Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gay marriage

  • Voters set to decide on gay marriage in four states

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Nathan Meyer calls voters who are undecided about same-sex marriage, he talks about his parents' marriage and how he sees it as a model for what he hopes to have -- before he mentions that he and his boyfriend plan to one ...


  • Gay marriage advocates see best chance for first U.S. ballot wins

    About half of Americans say gay marriage should be legal, according to national polls. A June 28-July 9 poll by the Washington-based Pew Research Center found that 48 percent of Americans favor same-sex marriage, with 44 percent opposed. That's a ...


  • Getting To Yes On Gay Marriage, One Voter At A Time

    Rion Tucker is covering a lot of ground in his home state of Maine these days. The 20-year-old is a canvasser for Equality Maine, and he's been knocking on lots of doors in an effort to make sure that voters in his state pass a ballot initiative in ...


  • Vote on Iowa justice seen as test for gay marriage

    Three years ago, Wiggins and his six colleagues ruled that the state's law banning gay marriage was unconstitutional, which made Iowa the third state to recognize same-sex unions and the first outside the coasts.


  • Gay marriage 'Nazis' and the disgrace of Lord Carey

    Lord Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury, doesn't like being called a bigot by supporters of gay marriage like Nick Clegg: "Remember the Jews in Nazi Germany," he told a Conservative rally, "What started against them was when they were called ...


  • 'Legalize Love Bug' Takes Gay Couple's Support For President Obama On The ...

    "Because of a tight national race, the president might not be able to hammer home his support for gay marriage so we are stepping in to make sure that message gets out no matter what.


  • Gay marriage backed by Irish ex-president Mary McAleese

    "I'm just thrilled anyone wants to get married," she said, describing marriage as a "great grace".


  • Roy Moore, Alabama Chief Justice Candidate, Calls Gay Marriage 'Ultimate ...

    Speaking to about a hundred members of the DeKalb County Tea Party on Saturday, Moore told the crowd that gay marriage would be "the ultimate destruction of our country," Queerty reports.


  • Voters set to decide on gay marriage in four US states

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Nathan Meyer calls voters who are undecided about same-sex marriage, he talks about his parents' marriage and how he sees it as a model for what he hopes to have -- before he mentions that he and his boyfriend plan to one ...


  • Anti-Gay Marriage Activists Reveal First Maryland Ad Made Up Entirely of Clips ...

    The anti-gay Maryland Marriage Alliance revealed its first ad yesterday. The ad is made up entirely of video clips purchased from a stock photo agency.


  • Gay Marriage Gains 50 Partners

    Marriage Equality USA who created the Campaign for 20 Million More, a coalition that has gained almost 50 local & national partners are working to win the freedom to marry & to defeat anti-equality ballot initiatives in Election 2012. Stuart Gaffney ...


  • Poll shows opposition gaining on both gay marriage and Voter ID

    The poll found that 49 percent of those polled are opposed to the amendment to ban same-sex marriage while 46 percent support it and 5 percent say they're not sure.


  • Santorum in Washington to raise money for gay-marriage opponents

    Following a stop in Spokane on Tuesday, Rick Santorum, former U.S. senator and presidential candidate, is scheduled to be at the Bellevue Hyatt on Wednesday to raise money for the campaign that opposes same-sex marriage in Washington. The Family ...


  • Gay marriage "endangers religious liberty": Catholic bishop

    The Catholic bishop of Yakima has delivered the most fiery denunciation yet of Referendum 74, claiming legalization of gay marriage "jeopardizes freedom rather than expands it," and "endangers our religious liberty and the right of conscience." Bishop ...


  • Morning Read: 'The Gay Marriage Thing'

    "The governor said he was going to support those individuals who were supportive of him on gay marriage, Addabbo was one of them.


  • Here Come the Lies

    It's October. That means it's time to get ready for the "October surprise," the disinformation bombshells that political consultants roll out to attempt to turn losing campaigns into winners.


  • Campaign cash against gay marriage starts to flow

    The campaign war chest for opponents of same-sex marriage in Washington has started to swell, following a pattern of concentrated late-campaign contributions set in California's Proposition 8 battle four years ago.


  • Will Same-Sex Marriage Reach the Supreme Court?

    There is hardly a political question in the U.S., Alexis de Tocqueville said, that does not sooner or later turn into a judicial one.


  • Kids Ask Obama About Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigration

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mitt Romney may want to reconsider his campaign strategy involving the pint-size voters of tomorrow. The Republican presidential candidate skipped the chance to take part in Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President" special that ...


  • 2012 ballot initiatives: Protect gun rights, gay rights and dogs

    But this November, voters in states across the country will be asked to weigh in on initiatives on the ballot that range from the high-profile -- approving gay marriage -- to the plain odd, such as the South Dakota initiative that would make it a ...


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