Sunday, October 21, 2012


  • Dashed Presidential Hopes, but a Life Devoted to Liberalism

    George McGovern, the United States senator who won the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 1972 as an opponent of the war in Vietnam and a champion of liberal causes, and who was then trounced by President Richard M. Nixon in the general ...

  • Democrats playing defense in Senate fight

    Know who's your man or woman in the House of Representatives? Odds are you don't; few do. It's better where the U.S. Senate is concerned.

  • Republicans, Democrats trade barbs over attack in Libya

    Democrats and Republicans traded blows Sunday over the Obama administration's handling of the Sept. 11 attack on a U.S.

  • Democrats hope to close the gap in Legislature

    The GOP enjoyed veto-proof majorities in both chambers last session with a 28-12 advantage in the Senate and 81-39 cushion in the House.

  • Democrats, GOP see edge coming from Medicare debate

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gestures during a town hall meeting at Ariel Corporation in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. As the election nears, Republicans and Democrats alike say Medicare is working to their political advantage in campaigns for the ...

  • Czech Opposition Vows to Counter Cabinet Plans With Senate Win

    The Social Democratic Party won 13 seats in runoff voting on Oct. 19-20 for a third of the Senate, according to results published by the statistics office.

  • Democrats are lawyered-up and ready to rumble

    Not until the night of Nov. 6 will Ohioans know if the state's presidential vote will be razor-close. But it's obvious, as it has been for a long time, that both parties think it will be, and that Democrats, especially, want to be prepared for that ...

  • With Growing Willingness, Donors Come to Aid of Democratic 'Super PACs'

    9:26 p.m. | Updated Three leading Democratic "super PACs" raised more money in September than in any other month this election cycle, officials said, underscoring the growing willingness of wealthy Democrats to bankroll groups whose existence they had ...

  • Democratic Rep. Barrow courting Republican voters

    AUGUSTA, Ga.— Democratic Rep. John Barrow launches into his re-election pitch for the half-dozen people sipping wine and punch in the cozy kitchen of his hosts, whose political leanings are better reflected by a framed photo in the adjoining living ...

  • Updated polls in 10 key U.S. Senate races

    The Democrats currently control the Senate with a 53-47 majority, but are defending more competitive seats than Republicans.

  • Democrats look to wrest control in Bergen County

    Do you want endless gridlock where factions can't move big important issues like police consolidation forward without various branches of county government suing one another at taxpayer expense?

  • Democrats are on course

    'Barack Obama's first bill as president was for women: to make courts attentive to women's unfair salary and employment grievances.

  • Democratic donors energize "Super PACs" as election nears

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic donors gave unprecedented amounts of money in September to their party's three main "Super PACs," federal disclosures revealed on Friday, a reflection of how wealthy Democrats' reluctance to give to such groups has ...

  • GOP finds new hope in Pennsylvania

    PITTSBURGH -- For months, Pennsylvania was considered a cakewalk for Democrats, with Sen. Bob Casey easily cruising to reelection and its 20 electoral votes in the bag for President Barack Obama.

  • Democrats start to back off of mining

    "I don't know where I'm at with that," said Denis, who voted with all other Democrats and a handful of Republicans to pass the resolution in 2011.

  • County Democratic Party alive and thriving

    Contrary to Brad Rogers Sunday, Oct. 14, column, "Democrats on the bench," the Marion County Democratic Party plays a strong role in this county.

  • Top Democrats back indicted lawmaker's opponent

    Tyson faces Smith, a Democrat from Chicago, in the Nov. 6 election. Tyson is a Chicago attorney who is a Democrat but running as a third party candidate because Smith is still on the ballot.

  • Top Democrats rip Darrell Issa on Libya release

    Top congressional Democrats accused Issa of trying to drum up negative coverage for the Obama administration on the Benghazi assault - which killed U.S.

  • Villaraigosa fires up fellow Democrats at Iowa fundraising dinner

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa urged fellow Democrats on Saturday to make sure the country keeps "moving forward in the right direction" by returning President Obama to the White House.

  • In race to 270, it may come down to 106 counties

    Those areas are vastly different, yet each is full of fickle voters and bound by a proclivity to swing between Republican and Democrat every four years. All are main targets as the president and his Republican challenger look for enough victories in ...

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