Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dog baby

  • Rescue Dog, Duke, Saves 9-Week-Old Baby From Dying (VIDEO)

    The Brousseau family had already gone to bed on Sunday night when their dog, Duke, who was adopted nearly six years ago, jumped on their bed and began shaking uncontrollably.

  • Babies Laughing At Dogs Supercut Is Pretty Much The Best (VIDEO)

    The sound of a baby belly laugh is delightful enough on its own, but throw in an adorable dog and well, it's pretty much the best thing on YouTube.

  • Shelter dog saves baby's life

    A couple in Connecticut says they've always loved their dog, but now that love has reached a whole new level. Copyright © 2012, Orlando Sentinel · Email · print.

  • Pit Bull Kills Baby in Detroit: Is it Owner's Fault or Dog's?

    A 3-week-old baby girl was killed by a Pit Bull in west Detroit on Thursday, October 4. Her 24-year-old mother said she had just fed the infant and placed her in a car seat on the dining room floor at a friend's home, according to the Detroit Free ...

  • 'Walking Dead's' Melissa McBride, IronE Singleton Talk New Roles for Carol, T ...

    The Hollywood Reporter sat down with IronE Singleton (T-Dog) and Melissa McBride (Carol) to discuss their new roles within the group and what could happen once they learn of the paradise that is the Governor's territory in Woodbury as part of our seven ...

  • Dog & Baby Connection class set for Oct. 16

    CLEARWATER - Morton Plant Hospital will present the Dog & Baby Connection class Tuesday, Oct. 16, 6:30 to 8 p.m.

  • Preparing your pet for baby's arrival

    Behavior that seems like no big deal now, like jumping up to greet you at the door, might become an issue late in your pregnancy or when you're carrying a new baby. You'll also want to take your dog to the park so you can see how he reacts to babies ...

  • Family grieves loss of their 'baby,' slaying victim Rachael Woods

    "More than anything she loved her dogs (Tunechi and Coco) and would have us baby-sit them like they were her children whenever she went away," Warfield said.

  • Parents fight, dog attacks baby in Burleson

    A relative, believed to be the infant's grandfather, said he laid him on the bed in the bedroom and left the room and then heard a noise and went in there and saw the dog had the baby on the floor. The man grabbed the baby from the dog and ran outside ...

  • Babies. Pets. Babies WITH Pets. Here's Your Instant De-Stressor of the Day

    Yep--babies and dogs have a lot in common. Now take a minute this morning and look at the impossibly cute photos at the link--not only will you learn the hilarious similarities and differences between babies and pups ("Dogs: Have to buy them. Kids: In ...

  • Holly Madison's Baby Bump Is On Full Display As She Attends Event In Vegas ...

    The Playboy bunny showed off her baby bump while attending the "Forever Home Family Picnic" event, for people who have provided a home for a shelter dog, at Freedom Park in Las Vegas, Nev., on Oct. 13. Dressed in yellow, Madison proved pregnancy ...

  • Baby mauled to death by dog

    The dog, who was just fed scraps out the back door, somehow got into the house and attacked the baby while her mother had her back turned.

  • Baby Sophie needs help in obtaining a service dog

    A benefit will be held Saturday, Oct. 13 to raise money toward the purchase of a service dog for baby Sophie Zilka. Sophie, born April 26, has been diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome.

  • Union rep: Issue with Detroit EMS rig transporting mauled baby

    DETROIT -- Detroit Police removed a pit bull from a house on the 7000 block of Stahelin Thursday after they said the dog mauled a three-week-old baby girl. The baby was sleeping in her car seat on the dining room floor when the dog attacked. As ...

  • Renaissance Fest, dog shows, homecoming and 'Baby'

    There's a wiener dog race in Mooresville and The All American Dog Show in Cornelius, both on Saturday. Final performances of "The Smell of the Kill" are offered at Warehouse Performing Arts Center in Cornelius, and "Baby: The Musical" debuts at ...

  • Owner of dog that bit baby still on the run

    Two days after an 11-month-old baby died after a Rottweiler bit her, the police are yet to arrest the dog's owner who was allegedly breeding dogs without a licence in a residential area in east Delhi. Police said Rajat, a resident of Kondli village, is ...

  • Rally! Dog show event keeps adults, dogs, on their toes

    "It's used to demonstrate that a dog can do different exercises in public," said Donna Albro of Des Moines, who brought her Belgian Shepherd, Sparkle, to the rally event on Saturday.

  • Dog attack sends baby to hospital

    The woman said the dog caught up with the baby and his mom and knocked the baby out of the baby carrier.

  • Dog Comforts Crying Baby With A Cookie (VIDEO)

    ... in July last year and already has 1.8 million views. Rudimentary translation from Japanese tells us that the dog -- a Chihuahua -- loves playing big brother, and offers the baby a dog biscuit every time he cries. Now go on and enjoy the utter ...

  • When Cute Dogs and Laughing Babies Collide

    In this world, there are Dog People and there are Cat People. And then there are Baby People, usually those who are or who have been parents to a baby. And then there are Dog-and-Baby People, those who find infants and canines to be equally wonderful.

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