Friday, October 12, 2012

Elections 2012

  • Election 2012: Bill Clinton to boost campaigns of Joe Donnelly, John Gregg

    Thousands of Indiana voters - and a group of national reporters - were filing in to North Central High School this morning where former President Bill Clinton will give a boost to Democratic candidates before the Indiana election. While the voters ...

  • Big Bird and the Malarkey of the 2012 Presidential Campaign

    Last night's vice presidential debate was a war compared to the first presidential debate of the 2012 election season. More daggers were thrown between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan last night than during ...

  • Montenegro Elections 2012: Army of one

    Montenegro Elections 2012: Army of one. Srdan Kosovic. If I didn't know better, I would have to guess twice if there is a campaign going on for parliamentary or presidential elections.

  • Vice presidential candidates square off in first VP debate

    Biden said that the recession hitting when President Obama was elected made lowering unemployment back early in his term difficult.

  • Mitt Romney Makes Play For Newspaper Endorsements In Battleground States

    NEW YORK -- The Des Moines Register endorsed President Barack Obama in the 2008 election and, given the paper's left-leaning editorial board, could be expected to do the same this time around.

  • Elections 2012: An American Tradition – Who Can't Vote?

    American elections have often been defined by who is not allowed to vote. Two days before the Declaration of Independence, for example the New Jersey Constitution declared that all residents "who are worth fifty pounds" could vote.

  • Elections 2012: Vote now to preserve America

    Elections 2012: Vote now to preserve America. Print Email. 2012-10-12T06:45:00Z Elections 2012: Vote now to preserve America RavalliRepublic.

  • US consumer sentiment jumps ahead of elections

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. consumer sentiment unexpectedly rose to its highest in five years in October in the latest in a string of encouraging signs from the economy that may boost President Barack Obama's re-election hopes next month. The Thomson ...

  • House Elections Not Likely To Sweep Democrats Back To Power

    By nearly every account, 2012 is not shaping up as a wave election. According to the current HuffPost Pollster trend estimate, which includes all available public polls, Democrats hold about a 1-point advantage on the 2012 generic congressional ballot.

  • Elections 2012: Support Fox for attorney general

    Elections 2012: Support Fox for attorney general. Print Email. 2012-10-12T06:30:00Z Elections 2012: Support Fox for attorney general RavalliRepublic.

  • Elections 2012: Vote for Gail Gutsche for PSC

    Elections 2012: Vote for Gail Gutsche for PSC. Print Email. 2012-10-12T06:15:00Z Elections 2012: Vote for Gail Gutsche for PSC RavalliRepublic.

  • Women and the 2012 Vote: It's Our Year!

    Who would have thought that in 2012 we would be discussing whether or not a woman in America should have free access to contraception?

  • Russia local elections seen extending Putin's power in regions

    Russia holding more than 4,600 local elections on Sunday. * Vote first test for Putin in regions since inauguration. * Five of Russia's 83 regional leaders will be elected. * But opposition says Kremlin has removed many candidates. By Gabriela ...

  • Population helps Florida become swing state

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - A large, diverse and transient population lured by Florida's sandy shores, warm winters and lower cost of living has helped turn it into a fiercely contested swing state in modern presidential elections. From the end of ...

  • California wrestles with dueling tax hikes on ballot

    October 10, 2012. Today's News. How many polar bears live in the Arctic? Alaska judge says parental notification law doesn't violate state constitution · Legends in Alaska Aviation: Bill English · Alaska CDQ fish fight: Alaskans vs.


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  • Election 2012: Presidential candidates in all-out blitz in just 9 states

    Election 2012: Presidential candidates in all-out blitz in just 9 states. The presidential-battleground map is as compact as it's been in decades, with just nine states seeing the bulk of candidate visits, TV ads and get-out-the-vote efforts.

  • US elections 2012: Mitt Romney lauds teenager jeered for wearing Romney T-shirt

    Mitt Romney's style, which has often been chastised by his detractors as too elitist, has revealed another side of his personality by telephoning the family of a 16-year-old Philadelphian girl, who had uttered that she was derided by her geometry ...

  • DIARY - Schedule of forthcoming world elections

    NOTE: The inclusion of diary items does not necessarily mean that Reuters will file a story based on the event. This Diary is updated on a regular basis and filed once a week or additionally on merit.

  • Election 2012: How parties differ on women's health, abortion and contraception

    When it comes to issues of reproductive rights, abortion and women's health, the two political parties have very different platforms.

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