Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Claire mccaskill

  • Claire McCaskill plans to beat Todd Akin one handshake at a time

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Knocking on doors and making phone calls - that's what will win this election, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) told campaign workers at a local office Tuesday night. Volunteers have already knocked on between 600,000 and 1 million ...

  • Barb Shelly | What Claire McCaskill can't get enough of

    Claire McCaskill is fighting mightily to retain her seat in the U.S. Senate, so she must have something she really wants to do in a second term, right?

  • E. Thomas McClanahan | McCaskill's whopper on Medicare

    Claire McCaskill, meeting Tuesday with The Star's Editorial Board, says Romney's argument is a "whopper." Echoing President Obama's line in last week's debate, she says the Medicare spending reductions simply shaved some of the "fat profits" from ...

  • Claire McCaskill's Husband's Firms Received Almost $40 Million In Federal ...

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Businesses affiliated with the husband of Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill have received almost $40 million in federal subsidies for low-income housing developments during her first five years in office, but McCaskill's campaign ...

  • Todd Akin, Claire McCaskill and the catch-22 of the 'ladylike' leader

    After facing his opponent, Claire McCaskill, in their first Missouri senatorial debate, Todd Akin resorted to a move that's becoming all too familiar for him - showing he is more adversary than friend to women.

  • Missouri Senate Race Update: Claire McCaskill vs. Todd Akin

    Claire McCaskill (D) from her Missouri Senate seat. They would be wrong. A poll released by We Ask America on Oct. 2 shows McCaskill had a lead of less than a percentage point over Akin, 46 to 45.2; that's less than the margin of error, with 8.8 ...

  • Feds paid $40M to firms tied to Claire McCaskill's spouse

    Claire McCaskill have received almost $40 million in federal subsidies for low-income housing developments during her first five years in office, though it appears only fraction of that has made it to the family's bank accounts, according to an ...

  • McCaskill touts her moderate reputation

    McCaskill defends support of Obama policies: During an interview with the News-Leader editorial board Monday, Senator Claire McCaskill (D - Missouri) defended her support of President Barack Obama's policies.

  • McCaskill Supports Temporary Housing Extension

    WASHINGTON - Following U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill's call on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to extend the availability of temporary housing for Joplin residents following last year's destructive tornado, the agency has granted the ...

  • NFIB, a Mainstream GOP Group, Backs Akin

    Todd Akin in his bid to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill after he made disturbing comments about "legitimate rape," and so far they've stood by their word—until now.

  • Feds paid $40 million to firms tied to McCaskill's spouse

    Claire McCaskill have received almost $40 million of federal subsidies for low-income housing developments during her first five years in office.

  • Todd Akin: Claire McCaskill was like a "wildcat" in debate

    Claire McCaskill's performance at their first debate last week to that of a "wildcat." On Thursday, he told the Kansas City Star that McCaskill was "very aggressive" during the debate, and that she had been "much more ladylike" in her first campaign in ...

  • Claire McCaskill calls Todd Akin's views 'extreme' at first debate

    With a deadline to remove his name from the Missouri ballot fast approaching, Rep. Todd Akin (R) squared off against Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) at their first debate Friday morning. The Democrat cast the Republican as "extreme" while Akin sought to draw ...

  • McCaskill ad hits Akin over emergency contraception

    (CNN) - Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill's campaign has released a new ad hitting Republican opponent Todd Akin for his conservative stance on contraception as a part of a statewide buy in Missouri.

  • Todd Akin: Claire McCaskill was more 'ladylike' in 2006

    "I think we have a very clear path to victory, and, apparently, Claire McCaskill thinks we do, too, because she was very aggressive at the debate, which was quite different than it was when she ran against Jim Talent," Akin told the Kansas City Star on ...

  • Candidates offer opposing views on variety of questions

    Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, is facing a difficult challenge from six-term U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, a Republican. The Missouri Senate race has been one of the most watched races in the country.

  • McCaskill campaign looking for volunteers in Rolla

    Home; Article. McCaskill campaign looking for volunteers in Rolla; U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill's campaign was operating at full speed Saturday as she made five campaign stops across the state.

  • Letters | Claire McCaskill, the presidential debate, Social Security

    Claire McCaskill's television commercial touts her position as No. 50, or "right in the middle," when National Journal ranked the 100 senators from most liberal to most conservative.

  • Claire McCaskill raises nearly $6 million in the third quarter

    Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) raised a whopping $5.8 million dollars during the third quarter, a huge haul that is more than double what she brought in during the previous three-month period.

  • McCaskill raises nearly $6 million

    Sen. Claire McCaskill raised $5.8 million in the last three months, the Missouri Democrat's campaign announced Wednesday.

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