. Oaks' comments "hurtful." ...


  • Rupert Everett Slams Gay Parents; GLAAD Fires Back

    But the English actor raised the ire of some advocacy groups when he offered up his opinion on gay parenting. Zachary Quinto confirms he's dating Glee's Jonathan Groff.


  • Rupert Everett Gay Parenting Comments Bring Death Threats

    "Since Everett shared his outdated opinion, gay parents, as well as their friends and families, have voiced overwhelming disappointment," said Graddick.


  • I was raised by a same-sex couple

    At 27, I finally feel like I can really reflect on how having same-sex parents has affected my life. I've had a busy past couple of years -- moving to Boston, completing my master's degree in elementary and special education, getting married, and ...


  • Same-sex parenting: A response

    In her piece, ominously entitled "Understanding gay parenting: research or romanticism?" Dr. Samuel grappled with what she claimed was a critically important question of our time: whether research about the "effects" of parenting by same-sex couples on ...


  • Helping a Child to Come Out

    Ms. Kahn added, "I've heard many parents who have said, 'I knew my son was gay, I heard my daughter was a lesbian, and I just was waiting' " for what she called the "Mom, Dad: I have something to tell you" conversation.


  • Rupert Everett backpedals on gay parenting comments

    Last week-end, gay actor Rupert Everett shared his LGBT parenting views with the U.K's Sunday Times, expressing that "I can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads." However, it appears that Everett recognized his "foot in mouth ...


  • NY group sets up fund to support gay parents

    Men Having Babies, Inc., a New York-based non-profit, is offering grants to help needy gays become parents. So far three Connecticut surrogacy agencies and one Indian agency have ponied up US$40,000.


  • Understanding gay parenting: research or romanticism?

    In the firestorm that followed the publication of the NFSS, I reflected a lot about the role of descriptive academic research in the gay parenting debate. So far, much of the debate has appealed to normative principles of justice, fairness, equality ...


  • Witherspoon Institute's gay-parenting study questioned

    A recent study funded by the Princeton-based Witherspoon Institute questioning the success of same-sex parenting has drawn scrutiny from gay rights activists and scholars.


  • The Most Talked About Gay Stories This Week

    Everett told The Telegraph that he received hate mail and death threats after his comments on gay parenting, but that doesn't seem to have silenced the "My Best Friend's Wedding" star.


  • California outlaws gay-to-straight therapies

    This past week-end, California set a precedent, becoming the only state to outlaw gay-to-straight therapy for minors. According to the American Psychiatric Association, these types of reparative therapies (a.


  • Academic Outrage over Politically Incorrect Gay Parenting Study

    Interestingly, the study contradicted various studies and claims in recent years that children reared by gay or lesbian parents turned out, as adults, to be just as well-adjusted (and perhaps better-adjusted) than adults who as children were reared by ...


  • NOM's New Anti-Gay Ad Suggests Gay Parents More Likely To Abuse Kids

    A new radio ad produced by NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, advertises the flawed anti-gay parenting "study" created by Mark Regnerus and the conservative Witherspoon Institute, and uses that carefully fabricated "research" to suggest gay ...


  • Jenet Jacob Erickson: Debate over gay parents needs more honest inquiry

    The picture revealed is dramatically different from the oft-cited conclusion that children of lesbian or gay parents do not differ from children raised in married biological families.


  • California Bans Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

    But opponents of the Lieu bill had denounced it as infringing on parents' rights. "Your bill will turn California into a nanny state by usurping the civil rights of parents who support their child's right to receive therapy for unwanted same-sex ...


  • New evidence raises more questions about controversial parenting study

    When University of Texas professor Mark Regnerus released a study this summer portraying gay parents in a negative light, he insisted that the conservative funders who backed the research had no involvement in how it was designed, implemented, ...


  • Allison Scollar, New York Adoptive Mother, Wins Full Custody Over Birth Parent ...

    The move comes at a time when same-sex parenting continues to be a divisive issue, both culturally and politically. In June, sociologist Mark Regnerus published a study which claimed to find disadvantages for children raised by same-sex parents, though ...


  • Tom McMillin, Michigan State Representative, Implies That Being Gay Is A Choice

    The American Family Association evangelist sounded off on a controversial study about gay parenting, which claimed to find disadvantages for children raised by same-sex parents. Fischer spoke about the study on his "Focal Point" talk show, labeling ...


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