Monday, October 15, 2012

Diy nail art

  • DIY Nail Ideas: Japanese Prints Nail Art And More Of Our Manicures From This ...

    Today is one of our favorite days: Manicure Monday! In between doing a little fall shopping and chatting with our Instagram followers about Rihanna's latest Vogue cover this weekend, a few HuffPost Style editors decided to start their own fall nail ...

  • DIY Nail Art: Blood Splatter-Inspired Manicure (PHOTO)

    And while we may not totally grasp all the forensics lingo, at least we can fake like experts with this gruesome DIY nail art. Jen, designer and chief rhinestone applier of the blog Never Too Much Glitter, used dark red nail polish and a fan-shaped ...

  • DIY Nail Ideas: Paint Drip Nail Art And More Of Our Manicures From This ...

    It's Manicure Monday time! This weekend, a few of the HuffPost Style editors and our friends channeled dear autumn by painting on rich nail polish colors in hunter green, ruby red and pumpkin.

  • DIY Nail Art: Camouflage-Inspired Manicure (PHOTO)

    Case in point: this DIY nail art. Chelsea King of the blog Get Nailed decked out her digits in a camo-inspired design using a combination of nail polishes and nail art pens for a chaotic blend of colors.

  • Halloween Nail Art: 10 Sweet And Spooky Manicure Tutorials From Youtube ...

    When October rolls around, makeup-lovers can go all out with elaborate seasonal nail art that ranges from easy and adorable candy corn nail art to Tim Burton-inspired artistic masterpieces. And what better place to look for inspiration than the home of ...

  • Check Out the DIY Nail Art on My Toes! I Used Stickers!

    Check Out the DIY Nail Art on My Toes! I Used Stickers! by Beth Shapouri · Comments Post a comment Thursday, 09/20/2012 1:48 PM.

  • DIY Sequined Manicure: Ciaté's New Nail Art Kit

    Chances are you've already succumbed to the obsessions that are Ciaté's sprinkle-like caviar nails and sumptuous velvet manicures—so we have no doubt you're going to fall for the brand's latest nail art kit. Behold: The sequined manicure—the newest ...

  • DIY nail trend

    Try this simple and creative nail art at home. Article: Kay Kekana. All the bling, cartoon characters and even rainbow designs that we've been seeing on celeb nails prove to us that your nails can be an artistic canvas that you can "wear" like an ...

  • DIY Wooden Bottle Opener

    DIY Wooden Bottle Opener Art of Manliness walks you through how to make your own bottle opener: essentially, carve the wood, bend the nail after inserting it into a drilled hole, and add the magnets. The addition of the magnets is smart (and something ...

  • Fingertips become fashion canvases in hands of nail artists

    Nail art is getting wilder and crazier by the hour, thanks to celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, who have been seen sporting leopard print, art deco designs, and 3-D charms and jewels.

  • WATCH: Experimenting With Nail Art, From Bobbie Thomas

    Bobbie Thomas, fashion guru and beauty expert from the TODAY Show, recently joined me on Mondays with Marlo and she told me all about the latest trend: nail art. While a lot of manicure trends are loud and bright, Bobbie showed me some really great, ...

  • How Amazing Are Kylie Jenner's Black Studded Nails?!

    They're painted black and filed in a squoval shape, with black kaleidoscopic rhinestone half-moons clustered at the tips. So fun, yet still chic!

  • WATCH: It's All About Do-It-Yourself (DIY), From Bobbie Thomas

    If you're low on cash but need to update your wardrobe, DIY may be the answer. Celebrity Style Expert Bobbie Thomas shared ideas for sprucing up clothing you already own without spending much money when she met with me on Mondays With Marlo.

  • (Flaunt your love for cartoons )

    If there's one woman who never fails to amaze us with her quirky nail art, it's larger-than-life popstar Katy Perry.

  • Get the Look: Katy Perry's Election Nails

    You can get the exact same nail art at home! Perry's election-inspired decals are part of Minx Nail's ... nails during the last election—and run for $20 a set.

  • The Hot New Nail Trend? Ciate's Sequined Manicure!

    We've had the Velvet, Caviar and Nazila nails, but the latest instalment from 3D DIY manicure experts Ciate is the Sequined Manicure.

  • Chic Clicks: Sarah Jessica Parker's 'Glee' Cameo, Kristen Stewart At Paris ...

    –Victoria Beckham was always pretty - even when she was just 18 years old [Buzzfeed]. –We're loving this cute (and easy to do!

  • WATCH: The New Colors For Fall, From Bobbie Thomas

    Neutral Nail Art. Nail art is such a huge trend right now. But, if you're going for a little shimmer or bling on your nails, try rose-gold or something sophisticated.

  • WATCH: How To Dress In Transitional Weather, From Bobbie Thomas

    In general, accessories are in the spotlight. Adult nail-art is also really big right now. If you indulge in a fun manicure that's bold, ... DIY or "do it yourself" is a big trend recently. So if your daughter is just wearing jeans and T-shirts ...

  • How Makers Are Desktop-Fabricating a Revolution of Things

    When I was in high school in the late 1970's, we had workshop class as part of the "Industrial Arts" curriculum.

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